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What Stroller to Take to Dubai?

What Stroller to Take to Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Travelling with a baby can be challenging. You need to plan and prepare every last detail to ensure you baby stays safe and happy whilst on holiday. One of the most common questions asked by parents is which stroller to take on holiday? Or even more importantly given the heat in Dubai, what stroller to take to Dubai?

Below we have put together a breakdown of 3 of the best strollers to take to Dubai. Below are 3 recommendations of strollers for your trip to Dubai for low, medium and high budgets. Overall the best stroller to take to Dubai was the GB Gold Pockit Stroller.

We’ve made this post about Dubai but it generally stands for all holidays.

Getting Between Airports with a Stroller in Dubai.

Most reputable travel companies such as Emirates offer free strollers for children over 6 months of age. This helps you be able to check-in your own stroller at the check-in desk as baggage; rather than carrying it around duty free and then trying to stow it on the plane in the hand luggage compartments.

Once you check-in for your flight, kindly ask the desk attendant and they will bring you one of Emirates own strollers. You can use this all the way through duty free and the flight attendant will take it off you before you board the plane.

At the other end, there are also strollers waiting for you as soon as you leave the plane; use this until you pick up your own from the carousel and then find an Emirates attendant to take the temporary one off you again.

For more information check this link to the article.

Travelling via Taxi in Dubai With a Baby

Dubai is an extremely busy city with a lot of crazy drivers. Be prepared from lane changes with no indicators, cars driving at high speeds and lost of harsh breaking. This is why it is essential that if you choose to take a taxi rather than the Metro to your hotel that you have a car seat. There is a safer way to travel by car in Dubai with a baby though..

Careem Kids offer a great airport transfer service. Careem Kids drivers’ are trained in safely securing your child in their car seat and will offer a much safer journey in general compared to hailing down standard Dubai Taxi’s. Their service charges are the same as a standard taxi with a 7AED service fee on top. Absolutely incredible value for money.

To save you carrying more baggage with you for two car journeys in the week (To and from the airport); Skytots hire out lots of baby essentials and will rent you a high quality car seat. This may not save you money but will save you a lot of hassle. Skytots will meet you in arrivals when you come in and departures when you leave. You may even choose to rent a stroller rather than bring one.

Tip: It is Dubai law for every child under 4 years to be in a car seat. Children under the age of 10 are prohibited to sit in the front seat.

The Best Lightweight Strollers to take to Dubai

The first thing which comes to mind when planning on taking a stroller on holiday is its weight. You don’t want me be lugging round a heavy stroller all day when you child wants to walk or play for a while. LittleOneMag.com has reviewed the top lightweight strollers for travel and The Vacation Builder has hand-picked the best one for each budget.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

For the higher budget. Prices from £249

Which Stroller to Take to Dubai | The Vacation Builder

First is the Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller. This stroller weighs just 13lbs and is one of the lightest on the market of its kind. It has 4 different reclining settings too which are great for adjusting your child’s view of the sun each day. This stroller is high end priced but has an incredibly well built and strong frame.

The Summer 3DLite stroller folds away easily and has a carry handle too for when your walking down Jumeirah Beach and your little one wants to play in the sand. Another feature of this stroller is the extending canopy which is great for keeping the sun out of your toddlers eyes. Out of all the lightweight strollers reviewed this one has the most storage space too.

The Pros of Taking the Summer 3dLite Stroller to Dubai
Pros of the Summerlite 3D Convenience Stroller
The Cons of Taking the Summer 3DLite Stroller to Dubai
Cons of the Summerlite 3D Convenience Stroller

GB Gold Pockit Stroller

For the medium budget. Prices from £179.

Which Stroller to Take to Dubai

Second choice, for the medium budget is the GB Gold Pockit Stroller. The weight of this stroller is less than the Summer 3DLite and also smoother on the pocket. The stroller weighs in at just 9.5lbs, 3.5lbs lighter than the previous.

The GB Gold Pockit Stroller is ranked number 1 in the Guinness World Records as the most compact stroller. This means it folds quicker than any other stroller and does so in just two steps. Like the Summer 3DLite, the GB Gold Pockit stroller has an extendable canopy to help keep the sun from your child’s eyes. This stroller will save you around £80 compared to the Summer 3DLite. £80 Better well spent in Dubai!

The Pros of Taking the GB Pockit Stroller to Dubai
Pros of the GB Pockit Stroller
The Cons of Taking the GB Pockit Stroller to Dubai
Cons of the GB Pockit Stroller

Delta Children Clutch Stroller

For low end budgets. Prices from £99.

Which Stroller to Take to Dubai

For the lower budgets out there, the Delta Children Clutch Stroller presents fantastic value for money. I like that this stroller also comes with its’ own travel bag.

Weighing in at just 12lbs this light weight stroller fits the bill for both travel and your wallet. I like that this stroller features a storage container for baby essentials and any other items you need to carry with you. The Delta Children Clutch Stroller also has small pouches for your phone and keys. The 5 point safyey harness system is padded and reflective too.

The Clutch Stroller has won many independent awards, making it one of the best on the market. Like most consumables of a cheaper price though, this isn’t as strong as robust as the Summerlite or the GB Gold, but great for a short trip away. You may choose to buy this stroller and just keep it for holiday purposes and a reduced workload. For that amount of use this would be a great buy.

The Pros of Taking the Delta Children Clutch Stroller to Dubai
Pros of the Delta Children Clutch Stroller
The Cons of Taking the Delta Children Clutch Stroller to Dubai
Cons of the Delta Children Clutch Stroller

What is the Best Stroller Overall to Take to Dubai?

The best stroller to take to Dubai is the GB Gold Pockit Stroller. This stroller is reasonably priced (middle ground) and has more pros than cons. Also taking into account the price difference between this and the Summer 3DLite at around £80; We recommend the GB Gold Pockit Stroller as the best to take to Dubai.

The GB Pockit Stroller folds faster than any other stroller on the market which can be very helpful when jumping in and out of transport around Dubai is also fairly strong and sturdy.

The Summer 3DLite is a great stroller to take on holiday but considering the price difference it is only worth the extra if you will get a lot of use from it in the long term.

The Delta Children Clutch Stroller is also a fantastic budget stroller for trips to Dubai but think carefully before trying to save even more money. If you are going to be touring through Old Dubai’s cobbled streets, this stroller isn’t as sturdy as the others. However, If your going to be having a fairly chilled holiday to Dubai then this stroller is probably the perfect for you and is the best of the cheapest ones on the market.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article on Which Stroller to Take to Dubai. If after reading this post you are still undecided, I would again recommend checking out Skytots and hiring one for less hassle.

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