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Rixos The Palm vs Sofitel The Palm

Rixos the Palm vs Sofitel The Palm - Which Is Better For Holiday Makers?The Vacation Builder

Fasten your seat belt, as we finally take off for that island where there is an abundance of posh apartments, 5-star restaurants and a world-class lifestyle. Guess the name of the island we are speaking about? Yes, we are going to take you to the iconic Palm Jumeirah in Dubai and you are going to meet two famous global hotels there.

This article is going to give you a comprehensive comparative guide about Rixos The Palm vs Sofitel The Palm. We have covered segments like locations, ratings, which is cheaper, which is better for families, which one is the best for couples, which has got better beach and views, better facilities and the best value for money.

While Rixos is one of the best award-winning hotels, Sofitel on the other hand is one of the most sophisticated hotel apartments in the entire area. Each hotel has its own pros and cons, and our today’s blog will certainly clear all your doubts and unanswered questions.


Location is definitely the chief deciding factor as to which hotel is better than the other. Before booking a room in any of these hotels, you must first be sure about the location. 

Rixos the Palm

Rixos The Palm vs Sofitel The Palm - Which Is Better for Holiday Makers | Locations | Rixos The Palm Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Rixos the Palm is situated almost at the end of the Palm Jumeirah on the right-hand side. The location gives a magnificent view of the Palm and that adds to the beauty of the stay. Moreover, the Rixos the Palm is highly popular among tourists due to the proximity of the popular tourist destination in Dubai.

Sofitel the Palm

Rixos The Palm vs Sofitel The Palm - Which Is Better for Holiday Makers | Locations | Sofitel Dubai The Palm | The Vacation Builder

Hire a car from the Dubai International Airport, and within half an hour, you are standing in front of the Sofitel The Palm. It is situated on the very east side of the Palm Jumeirah. The hotel is easily accessible by almost all modes of transport, which includes taxi, cab, metro or car.

Verdict : We find Sofitel the Palm to enjoy a slightly better prime location on the island.

Which Has Better TripAdvisor Ratings?

It is true we often make our decisions based on the experiences of other people who have already taken the same decision beforehand, and tourism is not an exception. What can be a better platform to judge the quality of stay in these two celebrated hotels other than TripAdvisor. 

For your convenience, we are not redirecting you to the TripAdvisor page (although you can do the same). Instead, we are bringing their ratings here for you. We have gathered information from the TripAdvisor website and compiled them in one place so that you get all of it right here.

Rixos the Palm Ratings

  • Overall Rating – 5.0/5.0
  • Location – 4.5/5.0
  • Cleanliness – 4.7/5.0
  • Service – 4.7/5.0
  • Value – 4.4/5.0

Sofitel the Palm Ratings

  • Overall Rating – 4.5/5.0
  • Location – 4.5/5.0
  • Cleanliness – 4.8/5.0
  • Service – 4.6/5.0
  • Value – 4.2/5.0

Verdict: Rixos the Palm’s ratings look more promising.

Which Hotel is Cheaper?

After reading the location and TripAdvisor ratings, you must be already on the edge to book your choice of hotel! But wait, before you jump into the final decision, take out your wallet and weigh it. 

Sofitel The Palm Prices

There are nine categories of rooms in the Sofitel the Palm, starting from the Classic Room to the Private Suite. You can book any one of them based on your budget and requirement. 

The regular rent of a room in the Sofitel the Palm starts from AED 914 and may even rise to AED 2320 for one night. Choose your choice of room from the catalogue and book as soon as possible to avoid filled slots.

Rixos The Palm Prices

There comes the King of all hotels on The Palm Jumeirah, Rixos the Palm. There are eight categories of rooms at this hotel and the price differs based on the quality of accommodation and services.

The approximate rent of a room for a couple planning to stay in the Rixos the Palm varies from AED 1719 to AED 7548 per night. You can book a room according to your convenience from the catalogue.

Verdict: Sofitel the Palm is cheaper than Rixos the Palm for the same category of room.

Which Hotel Is Better for Families?

If you are travelling to Dubai with your family, you must be hunting for a place that is appropriate for families. In this section, we will cover this confusion of yours. 

Rixos The Palm vs Sofitel The Palm - Which Is Better for Holiday Makers | Which Hotel Is Better for Families | The Vacation Builder

For a perfect family stay, you need a sophisticated hotel with various categories of amenities. From the meditation area to the gym, from a children’s park to the indoor games hall, these are advanced amenities that become important for a family stay.

Rixos the Palm is certainly a better choice for families, than the Sofitel the Palm. Although the price is on the higher-margin, the availability of amenities is much more at Rixos than the Sofitel.

Both hotels have children’s pools and play area’s so you won’t be too disappointed with either of these.

If you take our recommendation, we would definitely advise you to choose Rixos the Palm, if you can afford a slightly higher budget.

Verdict: Rixos

Which Hotel is Better for Couples?

Unlike the family requirements, a hotel is considered great for couples when there is enough privacy at the minimum cost possible. We know this is the question bubbling in the minds of almost all the couples before they rent a room for them. In this paragraph, we have tried to answer all your doubts and confusions.

Rixos The Palm vs Sofitel The Palm - Which Is Better for Holiday Makers | Which Hotel Is Better for Couples | The Vacation Builder

Rixos the Palm offers an all-inclusive package, that includes unlimited food and drinks within the pre-decided price. We have seen that this package is highly popular amongst young couples, so most of them chose The Rixos over the Sofitel the Palm. 

If you are concerned with the privacy and quality vacation stay for a couple, then the Sofitel the Palm is a great choice! The rooms and lounges are better spaced with wide corridors and ample hangout spots. Moreover, Sofitel the Palm is more easily accessible to famous tourist attractions than Rixos the Palm.

So, in this aspect of location proximity, you can choose to stay in The Sofitel the Palm with your better half.

Verdict: Rixos the Palm and Sofitel the Palm are as equally good for couples.

Which Hotel Has The Best Beach & Views

Rixos the Palm is situated at the far end of the Jumeirah, so there is less number of people visiting the beach along the Rixos. This is definitely a great opportunity for people who seek a great beach experience.

Rixos The Palm vs Sofitel The Palm - Which Is Better for Holiday Makers | Which Hotel Has The Best Beach & Views | The Vacation Builder

On the other hand, the Sofitel the Palm is a newly built complex. Therefore, the density of tourists on the beach might be little less than other popular sites, but it is certainly more than Rixos the Palm.

Both the hotels are situated along the beach and the views are astonishing throughout the day. Just like you will praise the view of the sun rising from the east, you cannot turn down the dusk view, when the sun goes down the horizon.

The views are simply breathtaking from both the hotels and undoubtedly one of the best views that you will ever experience in your life. 

To be hyper critical, the views of JBR and Dubai Marina are better enjoyed from Rixos.

Verdict: Rixos

Which Hotel Has the Best Facilities?

And we arrived at the most asked question among all tourists. Which hotel has the best and most useful facilities- Rixos the Palm or Sofitel the Palm?

There is very frequent improvement of facilities at both these world-class hotels. This means, the table may over turn any time. We would definitely advise you to check the website for any updates regarding facilities before you book a room.

For a rough estimate, we can point out some impressive facilities in one hotel that are scarce in the other. At Rixos the Palm, there comes an inclusive package which includes unlimited meals and drinks apart from lodging.

This is definitely a great choice as the price of liquor in Dubai is quite high and The Rixos offers unlimited of them at a pre-quoted price. Interesting! Isn’t it? Moreover, you do not need to head out for breakfast or any other meal. They will serve you with care and concern all through the day.

Next coming to the Sofitel the Palm, the more prominent location as compared to the Rixos, adds to the prime benefits of the complex. Moreover, The Sofitel has a large carpet area for similar room categories where you can relax around or play. There are also dedicated playing areas, family gym and swimming pool which obviously adds to the weight of facilities on the side of the Sofitel.

Facilities at Rixos the Palm

  • Five multicuisine restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Swimming pool
  • Bars
  • Spa
  • Kids Club
  • Auditorium
  • Dedicated area for Outdoor Activities
  • Beauty salon Gym

Facilities at Sofitel the Palm

  • Seven multi-cuisine restaurants
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool
  • 3 family gyms
  • Bars
  • Kids Club
  • Water Sports
  • Tennis Court
  • Golf Court

Verdict: It’s a tie for us. But sports enthusiasts have more to do at Sofitel the Palm.

Which Hotel Provides the Best Value for Money?

We are almost towards the end of the comparison and you must be having this question surfacing up in your mind. Worry not, we have answers to all your questions!

Both the hotels are equally great and appealing from the point of view of a tourist. But again, there is a very popular saying, “The final decision will not come from your heart, but from your wallet!”

As you have already seen that Rixos the Palm is slightly overpriced than Sofitel the Palm for the same category of room. But again, Rixos the Palm offers a more enhanced living experience than the Sofitel. But the margin of remuneration between the two hotels does not justify the available amenities at Rixos the Palm. 

So, if you would ask for our recommendation, we will have two options for you based on the number of days you are planning to stay.

If you are staying for a single night, then Rixos the Palm is certainly the best choice for you.

But if you are staying for multiple days, then it is better not to choose Rixos the Palm and spend an undue sum of money. You can choose to stay at the Sofitel the Palm.

Verdict: The Sofitel the Palm offers better value for money.


It is now your time to book your choice of room at any of the two hotels and confirm a fabulous vacation in Dubai. We have tried our best to make you understand what to expect from these two hotels when you are booking your accommodation with them. Have a nice experience and an outstanding vacation in Palm Jumeirah.

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