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Where to Propose in Cannes | Our Top 8

Where to propose in Cannes

Dreaming of a perfect location for a proposal? Travelling to the French Riviera and looking for the perfect place to propose? Well rest easy because we have put together and ranked the best places to propose in Cannes;
1. Musee De La Castre
2. Radisson Blu Hotel
3. Maema Beach
4. Le Suquet
5. Chartered Yacht
6. Hotel Barriere le Majestic
7. La Belle Epoque
8. La Cannet

Cannes is one of the best places to drop a knee on the French Riviera. Read on for a full breakdown of the best places to propose in Cannes.

The Top 8 Places to Propose in Cannes

1. Musee De La Castre

Musee de la Castre is a Great Spot to Propose in Cannes
Musee de la Castre at Night

If your looking for a quiet place to propose with profound views of Cannes, especially at night, then Musee de la Castre is the spot for you! Musee de la Castre is situated to the west of the harbour and up several flights of stairs through some typical chiq french housing.

This place is out of the way enough for privacy and reflection but still has the city at your fingertips through its view. The view of the Harbour is second to none and there are various restaurants fronting the water at the bottom of the steps to choose from; either before or after the proposal.

Musee de la Castre Cannes Sign | Where to Propose in Cannes | The Vacation Builder

The photograph above just does not do the view justice. From the “Cannes” sign above you can see the harbour and waterside restaurants but if you take a walk up and into the Musee de la Castre garden you can catch a glimpse of the La Bocca coastline (the west side of Cannes centre). 

La Bocca Coastline View from Musee de la Castre | Where to Propose in Cannes | The Vacation Builder
La Bocca Coastline

2. The Radisson Blu Hotel

View of the Gorgeous French Riviera Mountains from the Radisson Blu Cannes | where to Propose in Cannes | The Vacation builder
On Top of the Radisson Blu Cannes

If your looking for somewhere with great food and a view to pop the question then The Radisson Blu is a great option.

One of the best places to stay in Cannes and certainly the best view from a hotel. The Radisson Blu is perfectly situated on the beach and with incredible views of the French Riviera creating an amazing place to propose. Take in the mountains from the rooftop terrace as you enjoy your special moment!

Thermes de Marins Spa Radisson Cannes | Where to Propose in Cannes | The Vacation Builder
Thermes de Marins Spa at Radisson Blue

For a sunset proposal in Cannes, The Radisson Blu is also the best location. The sun sets behind the mountains in the distance so whether your thinking a sunset proposal or one in the evening with the coastline lit up, Radisson Blu has you covered. You don’t need to be booked in to stay the night to reserve dinner at the rooftop but an overnight stay is recommended.

You can check out the hotel website here: Radisson Blu Cannes

Or book to stay here: Radisson Blu Cannes

For anyone wanting to drop a knee on the sand, Maema Beach is the privately owned beach just a 2 minute walk from the hotel.. which brings us on to our next recommendation.

3. Maema Beach

Maema Beach | Where to Propose in Cannes
Maema Beach Cannes

The most beautiful beach in Cannes in my opinion. And where better to propose than in this secluded, cove-like beach at sun-set. If you fancy spectators go for it in the day-time; I’m sure plenty will offer to take a photo. My preference would be at dusk but i’ll leave it up to you!

Tip: Head further up the beach for the perfect photo which is sure to capture the yachts in the background.

4. Le Suquet

Le Suquets | Where to Propose in Cannes

For a more traditional proposal in Cannes head to Le Suquet. The multi-coloured avenues give you a glimpse of the real cannes before all of its fame and popularity. A beautiful place to eat, drink and explore boutique jewelry stores. Le Suquet is a must for anyone visiting Cannes.

A number of typical french chic alleyway restaurants await you. Romance is in the air down here and you can feel it on an evening. Take your spot in any of the beautiful restaurants or pick your rings together at any of the jewelry stores towards the top of the hill.

5. Charter a Yacht

Cannes Yacht Charters | Where to Propose in Cannes
Cannes Yacht Charters

An expensive yet luxurious and romantic way to propose in Cannes would be by chartering a private yacht!

The expense depends of course on the size of boat and how many on board. Large parties make this an affordable experience but given this is a proposal you may seek more privacy. Boat Bookings specialise in yacht day charters around the globe and have some fantastic options out of Cannes which can be viewed on their website. Sunset charters are also available if your feeling like popping the question later in the evening. 

Cannes Islands | Where To Propose in Cannes
Cannes Islands are a Great Spot to Drop Anchor for a Swim or an Important Moment!

6. The Majestic Hotel

The Majestic Hotel | Where to Propose in Cannes
Outdoor Lounge and Infinity Pool at The Majestic Cannes

Probably THE best hotel in Cannes, situated on Boulevard de la Croissette. Hotel Barriere le Majestic can be an affordable experience and offers many opportunities for a unique proposal. Room rates start at £200 per night for a standard double room.

The outside lounge and infinity pool has incredible views in an evening and is a great spot to pop the question. Alternatively the restaurant on the private jetty and beach is a beautiful setting.

You can check out the hotel website here: Hotel Barriere le Majestic

Or book a room here: Hotel Barriere le Majestic

For those wanting to start the day on a high; try breakfast with a view like shown below. 

Breakfast at The Majestic in Cannes | Where to Propose in Cannes | The Vacation Builder
Breakfast with a view at Hotel Barriere le Majestic

7. La Belle Epoque

Where to Propose in Cannes | La Belle Epoque
La Belle Epoque

Fancy somewhere a little more low-key yet swanky? Why not try Cannes best cocktail bar?! La Belle Epoque translates into “The Good Times” which is just one reason why the highest rated cocktail bar in Cannes is a great place to propose. Even if you choose not to propose at La Belle Epoque, you could finish your day here to celebrate the engagement. The cocktail bar serves wine, champagne, cocktails and tapas (My Favourite)! 

8. La Cannet

Where to Propose in Cannes | La Cannet
 Place Bellevue, rue st Saveur

For a more intimate setting you can try the old town, La Cannet. La Cannet is a few kilometers outside Cannes. Grab a table at one of the many restaurants in Place Bellevue, Rue st Saveur. The views are more about the old town of Cannes than the new glamorous harbour district; however, this place holds class far beyond what money can buy.

If your still undecided over where to propose in Cannes; visit the See Cannes Website which has a great little article on ten of the most romantic places in Cannes.

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