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What is in Fujairah? Our Full Guide

Fujairah Coast, UAE

This is your chance to come up and close with rugged mountains and a lovely stretch of farms and fields by heading to this gorgeous getaway called Fujairah. A drive of about an hour and a half will take you to Fujairah from Dubai. What is in Fujairah? Here you will find out!

Not just tourists, but locals as well take out time to visit this fertile, peaceful, and serene region. 

If you have plans to head to this emirate, then surely you can engage in several touristy activities. Let us begin by looking at some popular sightseeing spots that you must visit on your travel to Fujairah.

What is Fujairah Known For?

Fujairah Fort

What is in Fujairah - Fujairah Fort | The Vacation Builder

One of the oldest forts in Fujairah is Fujairah Fort. After being damaged in the 20th century, this fort was renovated and opened for public viewing. The only stone building that stands tall on the coast of Fujairah is this fort.

This fort comprises several halls, one square, and two rounds towers. The area surrounding this fort has been marked as Heritage village by Fujairah’s Department of Archaeology and Heritage. As you stroll in the vicinity, you are likely to come across some Arabic styled old houses, traditional exhibits, and the Al Yazrah irrigation system that is used by Emirati farmers in their fields.

As a person, who is interested in getting to the history of Fujairah, this fort becomes a must-visit.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

What is in Fujairah - Sheikh Zayed Mosque | The Vacation Builder

A mosque that boasts of a prayer hall, where 32,000 worshippers can pray at the same time is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This mosque happens to be the second-largest mosque in UAE after the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is located in Abu Dhabi.

This modern mosque matches the size of 3 football grounds put together. What adds to the beauty of this mosque is the white marble façade coupled with six minarets each of which is 100 meters in height.

You do not need to take tickets to visit this mosque as the entry is free.

A non-Muslim tourist can only explore the exterior of this mosque as an entry inside the mosque is barred.

Please ensure you respect the Muslim culture when visiting this mosque by dressing and acting respectfully.

Fujairah Museum

What is in Fujairah - Fujairah Museum | The Vacation Builder

Just south of the Fujairah Fort is the Fujairah Museum, which forms part of the Heritage Village. This museum is home to many artefacts that are approximately 2,000 years old. Most of these were found during the excavations at Qidfa and Bithnah.

On your visit to this museum, you are likely to be welcomed by weaponry from the Bronze and Iron Age, pre-Islamic silver coins, painted pottery and carved soapstone vessels. However, the highlight of this museum remains a bowl, which is about 2,200 years old and is made out of an Ostrich egg.

Al-Hayl Castle

What is in Fujairah - Al-Hayl Castle | The Vacation Builder

Who wouldn’t like to take a look at a castle that was built in 1830 some 250 years ago? A l-Hayl Castle was then the headquarters for Fujairah’s ruling family.

During that period, this castle was used as a surveillance and patrolling post. Most of this historic attraction has since been demolished. What continues to sit on the hill at present is a two-level tower, which is the only reminded left about this place.

Hajar Mountains

What is in Fujairah - Hajar Mountains Wadi | The Vacation Builder

The adventure lover in you is sure to enjoy a visit to the Hajar Mountains. Located away from the Fujairah beaches, this rugged terrain is likely to pose a different kind of challenge before you.

The Hajar Mountains are so scenic that they end up becoming one of the best visual treats of Fujairah. What’s more, the Hajar Mountains have many Wadi’s to enjoy. (A Wadi is a Valley or Water Course)

On your visit to these mountains, you can sign up for a hiking trail. Similarly, you can become a part of the many organized tours that take you through the slopes and valleys that add to the splendour of these mountains.

Al Aqah Beach

What is in Fujairah - Al Aqah Beach | The Vacation Builder

If you are an underwater enthusiast, then there is no thinking twice before heading to the Al Aqah Beach. You will get to experience some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities here.

Located 45 kilometers north of Fujairah city, the rocky outcrop of Snoopy Island stands tall, offshore of this beach. Even if you are someone who is not very fond of water sports, then you can spend some quality time lazing around the sand stretch and enjoy a satisfying sunbathing experience.


What is in Fujairah - Masafi | The Vacation Builder

The shopaholic in you will never be able to give Masafi a miss. Located 33 kilometres northwest from Fujairah, Masafi was a trading post and a refuelling station somewhere in the 1970s when the region’s modern highways were yet to be built.

Masafi is particularly famous in UAE for its natural springs.

On your visit to Masafi, make sure to pamper yourself by heading to the local market and shopping for some lovely carpets, antiques, earthenware products, and local handicrafts. What is more, are the great deals that you will get to enjoy as this place is a hub for good bargains.

Corniche Bull Butting

What is in Fujairah - Bull Butting | The Vacation Builder

How can you miss the thrill that waits to be unveiled on your visit to Fujairah? If you have plans to visit Fujairah anytime soon, then make sure that you attend the bull-butting event.

This event is conducted in Fujairah every Friday during the cooler months. The event begins with 20 bulls battling against one another, with the numbers coming down as the winners move on to the next rounds.

In each round, two bulls are pitted against one another and they are expected to engage in a tug of war and push out the competitor outside the circle to come out as a winner.

The bull, who wins enjoys a rise in its value. Even though these bulls are tied up and watched by attendants, there have been incidents wherein they have broken free and charged towards the spectators.

Hence, it is important to exercise caution. You need not pay any amount to watch this event as it is free of cost.

Snoopy Island

What is in Fujairah - Snoopy Island | The Vacation Builder

If you wish to experience being amidst natural beauty and clear waters that call out to you, then Snoopy Island is the place for you.

Essentially, this charming island is situated at a distance of around 100 meters offshore from the Sandy Beach Hotel as well as the array of beach resorts located across the Al Aqah Beach in Fujairah.

This island resembles a cartoon character dog in its appearance, which is where it has taken its name from. Furthermore, you’re sure to come across a gigantic variety of sea life on your visit to this island and snorkelling around the island is a must!

Snoopy Island is home to multiple species of fish and sharks. As a part of your touristy experience, you can take out some time to get to know the various species of sharks.

Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs

What is in Fujairah - Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs | The Vacation Builder

If your idea behind visiting Fujairah is to spend time relaxing and come back rejuvenated, then there is no better stop than the Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs.

Located at the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, these hot springs make a perfect local retreat.

What you will notice at these hot springs is the production of warm sulphuric water, which is then pumped into two independent swimming pools.

The best part about these hot springs is that the bathing space for both men and women is separate and distinct. Thus, everyone can have a good time without feeling uncomfortable or awkward.

Since this place is highly family-friendly, you can expect heavy crowds, especially during the weekends.

Bithnah Fort

What is in Fujairah - Bithnah Fort | The Vacation Builder

Located 13 kilometers from Fujairah city, what lies across the main highway is Bithnah Fort. This fort is situated at such a location that it easily overlooks all the strategic routes that cross the Hajar Mountains through Wadi Ham.

This historic building is located just outside Fujairah city. The square shape of this structure is mainly a result of the original material that was used to build this fort, which included the likes of stones, mortar, and plasters.

The location of this fort is such that it is easily accessible. The roots of this fort are not known to date, which makes this attraction a mystery of a kind and ultimately becomes one of the primary reasons to attract multiple footfalls to this fort.

There was a time when the Bithnah Fort played a significant role in guarding UAE’s eastern region.

Is Fujairah Cooler than Dubai?

Fujairah is certainly much cooler than Dubai in every other way possible. Not just the climate, but also in terms of tourism, beauty, and nature, Fujairah wins hands down when compared to Dubai for natural attractions.

Firstly, if we talk about the temperature and the climatic conditions, then of course Fujairah witnesses much lower temperatures when compared to the temperature of Dubai.

One of the main reasons that lead to Fujairah being cooler than Dubai is the fact that this Emirate is situated at a higher altitude.

Likewise, Fujairah is known to be UAE’s one of the most mountainous emirates, which further contributes towards this place maintaining a cooler climate.

Not to forget, Fujairah enjoys much more rainfall when compared to Dubai, which is another important parameter that contributes to the former boasting of a cooler temperature.

Overall, Fujairah is known to sport seasonal weather.


Even though Fujairah has not been able to turn into a commercial and business hub when compared to other places in the UAE such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this city for sure has been able to carve a niche for itself.

All year round, you are likely to come across multiple tourists as well as locals, who find their way to this beautiful city to experience what it feels like to be in nature’s lap.

You can easily find a luxurious and competitively priced hotel in Fujairah, as multiple options are available in different parts of this city.

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