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Explore UAE’s 7 Best Hiking Spots

The Best Hiking Trails & Camping Spots in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

You love adventure, don’t you? Just imagine the excitement that is likely to run through you as you plan to set out on a hike or camp. You can add a further splash of enthusiasm to your adventurous journey by hiking in a foreign land.

If this idea thrills you, then you must surely plan your next hike or camp in the UAE. The best part is that we will be researching on your behalf. A quick read through this write-up and you will know all about UAE’s best trails.

Where to Hike in the UAE?

1. Wadi Shawka, Al Khari, Ras al-Khaimah

Best Places to Hike in the UAE - Wadi Shawka, Ras Al Khaimah | The Vacation Builder

If you are someone who loves to hike, then Wadi Shawka in Al Khari, Ras al-Khaimah is a trail that you’d be happy to explore. This 6.4-mile trail makes a perfect starting point for beginners.

The period between September and June is a favourite among hikers. You can choose to either engage in a short hike or give your entire day to this trail that boasts of its panoramic mountain views.

Don’t miss the Shawka Dam that you can reach by either taking the direct stairs or one of the trails. Wadi Shawka is well marked, thus ruling out even the rarest chances of anyone getting lost.

This trail is considered safe and enjoyable for families and children alike. You can install your tents and camp around the parking area too.

2. Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah

Best Places to Hike in the UAE - Jebel Jais, Ras al Khaimah | The Vacation Builder

If you are up for a challenge of sorts, then plan your next hike to UAE’s tallest mountain, Jebel Jais, situated in Ras Al Khaimah. At this hiking spot, you get to choose between two types of trails basis your interest and fitness level.

The lower trail, which leads to the Samar trail hosts hikes ranging between 0.8 km to 6 km. This trail is properly marked, but you still have the option of signing up for guided tours. On the other hand is the upper trail, which opens with a steep start.

One fascinating fact about this trail is that it is home to 1484 by Puro – UAE’s highest restaurant, which gets its name from the height it stands at from sea level.

Even though it is possible to complete this hike in 3 to 5 hours, less experienced hikers may take even ten or more hours to reach the summit.

At Jebel Jais, you can have a good time camping either at the foot of the mountain or at a location up the mountain, which is surrounded by scenic views. This trail calls beginners, intermediate and advanced hikers to experience the real meaning of thrill.

3. Hajar Mountains, Fujairah

Best Places to Hike in the UAE - Hajar Mountains, Fujairah | The Vacation Builder

Hikers, who would be interested in experiencing a trail that stands out for its rocky and rugged terrain, should most definitely head to the Hajar Mountains. The Peak of the Hajar Mountains in Fujairah is 1910 meters above sea level, which helps hikers gain altitude.

Your hike to these mountains guarantees a gorgeous view of the surrounding hills and terrain. These mountains are home to numerous trails, right from the less-intensive ones that are likely to be through in 2 hours to the more hectic ones that can take as long as 10 hours straight.

Don’t miss the lake that sits at the bottom of the valley. As you take the trails, you are likely to bump into multiple small villages and old houses.

For those of you, who love to camp in the outdoors, Hajar makes a bang on the camping spot. Leaving aside the cultivated areas, you can camp in any place that has your heart.

4. Hatta Hiking, Dubai

Best Places to Hike in the UAE - Hatta Dam | The Vacation Builder

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced hiker, there is an independent trail in store for each one of you at Hatta Hiking in Dubai. A rare combination of peace and adventure is what you get to experience at this 140 km long trail. Surrounded by the Hajar Mountains, Hatta Hiking unveils a different side of Dubai altogether.

The hiking routes that start from the Hatta Wadi Hub are color-coded basis their level of difficulty. Green is for the easy trail, blue for the intermediate one, red for the advanced level, and black for the most challenging route.

Your hiking experience at Hatta is likely to take you to some of the popular tourist spots such as valleys, gorges, and small cities on the way. You are sure to come across some beautiful farms as well.

You have immense scope to camp at Hatta Hiking. You can bring in your camping experience with some barbeques and a bonfire.

The best part about Hatta for us is the Hatta Dam. Here you can hire a Kayak and absorb the blissful views of the mountainous backdrop from the water.

5. Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Best Places to Hike in the UAE - Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain | The Vacation Builder

If the idea of hiking up one of the largest peaks in the UAE excites you, then you are up for some challenge at Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain. This trail is a go-to especially for experienced hikers who are up for a challenge. To complete this uphill and steep trail, you need great stamina.

Apart from the pretty view that this trail brings to you, you are sure to have a good time experiencing the sunrise and sunset views at Jebel Hafeet. With a summit standing 1240 meters above sea level, Jebel Hafeet is the second highest peak in the whole of UAE.

You can add to your hiking experience by planning an after camp at this breath-taking location.

6. Wadi Monay, Ras Al Khaimah

If you wish to have a good and an easy hike with your family, where you can tag your kids along, then Wadi Monay, Ras Al Khaimah is your destination to be. A perfect fit for beginners, this trail is 1.5km long.

You can comfortably finish this hike in about 3 to 4 hours. If you’re looking forward to losing yourself to the scenic beauty and charming views that await you, then look no further than this trail.

Plants, animals, and rocks make their presence felt as you move further towards the end of the trail and it’s is only a 1.5-hour drive from Dubai.

7. Al Rabi, Sharjah

Best Places to Hike in the UAE - Al Rabi, Sharjah | The Vacation Builder

People, who are interested in planning a unique family getaway should most definitely be considering hiking to Al Rabi in Sharjah. This well-marked spot makes a perfect hiking experience for first-timers.

Al Rabi offers a one of its kind outdoor experience. This hiking location is surrounded by the city of Khor Fakkan, and the Gulf of Oman on each side.

Its 6km stretch takes a hiker three to four hours to comfortably complete the hike. You will be glad to spot a hidden beach between the two summits.

Even though the trail is slightly steep at certain quarters children, as well as dogs, can easily walk up the trail.

Go to the VisitSharjah website for more information.

Concluding Words – Is a UAE Hike Worthy?

You’re sure to have a great time taking a hike and then camping at some of the best trails that the UAE has in store. While you set out on your hike, make sure to go loaded with a sufficient quantity of water, energy bars, and snacks.

You will be able to complete your hike and have a good time throughout only if you keep yourself well hydrated. So, do not forget to sip on water as you move up the trail.

Likewise, you need to follow all the safety precautions. This will help you to have a secure hike. It would be even better to take a friend or fellow hiking enthusiast along.

Happy Hiking & Carefree Camping!

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