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Top 14 Things to do in Sharjah at Night

Things to do in Sharjah at Night | The Vacation Builder

Dubai’s neighbouring emirate of Sharjah offers plenty for tourists looking for a more reasonably priced vacation as well as a taste of real Emirati culture.

The Emirate of Sharjah is a fantastic place to visit, however the area gets less publicity than Dubai and so visitors may struggle with researching things to do there.

Like any major destination, you will find the usual things to do on TripAdvisor; but what about when the sun-sets and the city skyline comes to life?

The real gems of the UAE are often found in the evening.

Below we explore all of the best things to do and enjoy in Sharjah at night.

1. City Lights of Sharjah

Things to do in Sharjah at Night - Sharjah Creek at Night | The Vacation Builder

Exploring any city at night is quite different from the things you see around during daytime and Sharjah is not an exception to this. Let’s start with the simple joys that you can enjoy at Sharjah after sunset. The very first thing that will delight your heart has to be the wonderful city lights sparkling everywhere you look.

For a more engrossing and enthralling experience with the lights in Sharjah, you have a few beautiful night destinations.

Corniche Street is certainly the best you can get. Everything along and around this place is illuminated so majestically that it’s really hard to take your eyes off it.

2. Al Majaz Waterfront

Things to do in Sharjah at Night - #2 Al Majaz Waterfront | The Vacation Builder

Al Majaz Waterfront is one of the most entertaining parts of the city.

As the name suggests, this place consists of a lake along with a colourful dancing fountain. It doesn’t matter which time of the day/night you pick to visit this waterfront; it looks fabulous all the time.

Beholding the colourful strands of water, dancing at the tune of some engaging music is something very quintessential to do at Al Majaz Waterfront.

It will take at least 30 minutes to finish this dancing water spectacle. What’s more, the waterfront hosts a variety of concerts and shows to celebrate different festivities around the year.

After you have enjoyed the cool breezes coming from the Khalid Lake and bedazzling Sharjah Musical Fountain, you can sit at any nearby restaurant and café to taste some delectable cuisines of the region.

Al Majaz Waterfront is well equipped with public facilities, parking areas and even Wi-Fi. It’s no wonder people never hesitate to visit this fantastic night destination.

3. Al Noor Mosque

Things to do in Sharjah at Night - #3 Al Noor Mosque | The Vacation Builder

Located right at the beating heart of Sharjah, Al Noor is undoubtedly the most fascinating mosque in the city.

This iconic structure dominates the city skyline with its marvellous classic Turkish Ottoman architecture comprising of a series of domes and two soaring minarets.

Although the mosque is not accessible at night time, you can still enjoy its majestic aura thanks to all those meticulously done light arrangements. In Arabic, the word “Noor” denotes light and Al Noor Mosque justifies every bit of its name with its illuminating side at night time.

Visiting the mosque during the daytime and praising the grandeur of it at night is something that every visitor to the city will love to do.

4. Shopping at Blue Souk at Night

Things to do in Sharjah at Night - #4 Blue Souk Shopping at Night | The Vacation Builder

Of course, Dubai has the most captivating shopping scenes in the UAE but that doesn’t mean Sharjah is going to disappoint you when it comes to retail therapy.

The most celebrated and iconic shopping mall, the Blue Souk is here to satiate your shopping desire with more than 600 shops inside.

Blue Souk, also known as the Central Market, is not just a shopping mall but an architectural gem in its own right. Spread across two massive wings and connected by footbridges, this place comes with the best of old and new of Emirati shopping culture.

After the sun sets, Blue Souk lights up the area with its powerful and eye-catching decorations. No wonder, this is one of the most photographed landmarks in Sharjah.

Blue Souk has enough elements to keep you busy with night shopping. Walking through its alleys and looking at those gold and silver jewellery outlets is an instant mood-lifter for sure. When you are in search of a place to explore at night, Blue Souk is your best bet.

Opening Times and Hours at Blue Souk

10am to 10:30pm 7 Days a week

5. Explore the Underwater World at Sharjah Aquarium

One of the most intriguing things to do at night in Sharjah is to pay a visit to the Sharjah Aquarium. This is a place where people can explore the beauty of the underwater world and its stunning marine creatures.

Sharjah Aquarium consists of 20 huge tanks which are home to a large variety of marine species. The primary goal of this aquarium is to play an active role in the conservation of marine life. There are more than 250 aquatic species here including eels, seahorses, reef sharks, fishes and corals. Sharjah Aquarium is a wonderful place to bring your children while visiting the city.

6. Grocery Shopping at Souk Al Jubail

Souks have always been an integral part of typical Emirati culture and it doesn’t matter which city in UAE you are visiting, you can always find one or two (or maybe more) of them.

Sharjah has also its very own Souk Al Jubail. This place was once the city’s historic fish market and most chaotic place too. Now the whole place has been redeveloped into Souk Al Jubail, best known for freshly produced fruits and groceries.

Visiting Souq Al Jubail at night can literally open up a different world for you. The arrangements of fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats will leave you at awe. It is designed to offer the comfort of a supermarket shopping experience paired with surprisingly low pricing like the street shopping.

The profusely lightened-up environment of the souk helps customers to check the quality of their buys while appreciating the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

7. Indulge into the Venetian Vistas at Al Qasba

Things to do in Sharjah at Night - #7 Al Qasba | The Vacation Builder

The waterfront area, alongside the Al Qasba Canal, is for many, the most favourite night-time destination in the city.

This place is particularly preferred by families because of its countless kid-friendly activities and what’s more, most of them are free.

In the evening, the whole area showcases millions of light bulbs and streetlights to make it look nothing less than a Venetian extravaganza. Beautiful fencing along the canal makes it more alluring.

At Al Qasba, you can spot a variety of both indoor and outdoor children’s entertainment areas paired with rides, go-cart, soft-play areas. While this keeps your little ones busy, you can choose a nearby café or restaurant to have your snacks or dinner.

8. Discover the Marvels of Science at Sharjah Science Museum

The most fascinating place for kids to get close to science is the Sharjah Science Museum.

This is one of those very few places in the city where young minds will be entertained with a hoard of extensive knowledge and interesting facts about things that they can relate to. It would be wrong to describe this place just for kids but it is for every curious mind to quench their science-thirst.

The Sharjah Science Museum encompasses a series of galleries with each of them displaying a different theme. The most favourite of these galleries is the Optical Illusion section and the Galaxy segment. The museum authority hosts regular workshops so that your kids can understand the world in a better and ‘scientific’ way.

The museum is open until 8pm Saturday through to Thursday and so offers great evening entertainment.

9. Bask in Tranquillity at Al Noor Island

Things to do in Sharjah at night - #9 Visit Al Noor Island | The Vacation Builder

Located along the banks of Khalid Lagoon, Al Noor Island is truly a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of Sharjah.

Established in 2015, this place has earned huge applause from city dwellers as well as tourists visiting the city. This leisure destination has in fact received several awards for its wonderful ambience and facilities.

Al Noor Island houses a Butterfly House, a playground, a book pavilion, a café and also a modern art gallery. You can also take a stroll along its 3.5-kilometre long Broadwalk to witness the best side of the azure blue water and relish those panoramic views.

The island features a park laced in white light and it looks fabulous at the night time. What’s more this location is one of the best in Sharjah for romantic sunset views.

10. Have Loads of Fun at Al Montazah Park

Al Montazah Park is one of the best places in the city to have loads of fun until midnight. The park comes with an amusement and water park which not only keep kids engaged but also offer enough to lift the mood of adults.

Al Montazah Island has two star attractions – Island of Legends and Pearls Kingdom. This place features various thrilling rides that elevate your level of excitement instantly. If you wish for a more safe-side of fun, then you have specially designed splash zone to spend hours of your evening.

Don’t forget to book your seat at the 60-metre-high, Eye of the Emirates wheel. This massive wheel will take you to a soaring high where you can have a breath taking view of Sharjah City stretching over 50 kilometres.

11. Exploring the Nook and Corners of an Iranian Market

The Emirate of Sharjah has always focused more to preserve the history and culture of the land more so than Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In order to recognize Sharjah’s effort, UNESCO bestowed it with the title of “Cultural Capital of the Arab World” in 1998.

To understand why the city is so, you must not skip the traditional Iranian Market. Visiting this market is completely a different experience altogether. Exploring this market in the evening or at night time certainly feels more magical.

At the entrance of the Iranian Market, you can spot large wooden doors that welcome every visitor to its mystic and aromatic world spices and everything that smells intoxicating.

This is one of the oldest marketplaces in the town where Emirati history and heritage are still very much in existence. The market primarily deals in items brought from Iran, Afghanistan and other oriental countries.

This marketplace is the most reliable spot in Sharjah to buy aromatic spices.

12. Sharjah Classic Cars Museum

Things to do in Sharjah at Night - #12 Sharjah Classic Cars Museum | The Vacation Builder

Are you fascinated with cars? Whatever your answer, you can’t really miss meeting the most legendary figures from the automobile industry at the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum. This place remains open till late evening hours and so is another stunning night-time destination in the town.

Sharjah Classic Cars Museum is a perfect destination for all car lovers with its more than 100 vintage cars manufactured across the early 20th century. This is broadly divided into five sections.

All cars that you see in the museum have been restored and buffed so meticulously that you can see your own reflection on their surfaces.

This one-of-a-kind museum tells the evolution of the automobile industry. This museum offers that rare opportunity to meet Model T Ford, 1974 MG Midget and the iconic 1969 Mercedes Pullman Limousine (specially custom-made for Sharjah’s ruler) under one roof. There is also an interactive area for kids to solve car puzzles and try the driving simulator.

13. Dig into the past at Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

If you want to know more about Sharjah and its ancient civilization, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization has you covered.

Nestled along the waterfront of an impressive souq, this place takes you back in time to understand Islamic as well as Arab culture from their roots.

The museum exhibit ranges from artefacts to textiles, woodworks to ceramics, pottery to jewellery and more that unfold the evolution of Islamic faith layer by layer.

This place ensures to take you on a journey back in time, spanning over 1400 years. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization closes around 8.00 PM which means you can visit this place till late evening.

14. Strolling at a Beach

Spending your evening at a beach in Sharjah is one of the most beautiful memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

The city is home to many stunning beaches. Although those are mostly preferred for day-time visits, late evening-time visits can be just as amazing.

After the sun sets in the west, the city opens up an illuminated version of its many beaches. Sitting at a beach and looking at those brightly lightened-up buildings is something very satisfying. It gives an illusion of a magical city like the ones you have always imagined while going through the Arabian Night tales.


Dotted with beaches, historical sites, museums, parks and lakes, Sharjah has so many options to choose from for your night-time in the city.

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