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10 Best Things to do at Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Best Things to do at Yas Island Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder

This billion pound man made island investment was created in 2006 with the sole aim of becoming Abu Dhabi’s main area for leisure, retail and entertainment. And oh boy did they succeed! Whatever your age, whatever your taste, Yas Island offers something for everyone. So here is our 10 Best Things to do at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Whether you’re travelling on a budget or not, Yas Island hosts reasonably priced 3 star hotels as well as 5 star luxury ones. Most of the hotels on Yas Island carry an average nightly room cost of just £78/396AED/107USD.

Furthermore, Yas Island plays host to the formula one grand prix and a state of the art golf course, ticking boxes for sport lovers. Sport is not where it stops though, families are best suited here with Warner Brothers World and Yas Waterworld too.

Things to do at Yas Island

1. Ferrari World

Things to do at Yas Island - #1 Ferrari World | The Vacation Builder

Attractions on Yas Island are plenty-some. One of the main and most popular attractions is Ferrari World. This indoor, Ferrari theme park is great for adults and children alike. For the daring, Ferarri Rossa; the worlds fastest rollercoaster is based here. Ticket prices range from 295AED to 545AED.

The 21 acre indoor park has a range of rides. There’s Go-Karting, Rollercoasters, Walzers and Remote Control Boats. There are also a variety of experiences available too such as driving your own Ferrari around the island and undergoing official Ferrari Race Car training.

Ferrari World also hosts shows for all of the family taking you through the of Enzo Ferrari in the 1920’s or a typical La Piazza variety show. 

Experiencing and having fun can be thirsty work but there are 6 different eateries to grab a bite. There’s Pizza, Indian, Mediterranean or even a cinema themed cafe with popcorn and fizzy drinks.

For shopping, Ferrari World also has two stores (one for past and present) if anyone is keen on taking any merchandise away. As a whole it can be a great day out for the whole family. 

2. Yas Waterworld

Another one not just for the kids! With over 40 rides, slides and attractions; this Emirati themed water park is guaranteed to keep everyone entertained for the whole day.

Given the climate in Abu Dhabi, this is a great way to spend any day of the week at most times of year. The water park also has a ladies only season from 7th March to 7th November.

Like you would expect at any big water park there are also plenty of places to eat and snack; whether that’s buying pizza or frozen yoghurt and ice creams.

Yas Waterworld is suited to the whole family as there are small rides and pools for families with toddlers, medium rides for children and the high adrenaline experiences for teenagers and adults. 

3. Yas Marina Circuit

Things to do at Yas Island - #3 Yas Marina Circuit | The Vacation Builder

Home to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix each year, the Yas Marina Circuit offers more than just an annual attraction. The most obvious and popular experience for visitors is to take one of the many supercars for a track day. The venue tours give you a great insight and behind the scenes experience. Prices start as little as 190AED for the venue tour and go up to 4200AED if you want to take a Ferrari 458GT for a spin!

Yas Marina Circuit is also open to the general public and many take to the track for cycle and running races. Some even use it as personal training space, all of which is completely free! There are a number of events which run from Yas Circuit on a daily /  weekly basis of which more can be found at their website.

4. Warner Brothers World

Things to do at Yas Island - #4 Warner Brothers World | The Vacation Builder

Yet another worlds first from the city of Abu Dhabi. The first Warner Brothers indoor theme park was opened in July 2018 and has a staggering 38 acres of entertainment inside. Another full day out for all of the family can be held here with its’ 29 exhilarating rides, live shows, interactive attractions and eateries; plus of course many retail outlets with Warner Brothers merchandise for the dedicated fan base. 

The park contains six different lands, namely; Bedrock, Dynamite Gulch, Cartoon Junction, Gotham City and Metropolis. Each area has its’ own unique theme and characters.

Your little ones will get the chance to meet the likes of Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Batman and Superman. Warner Brothers World is open 6 days a week from 11am until late so making a visit can be planned easily around your vacation to Abu Dhabi. Single day tickets are available from 249AED.

5. Yas Links Golf Course

Things to do at Yas Island - #5 Yas Links Golf Course | The Vacation Builder

Attention golf and sunshine lovers. Yas Island has a beautiful links course too. Fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its many attractions to have a relaxing game of golf in the sun? Then look no further as Yas Island has one of the best courses in the Middle East.

If you don’t fancy the challenge of a fully fledged links course do not worry as the golf club also has a 9-hole, par 3 academy course. Lessons are available too and the food in the Club House is out of this world. 

You can check out Yas Links in a bit more detail by visiting their website: Yas Links Golf Course. 

6. Kart Zone

Things to do at Yas Island - #6 Kart Zone | The Vacation Builder
Kart Zone Abu Dhabi

Sandwiched in between Ferrari World and Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Kart Zone is one for all adrenaline junkies. The track has recently had an extension and now boasts a whopping 1km of tarmac.

Make sure you book online as tickets are cheaper that way. Kids Kart Zone experiences start at 55AED and adults are 120AED. A family pass for 149AED is also sometimes available.

7. Fun Works

This in indoor children’s amusement centre area based at Yas Mall. The centre is ram packed with entertainment ranging from amusements, toddler soft play, skilled games and big rides.

Entry is free and you pay for what you use as you explore. Prices are reasonable and your bound to keep little ones entertained for a couple of hours if they’re bored of being dragged around the retail outlets at Yas Mall, or it’s too hot outside.

You can check out more here on their website: Fun Works

8. Yas Mall

Things to do at Yas Island - #8 Yas Mall | The Vacation Builder

Leading on from Fun Works; for those wishing to explore the fantastic retail outlets Abu Dhabi has to offer, visit Yas Mall. Incredibly, the mall is open six days a week until 1am!

There are a number of eateries inside as well as a cinema too, both of which stay open until midnight. The mall has 77 different places to eat and drink as well as 254 different retail outlets.

Yas Mall has even more to offer though and hosts a range of year round events too. The mall is well renowned for its world class entertainment and performances. For more activities there is also an indoor climbing wall arena, Airsoft Battlezone and a pop-in and play Lego Centre. 

Yas Mall, much like Dubai Mall also has a dancing fountain show. The show may not be quite as spectacular as the one at the foot of the Burj Khalifa but is still well worth a view. 

9. Emirates Park Zoo

Things to do at Yas Island - #9 Emirates Park Zoo | The Vacation builder
Emirates Park Zoo

One for all animal lovers. Emirates Park Zoo is the first private zoo in the UAE. It was launched in 2008 and is also a resort. General admission is really cheap too with under 3’s going free, children 3-16 years are 30AED and adults just 35AED.

The zoo hosts a variety of different shows from Elephants to Sea Lions and also has special areas where visitors can pet and feed certain animals. There is a zoo zip line and climbing wall as well as animal rides for young children. You can even feed Crocodiles, have breakfast with a Giraffe or stroke young lion cubs. 

For the dedicated animal lovers you can stay at the resort situated in the centre of the zoo. The resort hosts 27 themed family chalets with views of the caves or wild animals. There is also, of course a pool area, water slides and a pool bar. Its like a holiday with wildlife! 

For more information visit the Emirates Park Zoo website. 

10. Yas Beach

Things to do at Yas Island - #10 The Beach | The Vacation Builder

Probably the best thing to do at Yas Island, and this one speaks for itself. When your feet are tired from all of the activities Yas Island has to offer and you’ve over spent your daily budget, take a dip in the warm Arabian sea to relax and unwind on the soft white sand beach.


Yas Island is an absolute must visit place for anyone in Abu Dhabi. The attractions and accommodation here is incredibly reasonably priced when you compare other major attractions in other major cities around the world.

What’s more, your in the UAE, and things in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are just done so much better than anywhere else in the world!

Thanks for reading about the 10 Best Things to do at Yas Island. For more on Dubai and Abu Dhabi make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Subscribe to our Youtube channel too.

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