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7 Breath-taking Spots in Fujairah to Catch Sunrise & Sunset

7 Breath-taking Spots to Catch Sunrise and Sunset in Fujairah | The Vacation Builder

Fujairah, the seventh-largest city in UAE, has today turned into a favourite hotspot for tourists. Known for its beautiful beaches, one gets to experience solitude and rejuvenation here. Not to forget the alluring time that awaits you in the form of offshore activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving.

This is not it. Fujairah is home to several gorgeous locations that offer you an experience of a lifetime, as you get ready to lose yourself in the beauty of Fujairah’s sunrise and sunset.

What’s the Highlight of Fujairah’s Sunrise?

Just imagine the peace and serenity running in your direction as you wake up to catch the sunrise in Fujairah. You are sure to be reminded about how gifted your life is as you encounter this calming view.

It would not be wrong to claim that the weather around sunrise is the most pleasant in Fujairah. So do not forget to be a part of this unique experience on your visit.

Sunrise Timings in Fujairah

MonthsTimings as per Fujairah Local Time
Late May to September (Summer)05.42 am – 05.54 am
October to March (Winter)06.22 am – 06.42 am
Late March to May (Spring)05.39 am – 06.06 am

7 Places to Lose Yourself to the Sunrise and Sunset Experience in Fujairah

Irrespective of whether you’re a beach, mountain, or park lover, Fujairah opens its doors to tourists in multiple ways. This in turn offers you various alternatives to catch the sunrise and sunset.

Al Aqah Beach

Best Places to See Sunrise & Sunset in Fujairah | Al Aqah Beach | The Vacation Builder

Just a 2-hour drive from Dubai, Al Aqah Beach welcomes locals and tourists to host a day trip amidst the sun, sea, and shore. Fujairah’s best sunrise and sunset are what you get to view at this beach.

If you are skeptical about missing the sunrise at this beach, then you can simply book into one of the many popular beach resorts located around Al Aqah. One day travelers can even construct a tent for themselves.

The highlight of this beach is that it is not as crowded as the beaches in Dubai. This further adds to your sunrise and sunset vibe.

The Hajar Mountains:

Best Places to See Sunrise & Sunset in Fujairah - Hajar Mountains | The Vacation Builder

Known for being the only mountainous Emirate, how can you even think of skipping the sunrise and sunset view from The Hajar Mountains?

As you get ready to head on a road trip to up the winding mountain roads, make sure you are alert to capture the sun rise from behind the sharp mountain peaks.

Once you have gotten a taste of the sunrise experience, you can set out on a hike on the rocky and rugged terrain. Do not forget to catch the sunset midway or on your return.

Snoopy Island

Best Places to Watch Sunrise and Sunset in Fujairah - Snoopy Island | The Vacation Builder

Snoopy Island certainly has much more to it than just water sports and music festivals. What is it, you ask?

Did you know Snoopy Island is home to an awe-striking sunrise and sunset experience?

An island that boasts of its marine life, where turtles and tiny sharks can be spotted occasionally, where you can stay put in the pretty beach resorts or beautiful villas, a gorgeous view of the sunrise and sunset will only act as a cherry on the cake.

Fujairah Fort

Best Places to See Sunrise and Sunset in Fujairah - Fujairah Fort | The Vacation Builder

Just the thought of witnessing the sunrise and sunset from the oldest fort in the United Arab Emirates is next-level exciting. This can now become your reality if you decide to head to the Fujairah Fort.

You can spend time between sunrise and sunset taking a tour of the Heritage Village that surrounds the fort.

Here, you will get to see restored old houses, glimpses of the traditional life, and a display of Al Yazrah – an irrigation system that Emirati farmers used in their fields.

Al Bithnah Fort

Best Places to Watch Sunrise & Sunset in Fujairah - Bitnah Fort | The Vacation Builder

The Al Bithnah Fort, also known as the mystery fort due to its history being unknown is another spot where you can catch the sunrise and sunset. The best part about this fort is that it offers a striking view of the surrounding area.

This fort is easily accessible by road, which adds to it becoming a well-known tourist attraction to catch the sunrise and sunset. You can make the most of your visit by booking a fort tour in advance.

Kalba Corniche Park

Best Places to See Sunrise and Sunset in Fujairah - Kalba Corniche Park | The Vacation Builder

If you are a park person, then the thought of catching sunrise and sunset at a well-maintained park is sure to excite you beyond measure. Your desire can now turn into a reality if you head straight to the Kalba Corniche Park.

There is a large playing area for children, easy access to an array of cafeterias and restaurants, access to the beach, and plenty of open parking spots too. This in turn guarantees a peaceful and worry-free sunrise and sunset experience.

Corniche Road

Best Places to See Sunrise and Sunset in Fujairah - Corniche Road | The Vacation Builder

How about you grab a bench at the Corniche Road and wait for the sun to rise or set? This road stretches from Kalba to Khor Fakkan.

The best part about this road is that mountains welcome you on one side of the road, while blue waters wait with open arms for you on the other. You can spend time between sunrise and sunset, visiting the many parks, beaches, and restaurants that stay put all through this lovely road.

Our Favourite?

Best Places to See Sunrise and Sunset in Fujairah - Snoopy Island Beach | The Vacation Builder

Definitely has to be the sunrise from Snoopy Island beach.

For more on the best places to see sunrise and sunset in the UAE check out our guide to Sunrise & Sunset Spots in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone, who loves to get a first-hand experience of the sunrise and sunsets, that too from different locations, then Fujairah is sure to stun you in more than just one way.

Even if you decide to stay in Dubai, you can certainly take time out and plan a one-day trip to Fujairah. Do not forget to capture photos of these mesmerizing views. You can then rewind and relive these beautiful memories even when you head back home from your travel.

The sunrise and sunset experiences in Fujairah are waiting for you. Go and get hold of them now.

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