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Snoopy Island Fujairah | Our Mini Guide to the Mini Island

Snoopy Island Fujairah

Seasoned travellers to Dubai and Fujairah know all about the famous Snoopy Island. If you’re here, you perhaps don’t know about it, or want to know more. Here we take a look at where Snoopy Island is, what there is to do and why it’s such a “fans favourite” in Fujairah.

Where Is Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island is located on Sandy Beach in Al Aqah, Fujairah. The island is merely 360ft x 240ft in size yet attracts hundreds of visitors every day. Whether you are looking for a beach spot to relax whilst taking in the picturesque island or in search of things to do such as snorkelling and diving, Snoopy Island will have you covered.

From Dubai, Sandy Beach (home to Snoopy Island) is around a two hour drive away. So easily do-able as a day trip if you’re not in the area.

Why is it Called “Snoopy Island”

Why is it Called Snoopy Island | The Vacation Builder

Snoopy Island takes its’ name from the famous Snoopy cartoon. The shape of the rock is similar to the image of Snoopy asleep on the top of his kennel.

Things to do at Snoopy Island

1. Take in The Scenery and Catch Some Rays

Things to do at Snoopy Island | The Vacation Builder

One thing is for sure, there’s just something about mountainous formations out at sea that attract visitors. The first and most obvious thing to do at Snoopy Island would be to grab a sun bed, relax and enjoy the view.

2. Take a Swim in The Shallow Warm Waters Surrounding Snoopy Island

Things to do at Snoopy Island - Go For a Swim | The Vacation Builder

When your done catching rays and taking in the backfdrop, head for the water. The waters surrounding snoopy island are safe, shallow and warm. The area is guarded by the island and offers fantastic swimming opportunities. Even more so if you have young ones learning to swim, this can be a great start to getting them confident of swimming in the sea.

The large amount of marine life that surrounds your toes as you swim towards the mountains is another reason to hit the ocean.

3. Go Snorkelling

Things to do at Snoopy Island - Snorkelling | The Vacation Builder

Talking of marine life, make sure to grab a snorkel from one of the souks or shops in Al Aqah or rent one from the beach hut near the Sandy Beach Resort Hotel. The coral and small fish are great to see!

4. Go Scuba Diving

Things to do at Snoopy Island - Scuba Diving | The Vacation Builder

Go one further than snorkelling and experience diving. The Sandy Beach Dive Centre is located just a stones throw away and does diving excursions around Snoopy Island as well as boat dives out in the ocean.

Prices start from 125AED. For those looking for an out of this world experience, we recommend the night diving excursion.

5. Have Shisha at The Snoopy Lounge

Things to do at Snoopy Island - Have Shisha at Snoopy Lounge | The Vacation Builder
Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

When your all worn out from sun bathing, swimming and scuba diving, make sure you hit Snoopy Lounge for some Shisha on the beach whilst the sun sets. It’s the perfect way to end your day at Snoopy Island.

The Snoopy Lounge is located on a beautiful terrace overlooking Sandy Beach at the Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort.

6. Watch The Sunset

Things to do at Snoopy Island - Watch the Sunset | The Vacation Builder

What better way to end your day at Snoopy Island than to watch the sunset and enjoy a drink!

7. Water Sports

Things to do at Snoopy Island - Water Sports | The Vacation Builder

For those thrill seekers why not try some of the water sports available from Sandy Beach Resort. This presents another fun way of seeing the island.

The resort hosts a whole load of water sports to keep you entertained, from paddle boarding to flyboarding.

Hydro Water Sports are based from the hotel and offer some great activities on the water!

8. Have Dinner and Drinks at The Beach Bar

Things to do at Snoopy Island - Snoopy Tropical Bar | The Vacation Builder

For Caribbean style cocktails at a wooden beach bar with a true beach feeling, head to Snoopy’s Tropical Bar.

Timings – 11am – 6pm

9. Beach Camping

Things to do at Snoopy Island - Camping | The Vacation Builder

One of the best ways to enjoy a day out at Snoopy Island would be to camp out on the beach!

Just a few minutes walk north up the beach away from Snoopy Island you will find the Fujairah Beach Camping Site.

Check this for more on Places to Camp in Dubai.

Can you go Fishing at Snoopy Island?

Snoopy Island is located within a national marine park area which means the species contained within are protected. Fishing is strictly prohibited.

What Marine Life Live at Snoopy Island?

What Marine Life Live at Snoopy Island - Black Tipped Reef Shark | The Vacation Builder
Black Tipped Reef Shark

On top of the many hundreds of different types of fish, Black Tipped Reef Shark and Resident Green Turtles can be spotted swimming around Snoopy Island. However, do not worry, black tipped reef shark do not pose a threat to humans!

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at The Sandy Beach Resort Hotel?

A one nights stay in the Sandy Beach Resort can be quite expensive. A standard room starts at around 600AED per night but can reach up to 800AED per night depending on the time of year.

Other accommodation types are available such as the Fujairah Beach Chalets and Bungalows. A one nights stay in any of these starts at 1,000AED per night.


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