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9 Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi

8 Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder

The capital of the U.A.E; Abu Dhabi was a sought after spot in the country in 1760 for a fresh supply of water. A lot has changed since then and the country’s capital has blossomed into one of incredible architecture, opportunity and luxury. The city has fast become a popular tourist destination. Here we bring you our top 9 Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi.

Much like Dubai, the streets are as clean as a whistle and the hotels are impeccable; so let us break down to you what there is to do in Abu Dhabi, and by time we’re finished you’ll be wanting to book a trip. 

The Weather

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi | The Weather | The Vacation Builder

With Abu Dhabi just over an hours car journey away from Dubai this place shares the same climate and weather.

This means that you can visit Abu Dhabi any time of the year and have guaranteed sunshine. There’s is nothing more satisfying than going on a holiday and knowing you don’t need to worry about the weather! Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two of the driest cities on the planet!

Unless you are an ultimate sun worshipper though, I would recommend missing out on visiting in August when temperatures can reach highs of 45 degrees!

More more information on the weather in Dubai and Abu Dhabi you can read this full month by month guide here.

The Hotels

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi | The Hotels | The Vacation Builder

Again, much like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is home to hundreds of fabulous hotels. Whats more, hotels in Abu Dhabi aren’t extortionately priced in comparison to the standard and location of them.

The average price of one night in a 5 star hotel in Abu Dhabi stands at around 1200AED. When you consider this against top hotels in other major cities such as London, these are incredibly low priced.

Furthermore, most of the hotels in Abu Dhabi offer fantastic facilities and service. Add an incredible infinity pool and some fine cuisine to the daily sunshine and you’ll see why hotels in Abu Dhabi have it cracked!

It’s Close to Dubai

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi | It's Close to Dubai | The Vacation Builder

If you’re visiting Abu Dhabi and fancy a taste of what Dubai has to offer then you can. Dubai is around 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Abu Dhabi and there are cheap and easy transport links between the two.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi top most peoples bucket list on places to visit in the world, so the fact that the two are so close together is another great reason to visit Abu Dhabi.

If you are in Abu Dhabi and are serious about visiting Dubai too then we have you covered with our guide on How to get to Dubai from Abu Dhabi here.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi - The Grand Prix | The Vacation Builder

Each year Abu Dhabi hosts the formula 1 Grand Prix. For formula 1 addicts this is an absolute must see. The track and stadium, as well as the way the Grand Prix is hosted over in the UAE is fantastic.

However, when the F1 show is in town you don’t need to be a petrol head to take advantage and enjoy what it brings to the city. For three days the city is transformed into a speed freak zone, and for the F1 fans you can jump in a Virtual Reality car to experience the track in the fan zone.

Otherwise; celebrities, parties and major events are hosted at the same time to celebrate the race coming to the city. Abu Dhabi completely transforms into a festival like atmosphere which is amazing to experience. After race concerts at the end of the 2018 circuits featured the likes of Guns & Roses, Sam Smith and Post Malone.

Aside from the racing, concerts and festivals most of the hotels host F1 themed brunches and even if that’s not enough get involved in one of the yacht parties! 

For more information on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix you can visit their website here.

Yacht Party in Abu Dhabi | Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder
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5. Yas Island

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi - Yas Island | The Vacation Builder

Yas Island has more to it than just hosting Formula 1. One of the most popular places to visit on Yas Island is Ferrari World; which is not just for F1 junkies. This place is the largest indoor theme park in the world and is great for adults and children alike. If Ferrari world leaves you wanting for more you can visit Yas Marina circuit and test out your go-karting skills.

For more relaxing things to do, Yas Island has an award winning 9-hole golf course or for children there is the UAE’s largest water park; Yas Waterworld.

If your really daring, the water park has the middle easts’ longest suspended roller coaster. Then there’s even more for children in the way of Warner Brothers World and finally, to cap it all off you obviously have Yas Island Beach. One can simply soak up the sun and take a dip into the Arabian sea or participate in kayaking, wind surfing and more. 

For more information on the Best Attractions on Yas Island check out this full guide here.

The Abu Dhabi Souks

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi | The Souks | The Vacation Builder
The Souk Abu Dhabi

Like Dubai, another reason to visit Abu Dhabi would be the fabulous souks. There are traditional Arabian souks dotted all over the city but the most popular one is in Abu Dhabi’s central market.

The central market Souk is in Al Maqta and is located across the water from the fabulous Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The Souk presents a mixture of a modern world shopping centre crossed with the traditional Arabian Souk Market. There are designer stalls inside and also market stalls selling the shine, sparkle and tastes of Arabia.

Whats more, there’s a small waterway that runs through the development where you can take Abra rides too. The Souk is open all days from late morning to late evening except for Sundays.

Feeling hungry? There are also many restaurants and Arabian street food market stalls to choose from which have delicious bites.

Azura Panoramic Lounge

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi - Azora Panoramic Lounge | The Vacation Builder

Rated 4.5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor and coming with an impeccable location and view; whilst your in Abu Dhabi you must eat and drink at The Azura Panoramic Lounge.

Set on the water with views of Yas Island, this is a great place to relax, eat, drink and chat. The restaurant serves a host of different cuisines from Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern. There are also vegetarian and vegan friendly options too. The restaurant has a fantastic street rep in the area for its’ speciality Lobster Sushi. 

For more information on The Azure Panoramic Lounge visit their website.

The Grand Mosque and Louvre Museum

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi - Grand Mosque | The Vacation Builder
The Grand Mosque

We probably should have put this at the top of the list, The Grand Mosque just has to be seen from anyone visiting the city. This is the main reason to visit Abu Dhabi.

The Grand Mosque gives you a true taste of the Abu Dhabi culture. We’d advise that you take tours of the Grand Mosque and the Louvre Museum and be ready to be blown away.

The Grand Mosque is a perfect mix of old and new Islamic architecture and is home to the largest hand woven carpet in the world. Crystal chandeliers and Swarovski studded windows are installed throughout the Mosque.

The Louvre Museum

Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi - Louvre Museum | The Vacation Builder
The Louvre Museum

Next, a short ride over to the Saadiyat Island and visit the Louvre Museum. Here you will learn of art forms from different cultures and civilisations. If you walk through the promenades of the museum you can see sunlight shining through the iconic dome which has been designed to resemble palm tree leaves. Inside there is also a children’s museum, boutique shops and a restaurant. 


So there you have our top 9 reasons to visit Abu Dhabi. We hope this has given you the inspiration you were looking for and you continue on to book a trip to this fascinating UAE hot spot.

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