Where to Spend New Years Eve In Dubai

I was in Dubai over the Christmas period a few years back and I hadn’t researched Where to Spend New Years Eve in Dubai. I got lucky and tagged along with some people we met at our hotel and ended up at the Burj Khalifa. It was a fantastic show so we got lucky with that one! However, to give all of you guys travelling to Dubai more options; and so your not in a last minute rush, I’ve put together this post.

So, where is the best place to spend new years eve in Dubai? In my opinion The Burj Khalifa wins by a country mile. For those like me though, travelling to Dubai often, or for travellers wanting a variety of options and ideas, check out my list on the best places to spend new years in Dubai.

1. The Burj Khalifa

Snippet of 2019 NYE at The Burj Khalifa

Experience the jaw-dropping pyrotechnic shows of the Burj Khalifa along with the dazzling water fountain show and firework display. Where better place to celebrate the New Year other than the tallest and most prestigious building in the world?! Make sure you arrive earlier than 6pm for the best spots as literally tens of thousands of people attend this location.

Dubai Mall is footsteps away so you can load up on food and drink before taking a pitch for the evening. Alternatively you can book a table which lines the waterfront and the Burj Khalifa. I highly recommend this but make sure you book a few months in advance and expect high reserve prices.

One of the plus sides to bringing in the new year here is that it can be completely cost free! Travelling with small children or not wanting to face the crowds? Not to worry as there are many bars, clubs and viewing platforms set up across Downtown Dubai where you can watch the show with great views of the Burj Khalifa.

If you are wanting to stay the night but think that the Armani Hotel at The Burj is a little pocket stretching then check out these hotels below which are close by:

Roda al Murooj Hotel – 700m Away

Sofitel Dubai Downtown – 600m Away

Downtown Apartments – 500m Away (With Views of the Burj Khalifa)

2. Kite Beach – The Burj Al Arab

Where to Spend New Years Eve in Dubai | The Burj al Arab on New Years Eve in Dubai

My second choice of where to spend new years eve in Dubai 2020 is the world famous 6 star hotel – Burj Al Arab. Watch the fireworks for free from Kite Beach or book a table at one of the restaurants at Souk Madinat which sits next to the hotel.

For those wishing to push the boat out, you can stay at the hotel from 28th December to 2nd January 2020 from AED17,980 (£3800). Your stay includes access to the new years eve gala dinner and show at the hotel as well as AED1000 daily resort credit. A once in a lifetime chance to experience the best hotel in the world.

3. Global Village

Where to Spend New Years Eve in Dubai | New Years Eve at Global Village Dubai

For something a bit different and a lot cheaper; try The Global Village off Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. Entry is just AED15 (£3) and hosts 7 different firework shows across the evening. Each firework show represents New Years in a different country in real time; from China to Pakistan.

Fireworks start at 8pm (China New Year) but I advise arriving early for good views, say around 6pm. Global Village is a fantastic and family friendly place for all; there are shows for the children early on and fairground rides to keep little ones entertained. For me this is the best spot for a family outing at New Years Eve.

4. Atlantis The Palm

Where to Spend New Years Eve in Dubai | New Years Eve in Dubai 2020 Atlantis the Palm

Many people flock to Dubai over Christmas and New Years for a variety of reasons. From the warm weather to the incredible Christmas and New Years shows. So if you’re lucky enough to have booked this hotel for the festive period then I wouldn’t consider stepping outside of the grounds to go anywhere else on NYE and here’s why.

The hotel has an incredible 23 restaurants and bars open for NYE galas; each with exclusive firework display access. There are a variety of dining and NYE gala packages available from the hotel which start at just AED1250 (£265). For those not staying at the Atlantis Hotel but wishing to view the firework show, there are many options. Barasti Beach Bar has great views of The Palm, so does The Boardwalk or The Pointe.

5. La Mer Beach

Where to Spend New Years Eve in Dubai | Fireworks for New Years Even in Dubai 2020

For a chilled show with plenty of space try La Mer Beachfront. The fireworks light up the Arabian sea and give travellers fantastic panoramic views. This is another great option for families with small children. It is usually mild enough at this time of year for children to play on the beach and kill time whilst waiting for the show to start.

Access to the area is free too! Alternatively you can try the Masti restaurant which is located on La Mer Beachfront if you fancy food and drinks and a more comfortable and exclusive view. There are also other restaurants available but Masti is one of my favourites. You can check out La Mer Beachfront Location here.

6. Dubai Festival City

Dubai Festival City Where to Spend New Years Eve in Dubai 2020

Dubai Festival City is another great place to bring the new year in in Dubai. The fireworks start at 9pm on the hour every hour building up for the big grand finale at 12pm.

There are usually intermediate shows and bands playing too so your sure not to get bored. Dubai Festival City has a huge ferris wheel as well which you can ride outside of firework displays due to health and safety reasons. Entry is from 7pm and is free of charge.

7. Dubai Marina

Where to Spend New Years Eve in Dubai 2020 Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is incredible at night; with the lit up skyscrapers towering across the water and the gorgeous boats and yachts passing by. So as you can imagine, its even better on New Years Eve.

There are various spots around the marina where you can take in the firework displays. Alternatively there are marina parties going on which you can attend. Why not book a Dhow Cruise and have a party on the boat whilst taking in the views and firework displays.

Fireworks at Dubai Marina on New Years Eve

8. The Walk – Jumeirah Beach Residences

Fireworks for New Years Eve on The Walk at Jumeirah Beach

My favourite area to stay in Dubai. The Walk on Jumierah Beach has many hotels, restaurants, shops and a fantastic boulevard and beachfront. Many first time visitors to Dubai should stay here to get a real taste of all things Dubai. Most hotels face the sea front and so watching firework displays from the comfort of your own balcony is possible.

Alternatively there are an array of restaurants which will take new years bookings. Each have their own independant shows and entertainment but the real show is on the beach at midnight. The beachfront is more than a mile long and so there is no need to pre book anything, access is free and there will be plenty of space. The only time you’d need to book would be to take a space at one of the many restaurants.

If you do choose to book a restaurant / bar / hotel then I highly recommend The Sky Lounge at The Hilton. The rooftop lounge, bar and restaurant hosts a party that’ll have you fall in love with the Dubai skyline all over again. Entertainment comprises of a saxophonist and DJ which will have you dancing your way through the new year. Prices start from AED595 (£125) but you can get in for free for the after-party at 12:30pm.

Thank you for reading my post on Where to Spend New Years Eve in Dubai 2020. I hope that this information has helped you make your decision on the best spot to go. For more information on Dubai you can check out our blog here. Also make sure to follow us on Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!