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Kite Beach or La Mer – The Face Off

La Mer or Kite Beach | The Vacation Builder

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Dubai for a reasonable amount of time, make sure you hit ALL of the beaches! Not one will disappoint. However, if you’re only hear for a short time and time is precious, you may be torn between two of the best and which to visit. So today we take a look at Kite Beach or La Mer, to help you decide!

We compared the two on Accessibility, Scenery, Things to do and Amenities to try and decide a winner. Overall, we found La Mer Beach to be the better of the two but read on and make your own decision based on the aspect which are most important to you.


When you are serious about trying some hardcore water sports at Dubai’s beaches, Kite Beach should be the first one to explore. Located right beside the swanky neighbourhood of Jumeirah area, this beach is the best spot in the city to behold the majestic view of Burj Al Arab and its worthy companions on the land.

Kite Beach stretches for around 2 kilometres along the coastline off the Jumeirah Beach Road. So, it is typically at a stone’s throw away from iconic Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

If you travel 10 kilometres North from Kite Beach along Al Wasl Road (D92), you will land yourself in the most electric beachfront of Dubai, the La Mer Beach.

Packed with loads of fun and actions, this beach is located at bustling waterfront of 2 A Street of Jumeirah 1. The most prominent landmark nearest to La Mer is the Jumeirah Mosque which is only a 3-minute walk from the beach. Sandwiched between Pearl Jumeirah and Jumeirah Bay, La Mer is a centrally located beach destination in the town.

After comparing both Kite Beach and La Mer beachfront, we find them enjoying fabulous location advantages. Impressive neighbourhoods and awesome scenic vistas.

Verdict: Tie


There are all types of public transportation links available to access Kite Beach. You can reach the beach by public bus routes 8, 81, 88 and 93. Taking a taxi is another comfortable but little costly way to visit Kite Beach from any nook and corner of the city.

Hop onto the Dubai Metro Red Line to reach the nearest point to the Kite Beach. Nearest Metro Stations to this beach are:

  • Noor Bank Metro Station, Red Line (2 kilometres away from beach)
  • Airport Terminal 3 Metro Station, Red Line (2 kilometres away from beach)
  • FGB First Gulf Bank Metro Station (3 kilometres away from beach)

La Mer beach sits amidst the affluent community of Jumeirah 1, flanked by Pearl Jumeirah on one side and Jumeirah Bay on the other side. So, you can avail various ways leading to this centrally located beachfront from anywhere in Dubai.

If you are ready to go to La Mer Beach by public bus, then board on a bus to route numbers 8, 9 and 88. They stop at various points near the beachfront and along the Jumeirah Beach Road. There is no direct Dubai Metro link to La Mer, but you can get down at the Business Bay Metro Station to reach the beach.

From this metro station, you can catch bus route 9 that stops near La Mer. You can also hire a taxi to access this beach quickly from any location across the city.

As both Kite Beach and La Mer sit on the same side of Dubai’s city limit, visitors can utilise similar set of transportation links to reach the celebrated beachfronts.

Verdict: Tie

La Mer vs Kite Beach Scenery

Located at the northern part of the Emirate of Dubai, Kite Beach is listed under the Umm Suqeim Beach coastline. The beach is considerably wide and features more or less flat topography. Due to its shape and size, Kite Beach is considered to be the best place for kayaking and paddle boarding in Dubai.

If you look at the scenery of the beach, it’s blessed with spectacular view of the city’s skyline along with legendary structures like Burj Al Arab & Burj Al Arab.

The sand is on little coarser side here because of the presence of many seashells across the beach.

Kite Beach or La Mer Beach - Kite Beach Food Truck | The Vacation Builder
Food trucks at Kite Beach

La Mer Beachfront is meant for more than just beautiful coastline. This place boasts some of the most happening and hottest retail, dining and entertainment options. The Scenic beauty of this beach is a heart-warming blend of urban and natural elements.

Kite Beach or La Mer Beach - La Mer | The Vacation Builder
La Mer Beach

La Mer beachfront is undoubtedly the home of a stunning coastal stretch where all things look vibrant and the scenic view is jaw-dropping.

Verdict: La Mer

Kite Beach or La Mer for Things to do

Both beach areas have plenty going on, but when it comes down to it, where is the best for things to do?

Things to do at Kite Beach

La Mer or Kite Beach for Things to do | The Vacation Builder
Kite Beach Promenade

1. Treat your taste buds at Food Trucks

One of the USP of Kite Beach is the Food Trucks. They come with a myriad of options from all over the globe. It is normal to find long queues in front of these trucks loaded with good foods. You will be amazed to see the variety they have got in those tiny spaces.

2. Learn the basics at Kitesurf School Dubai

Don’t have any skill of kitesurfing? Kitesurf School Dubai at Kite Beach can teach you the basics. Their membership is available to all trainees. Once you are done with your training session, you will be all set to experience the thrill of kitesurfing.

3. Go for paddleboarding

Kite Beach is known for its wonderful paddle boarding opportunities. There is no need to bring your equipment here. A number of local paddle boarding companies at the beach offer them on rent.

4. Play volleyball

Kite Beach comes with a series of well-equipped volleyball courts. Gather your gang and hit the ground hard. Playing beach volleyball is the most favourite thing to do at Kite Beach.

5. Keep reading at the Mini Library

If your beach days are incomplete with a book, Kite Beach has something amazing for you – a Mini Library. Yes, you can explore their decent collection to pick your genre. This is really a unique thing to spot at a beach in Dubai.

6. Hit the Jogger’s Track

There is a 14-kilometre long Jogger’s Track along the beach and it is the best thing to do when you are willing to maintain your fitness regime even while vacationing at the beach.

7. Visit the skatepark

At Kite Beach, skate lovers will certainly go ga ga over the skatepark. This park offers wonderful skating facilities to the visitors in the beach.

Things to do at La Mer Beach

La Mer or Kite Beach for Things to do | The Vacation Builder

1. Swim at the open sea

La Mer Beach allows visitors to swim which means you can soak up the warm sun all over you while playing with the azure blue water of the Persian Gulf. After taking a refreshing dip into the sea, you can lounge by the beachside cabanas to behold the uninterrupted view of the city’s skyline and the sea.

2. Enjoy a hoard of water sports

This coolest beachfront in Dubai has got plenty of water sports to try. Water sports by First Yacht can take you and your family to a world of exciting and memorable water-based activities with their wisely crafted packages. You can go for paddle boarding, flyboarding and jet skiing for that extra dose of adrenaline rush.

3. Stroll along the boardwalk

If you want to see the vibrant and funky side of the city, La Mer is the right place to head for. This beachfront has got some of the best funky wall murals, decorative art and innovative graffiti on the pavements and buildings along the boardwalk. With plenty of ‘open-air-canvas’ in La Mer, you can try striking pose for your Insta feeds.

4. Have more fun with water at Laguna Waterpark

This waterpark is a perfect embodiment of the concept “carefree fun by the sea”. This is an ultimate family destination near the beach. Apart from thrilling rides, the park features ‘WaveOz 180 FlowRider’ for surf enthusiasts. You will be amazed to see what this place has created so that you can have a wonderful time.

5. Jump and bounce at Hawa Hawa

Hawa Hawa is an exciting inflatable playground for your kids and all those young-at-heart. This place is fitted with a series of dune-shaped inflated beds for low-impact jumping with high-intensity fun.

6. Dine at the lovely cafes and restaurants

La Mer Beachfront brings delicious dishes all across the globe to your platter. With so many of options, you may find it difficult which one to go for. Ranging from classic American to Italian, from exotic Japanese to delightful Mediterranean – your gastronomic journey at La Mer has to be outstanding.

7. Shop your heart out

While walking along the beach, you can spot too many shops and beach boutiques at La Mer. Shops here showcase international brands, homegrown products, stylish accessories, statement watches and much more.

Whilst Kite Beach is the place to be for Water Sports lovers, La Mer has something of everything and is definitely one of the best beaches in Dubai.

Verdict: La Mer


In order to make your day at beach more blissful and hassle-free, Kite Beach offers the following amenities:

  • On-beach showers
  • Changing rooms
  • Beach library
  • Loungers and umbrella rentals
  • Life guards
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Running track
  • Skate Park
  • Beach gym
  • Green paid parking
  • Children’s play area
  • Benches
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Charging points
  • Food trucks and restaurants
  • Fast-food joints
  • Access for guests with disabilities

La Mer Beachfront also features a series of amenities:

  • Sunbed and cabana on rent
  • Clean toilet
  • Changing room
  • Shower
  • Prayer room
  • ATMs
  • Money exchange centre
  • Charging points
  • Information desk

Verdict: It’s a tie. Both these places are loaded with all the essential amenities.

Last words for beach goers…

Both Kite and La Mer are beautiful beach destinations in Dubai. If you are looking for a thrilling water sports session, then head for the Kite Beach. If you are hitting the beach with family or kids, then La Mer can be more rewarding.

The contest was extremely close to call but overall we found La Mer Beach to edge the win.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully this post has helped you decide which beach to choose out of La Mer and Kite Beach. If you’re still torn for choice and short for time, check out our review on all of the beaches in Dubai to find out which was rated THE BEST.

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