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Helping You Pick – Jumeirah Park vs Meadows

Jumeirah Park or The Meadows | The Vacation Builder

A quick survey in your circle and you will be able to conclude that one of the best places in the world that people would love to start a life is undoubtedly Dubai.

Of late people have jumped miles ahead and have started investing in the many luxurious properties in Dubai.

People view Dubai as the hub of fine luxury living and immense business opportunities. What further adds to its popularity is the breath-taking spread of skyscrapers, a happening nightlife and shop till you drop experience. People simply cannot get over their love for Dubai.

Why Dubai has turned into a prominent real estate leader?

The primary push that people have in buying properties in Dubai is that the per square foot rate of Dubai is quite low when compared to the other leading cities across the world. Thus, Dubai makes an affordable real market space.

Even if you invest in a property in Dubai just to rent it out, you will most definitely enjoy higher rental yields. On an average, properties in Dubai attract gross rental yields that fall between the brackets of “5 to 9%”.

The heavy demand for properties in Dubai led to the prices of residential properties in this city recording a rise of 4.4% during the first eight months of 2021.

If you are looking forward to buying a property in Dubai, you must be working out permutations and combinations in your mind as to which is an ideal location to invest in.

To end your confusion, we will be helping you with complete information about two hotspots in the city of Dubai, where individuals and entities alike, crave to own properties.

Below unveil the many facets of Jumeirah Park and The Meadows, which would help you to make a well-informed decision.

Getting to Know Jumeirah Park

A family-friendly community that waits to welcome you is Jumeirah Park.

Located at the centre of New Dubai, this area stands out for its high safety standards. The exclusively built residential community is yet another dream project of Nakheel Properties.

This area is dominated by over 2000 villas, which can be bought or rented. You will be surprised to know that this area is spread across 370 hectares and is being surrounded by an array of green spaces and eco-friendly parks.

As per a survey released by Bayut’s 2020 Dubai Market Report, most people consider Jumeirah Park as the ideal location for renting out luxury villas.


Jumeirah Park is located right behind Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) and is surrounded by the communities of Jumeirah Islands and The Meadows.

Most of Jumeirah Park is developed except for a few areas, which are momentarily vacant. In the days to come, plush villas will find their way into these areas as construction continues

Jumeirah Park Villas

Being an only villa residency, Jumeirah Park houses eight districts also known as gated communities, which are home to more than 2000 lavish villas.

Each of these villas is a two-storey apartment. On the ground floor sits the dining area and living room, while bedrooms are on the second storey.

On an average, approximately 10,000 residents can comfortably reside in Jumeirah Park.

Each of these villas is distributed over properties that have 3 to 5 bedrooms.

Types of Villas in Jumeirah Park

  • Legacy: The most popular community of Jumeirah Park, Legacy consists of 460 high-end villas, which include 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms.
  • Regional: The second most popular option in the Jumeirah Park region is the Regional villas. You will witness a touch of Arabic architecture inside these villas. Additionally, work of galvanization is thoughtfully carried out on the floors with mesmerizing patios that add to the experience.
  • Legacy Nova: The newest villas in the area that aim to capture as much natural light as possible are the legacy nova villas. You will be taken aback to know that each of this villas is a whopping 4100 square feet. The special features of these villas include their massive windows, skylights and humungous terrace spaces.
  • Heritage: Your love for 3 bedroom villas with a dash of French architecture will see the light of the day with the Heritage villas.

Prices of Villas in Jumeirah Park

For Purchase

If you are interested in buying villas in Jumeirah park, it would help to know the prices of each of the variants.

  • A 3-bedroom villa in Jumeirah Park costs approximately AED 3m.
  • A 4-bedroom villa in this area will cost somewhere in the range of AED 3m to 6.5m.
  • Lastly, a 5-bedroom villa is likely to cost AED 4.9m on an average.

For Rent

You can freely rent villas in the Jumeirah park area.

  • The rent for a 3-bedroom villa lies between AED 160k to AED 220k per annum.
  • 4-bedroom villas are available for rent in the range of AED 170k to AED 290k per annum.
  • Likewise, 5-bedroom villas can be rented at an average AED 238k per annum.

Amenities for the Residents of Jumeirah Park

  • Unlike other residents of Dubai, by choosing to buy or rent a villa in Jumeirah Park you will enjoy ample of parking space. Thus, there is no need for you to face parking woes.
  • Supermarkets are available in close proximity. These include the Carrefour Market, Spinneys, Park n Shop and Choithrams.
  • Places of worship, which include churches, temples and mosques, are at a 10 to 15 minutes’ drive from Jumeirah Park.
  • Transportation is not a problem in Jumeirah Park as this location is well connected. The nearest metro station is the DMCC metro station that connects users to the Dubai tram.

Things to do in Jumeirah Park

Shopping Malls

Life in Dubai is incomplete if you miss the malls, where you get to come into contact with heaps of happening brands, great cuisines and a never-ending array of shopping options.

The Pavilion located in Jumeirah Park is a small community mall, which is home to a range of retail shops, and quite a few fast food and casual dining outlets.

There are few other malls, which are close to Jumeirah Park, which include Dubai Marina Mall, Mall of the Emirates and the Ibn Battuta Mall, the largest themed mall in Dubai.

You should also not miss Al Khail Avenue, which is retail cum entertainment hub, again built by Nakheel. This spot houses around 350 stores, multiplex cinema, cute cafes and ample parking.

Beach Life

If you are a water baby, then you have Cove Beach, which is a 15-minute drive from Jumeirah Park. There is an entry fee to this beach, which is AED 100 for adults and children above the age of 12. Likewise, you will have to shell out AED 150 to reserve a sunbed.

You can also head to JBR, which is one of the most popular beach fronts in the UAE and is a similar distance away.

If you are interested in heading to a free beach in Dubai, then Al Sufouh Beach is the place to be. This is a 13 minute drive from Jumeirah Park.


You can simply head to JBR to explore a range of different restaurants, who host cuisines right from snacks to full-fledged meals. For grabbing a quick bite, you can head to the KFC and Pizza Hut outlets.

Other restaurants in the vicinity include The Cheesecake factory, Catch 22, and Eggspectation. You can easily find a number of bars in the Jumeirah Park vicinity, which include Healey’s Bar and Terrace, Buddha Bar, Amsterdam Hub, and Ginter Bar.

Outdoor Activities

The golf enthusiast in you will be happy to bump into golf clubs like the Taylor’s Golf House, Montgomery Gold Driving Range, and the Emirates Golf Club. Each of these is a 20-minute drive from Jumeirah Park.

Cricket lovers can spend quality time at the DGT and DGK Cricket Ground. Another landmark in the area, which is equally popular, is the Jebel Ali Racecourse.

Overall, there is lot to do in the vicinity surrounding Jumeirah Park.

On a concluding note, it can be stated that anyone who is interested in buying or renting property in one of the most sought after areas in Dubai, can rely on Jumeirah Park Villas.

Getting to Know The Meadows

A peace-loving individual who would like to reside in an area away from the fast-paced and busy city life, can find a property for themselves at The Meadows.

Even though this place is on the outskirts of Dubai City, it is well connected with the main areas. You get to enjoy all necessary amenities in The Meadows as well. The Meadows is a part of the Emirates Living developed by Emaar.

As a commercial hub of the Dubai Marina, and its proximity to the coastline, has led to The Meadows becoming one of the popular hotspots where people love to buy villas.

The Meadows, being a popular golf community of Dubai is located right next to the Montgomerie golf course. The splendid serenity of this place will take your breath away all thanks to the green patches that dominate this area along with the gorgeous lakes that you bump into after periodic intervals.

A residential villa community that is family-driven and pet-friendly is what best describes The Meadows. Your love for natural beauty will most definitely lead you to this hub of plush villas.

Types of Villas at The Meadows

The Meadows is home to 1800 villas, which boast of 20 independent architectural styles. Distributed across different communities, each of these villas has an entry point of its own.

You can easily find villas that range between bedroom capacities of 3 to 7. Based on the kind of space you are looking for, you can shortlist on a villa.

Out of the various meadow clusters, Meadow 1 and Meadow 9 have consistently been ranked as the most popular areas.

Prices of Villas at The Meadows

For Purchase

If you are interested in buying villas in The Meadows, you should know the prices of each of the variants.

  • A 3-bedroom villa in The Meadows costs approximately AED 3.4m.
  • A 4-bedroom villa in this area will cost about AED 4m.
  • A 5-bedroom villa is likely to cost AED 4.7m on an average.
  • Lastly, a 6-bedroom villa can be bought at about AED 5.7m.

Some of the villas come complete with private pools. If you are interested in buying one such property that has a private pool of its own, then you will have to shell out above AED 6.5m.

For Rent

You can freely rent villas in the Meadows.

  • The rent for a 3-bedroom villa stands at around AED 170k per annum.
  • 4-bedroom villas that are available for rent start from AED 180k per annum.
  • Likewise, 5-bedroom villas can be rented at an average AED 216k per annum.
  • Lastly, rent of a 6-bedroom villa is about AED 238k per annum.

Amenities for the Residents of The Meadows

  • You can free yourself from traffic worries and congestion by buying or renting property at The Meadows. Rest assured, each of these villas offers a dedicated porch for parking to its residents.
  • When at The Meadows, your groceries will be taken care of by Spinney’s outlet in the Town Centre. Likewise, there is the Milk & Honey Gourmet and Carrefour hypermarket. An outlet of Life Pharmacy takes care of your drug needs.
  • Places of worship, which include churches, temples and mosques, are at a 15 to 35minute drive.
  • One of the top IB schools, the Emirates International School is a perfect choice for residents of the Meadows. Dubai British School is another available alternative.
  • Transportation is not a problem in the Meadows too. The nearest metro station is the Dubai Marina Metro station and DMCC metro station. Both these metro stations are a 10 minute drive away.

If you like to live in a space that has ample natural spaces to its credit, then the Meadows becomes an ultimate choice for you.

Things to do at The Meadows


A place worth spending time is The Meadows Souk. This shopping centre comfortably houses a large supermarket, many beauty salons and quite a few interesting dining options as well.

There are two other malls nearby, which are the massive Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Me’aisem. Each of these malls is a 20-minute drive from The Meadows.

Beach Life

Your love for the the open sea is likely to make you search for beaches around the Meadows. In The Meadows, there is no beach. However, if you decide to take a 10-minute drive, you will reach Sufouh Beach.

However, if you are interested to spend time in a more happening beach, there take a 17-minute drive to the JBR beach. Here, you will bump into a number of food trucks, restaurants, cabanas and a kid’s park.


The foodie in you loves to munch on good food. Even though, there are only a few dining options in The Meadows, they do offer a surprising variety.

If you are a café person, then you get to explore, Tim Hortons and Costa Coffee. Similarly, there is the Royal Bakery in the area.

The fast food lover in you will be happy to munch on delicacies from Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Texas and McDonald’s.

However, the highlights of the area are Shakespeare & Co and Which Wich Superior Sandwiches. The former is a well-known Victorian themed café, while the latter is the hub for customized sandwiches.

Outdoor Activities

The Montgomerie Golf Course sits in close proximity to The Meadows. Essentially, this is a 7,396-yard championship golf course. As a resident of The Meadows, you enjoy priority membership at this golf course.

It is important to note that The Meadows are designed to encourage an outdoor lifestyle, which is why you will find many parks in its vicinity. Similarly, there are basketball courts and football pitches for the sport lover in you.

You can take a quick swim in the community pools as well. In the Meadows, there are fitness facilities and spas available, of which the most popular ones are Joz Salon & Spa, N Boutique, and Tosa Spa.

The lifestyle back in The Meadows is not very vibrant and lively. However, Reform Social & Grill in The Lakes Club is likely to come close to your expectations.

We can thus conclude that there is quite a lot to engage in if you buy or rent a villa in The Meadows.

Jumeirah Park or The Meadows for Things to Do?

When we look into the range of activities worth engaging in Jumeirah Park and the Meadows, we come to realize that both these places do their best to do justice to the demands of its residents.

However, if you were to ask us, we would say that Jumeirah Park comes out as a winner for us.

As far as the number and type of malls is concerned, availability of dining options in the vicinity goes or the kind of leisure and outdoor activities made available by both these areas, we can safely say that Jumeirah Park appeals more in every big and small way possible.

Having said that, the section of you, who is interested in spending time in the lap of the nature, away from the hustle-bustle of the city, it would help to go ahead and close the deal on a beautiful villa located in The Meadows.

If you ask us, we would say to go for a villa in Jumeirah Park, but in the end it all comes down to the property you can relate to the most.

Our Verdict

On an overall level, choosing between Jumeirah Park and the Meadows is a tough decision in itself.

However, taking into consideration parameters such as property prices, ambiance of the locality, and availability of amenities, we would opt for Jumeirah Park over the Meadows.

In times when adopting a healthy lifestyle has become so crucial, Jumeirah Park provides available jogging and cycling tracks, green spreads and clubhouse with access to swimming pool and gym.

Furthermore, Jumeirah Park gives you the liberty of being part of the community life. For instance, public events such as the National Day celebrations take place in this area. Additionally, there is the Jumeirah Park Ladies group and the Jumeirah Park Cycling Club, which gives opportunities to residents to come together and spend quality time in each other’s company.

Dubai – The Real Estate Hub

As we bid a goodbye to 2021 and make our way into 2022, one of the best investments that we can think of making is in real estate. If you are looking for a booming real estate market, then you should zero down your search on Dubai. For many years now, Dubai has been a favourite destination for real estate investors.

Furthermore, if an independent villa is your calling, then Dubai’s best villas welcome you to Jumeirah Park and The Meadows.

In the end, it all comes down to your taste, preferences and budget. When you take out the time and head to these areas to check out the villas, viewing them up and close will help you decide better. Irrespective of whether you are buying or renting a villa, a large portion of your hard-earned money is diverted to this activity. Thus, you need to play smart and make a well-informed decision concerning your property investment.

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