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17 Places in Dubai to Click Insta Ready Photos

Insta Ready Places in Dubai

Dubai may be celebrated for its architectural marvels and swanky lifestyle, but this city is full of spectacular and awe-inspiring sights. There is no shortage of amazing places showcasing from the artsy neighbourhood to trendy scene. We have come here with a bunch of places in Dubai where you can get some breathtaking Insta ready photos to make your social-media timeline simply gorgeous.

Bastakiya Historical District

Bastakiya Historical District - Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Interwind between narrow backstreets, maze-like lanes, shadowed courtyard and nostalgic archways – Bastakiya neighbourhood is truly an enchanting historical district in the heart of Dubai. Your journey to freeze fabulous moments in the city must begin from here.

Bastakiya was built in a most traditional fashion featuring loads of wind towers. Many of its restored buildings now serve as museums, art galleries, boutique hotels, restaurants and cafes. You can compose hundreds of brilliant shots with the streets, ancient hallways and shiny white minaret of the Al Farooq Mosque in the historical district of Bastakiya.

Al Seef

Al Seef - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Face the other side of Dubai at Al Seef. This place is a treasure chest for photographers who are looking for some unconventional yet captivating shots. Al Seef is a stunning waterfront promenade located along the Bur Dubai Creek, blending both the past and present of the city.

Strolling at Al Seef will offer you endless scope to capture the old-charm of Dubai in the best possible way. Everyday life at Al Seef is very calming and refreshing. There is a traditional Arabian souk at one end of Al Seef. This is one of the best spots in the neighbourhood to photograph ancient architecture with a twist from modern days.

Dubai Design District (D3)

Dubai Design District - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Commercial District of Dubai, popularly known as D3, is undoubtedly one of the most pictured destinations in the town. This place is heaven for people who love colours and everything that is quirky. At D3, creativity has been redefined and reinvented for sure.

Doesn’t matter where you are looking at, every nook and corner of Dubai Design District (D3) is just perfect to compose that stunning shot. Artsy walls in D3 showcases interesting murals and paintings on them. The whole area is overloaded with hundreds of creative designs and installations.

Tolerance Bridge

Tolerance Bridge - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Connecting the two banks of the Dubai Water Canal, Tolerance Bridge is an iconic landmark in the city of Dubai. This arch frame bridge allows spectators to behold the gleaming skyscrapers from the banks.

Tolerance Bridge offers the best view of the plush neighbourhood of Sheikh Zayed Road. If you are serious about clicking the best shots with the bridge in frame, then Safa Park is the right spot to reach before half an hour to sunset. We will suggest you take a long-exposure shot so that you can capture trails of beautiful colours and lights all at once.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Dubai - The Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Dubai is the home to some of the tallest and artistically designed high-rises in the world. Burj Al Arab is certainly one of those famous landmarks in Dubai. If you want to shoot something extraordinary with just Burj Al Arab, sun and the sea – then go to Sunset Beach.

In the golden hour of sunset, Dubai’s skyline is painted with all shades of red, orange, gold, purple and lilac. You must arrive Sunset Beach about an hour before sunset so that you can experiment with different shots and frames to capture sunset hues of Dubai along with the Burj Al Arab.

The Walk at JBR

The Walk at JBR - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Dubai believes in making everything unnecessarily grand and extravagant. Even the streets of Dubai will vouch for this. You will know why we are saying this once you visit The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Jumeirah Beach Residence is undisputedly one of the swankiest and happening localities in the town and The Walk is not an exception to this. Along this beachfront street, you will spot countless restaurants, cafes, markets, galleries and what not! This place gives you an exclusive opportunity to shoot Dubai’s true spirit.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Extending from the Selah region of Abu Dhabi to the end of the Ras Al Khaimah Emirate, Sheikh Zayed Road is the longest road in the UAE. This street is the most iconic road from Dubai where amazing insta ready shots come smoothly.

The whole length of the Sheikh Zayed Street that lies within Dubai is lined with entertainment hubs, shopping centres, plush restaurants, beautiful cafes and a string of retail outlets. It is not at all hard to compose wonderful insta ready clicks of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

Dubai International Finance Centre - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Although Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) represents the commercial side of Dubai to the world, it is more than what meets your eye. Of course, it is a place full of offices and people minding their own business but look at that awe-inspiring architecture. Isn’t it stunning?!

Apart from a series of overwhelming office buildings and business centres, DIFC is the home to plenty of art galleries that promote the art scene of the town. The neighbourhood is more of a luxurious kind attracting fashionable visitors all across Dubai. Anything you click in and around DIFC is going to come out spectacular for your Instagram reel.

La Mer

La Mer Beach - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

When it comes to fascinating wall paintings with upmost precision (and dedication too), La Mer is the place to head for. Street art here is absolutely edgy and each image depicts a very different story from others. Whichever corner you turn to, La Mer is ready with its outstanding graffiti art.

Street arts of La Mer are painted on bigger canvases which means standing in front of them makes it easier for photographers to compose multiple vibrant shots against a jaw-dropping backdrop. This place is also known for its millennial look and vibe that instigates visitors to take a few mandatory selfies.

Deira (Dubai Creek)

Deira Dhow on Dubai Creek - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Deira is one of the most conspicuous and oldest neighbourhoods in and around Dubai. This locality flourished along the Dubai Creek and dates back to the time when Dubai was nothing like it is today. Once you land at Deira, you will instantly get that it is way different from any other part of the city.

Deira showcases the days before those towering glass buildings and gigantic skyscrapers. This neighbourhood still remains very true to Dubai’s origins. Rustic buildings, sea and traditional outlets in Deira are just wonderful ingredients to compose beautiful shots.

Make sure you don’t miss out on insta ready photos of the Dhow boats on Dubai Creek.

Box Park

Box Park - Best Places in Dubai for Insta Ready Photos | The Vacation Builder

If you take a deep look, Dubai is not just a city with everything bigger or highest or brightest. Here you can enjoy plenty of quirky things too like the Box Park. Box Park is great for street photography where warehouse containers, trendy boutiques, cosmopolitan vibe, neon lights and stylish cafes await you.

Roxy Cinema is undoubtedly the most attractive and popular corner at BoxPark where meticulously designed light strings create an intriguing backdrop for silhouettes. People love to pose against this surreal backdrop and wide-angle shots can do full justice to BoxPark’s electrifying ambience.

City Walk

City Walk - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Another trendy spot in Dubai to click colourful insta ready photos has to be the City Walk. This area is particularly adored for the iconic “I love DBX” graffiti art which you have probably seen on those travel bloggers’ Instagram feeds.

The City Walk comes with many more captivating statement pieces and murals on the walls. You can even spot street paintings done by famous names like Lady Aiko and Ron English. When you are at City Walk, it becomes really impossible to put a full stop to your photography session.

Al Karama

Al Karama - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai

Although Al Karama is best known for its affordable rental apartments, there is something more. This is the place where many talented minds came together and transformed this locality into a colourful paradise with their creativity.

This all started in 2016, when Wasl Properties decided to give Karama Souk a face-lift. Al Karama has now become one of the best graffiti art destinations in Dubai. Spectacular graffiti arts are not just confined to street walls. In fact, you can spot them across all commercial buildings at Karama Souk. These delightful visuals are certainly a great catch for photo buffs.

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Jumeirah Lake Towers - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Now comes a very surprising spot for you – the Jumeirah Lake Towers! If you don’t understand how it made our list of Insta-ready photo shoot places, turn your head to that amalgamated beauty of modern high-rises and office buildings.

Jumeirah Lake Towers are very much urban and this is certainly not something that Dubai can ignore. The whole neighbourhood of JLT is dotted with restaurants, outlets and restaurants. Anytime of the day is a good time to click beautiful photos against those iconic skyscrapers.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

How is it possible to skip the “World’s Largest Picture Frame” when we are talking about shooting magnificent photos in Dubai? You got it! We are talking about the Dubai Frame. This glittering masterpiece is an iconic addition to Dubai’s megaprojects.

Dubai Frame is completely covered with gold-plated films which means it is not just the largest photo frame but it is the brightest photo frame in the world.

Shooting this large frame allows you to capture much of Dubai’s skyline. The best time to click pictures of Dubai Frame is either the early hours of the day or the hour before sunset to catch those unbelievable hues in the sky.

Boulevard Street

Boulevard Street - Best Places for Insta Ready Photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Home to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain, Boulevard Street in Dubai will never cease to surprise the photographer in you. This street features everything that makes the heart of Dubai. This is one of the most famous streets in the town that presents massive Insta ready photo opportunities.

The Boulevard Street neighbourhood serves as a great platform to cycling enthusiasts and a host of other outdoor activities. Catching them in action is not a problem when you take a stroll on this famous and fabulous street. Every shot from Boulevard Street comes out as a brilliant composition without much effort.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary - Best Places for Insta ready photos in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

If you are an admirer of wildlife and you have decent shooting gear, then you must not delay your visit to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in Dubai. This is probably the most favourite place all in the Middle East to capture majestic flamingos in action.

Did you know a flock of Flamingos is called a Flamboyance!

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a salt-water lagoon and a tidal estuary. Every winter, this place attracts migratory birds in great numbers. Flamingos are surely the major attraction of this park but you can also click grey herons and reef herons in abundance. For the best wildlife snaps, Ras Al Khor is the place to visit in Dubai.

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Dubai is one of the most vibrant cities in the Middle East where street art is playing a significant role in entertaining people whilst making the city even more captivating. Make sure to visit at least a few of the places from our list while you be in Dubai next time.

Thank you for reading about our favourite Insta Ready photo spots in Dubai. For everything Dubai & Abu Dhabi head to our travel blogs. Also make sure to follow us on Pinterest and subscribe on Youtube too.

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