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How to Spend Christmas in Dubai

How to Spend Christmas in Dubai

’tis the season. The season of fun, family gatherings and freinds’ meetings! Those of you traveling to Dubai during the Holiday Season might be suspicious of how good is the idea of celebrating Christmas in Dubai. Well, it’s a great idea actually!

To establish our claim, we are going to tell you How to Enjoy Christmas Time in Dubai. In spite of being an Islamic country, the UAE has learned the global ways to celebrate small and big festivals to make feel their multinational expat community more included and accepted.

So, you will never feel left alone when it comes to celebrating Christmas in Dubai.

Where to Go Christmas Shopping in Dubai?

How to Spend Christmas in Dubai | Christmas Shopping in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Forgot those final special presents? No problem! Dubai has tonnes of options for Christmas shopping from the malls to the souks.

A lot of the malls, markets, and souks stay open across the festive season, including Christmas Day if you fancied it! Jumeirah’s Souk Madinat hosts a Winter Wonderland where you can find various stalls and shops amidst a festive backdrop.

The malls are also chiming in on the festivities. The Mall of the Emirates is hosting a Christmas market for you to visit, complete with everything you need from gift ideas to festive accessories.

Your options are endless from the luxury designer brands to the quaint, one-of-a-kind finds in the Dubai markets.

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What is there to do in Dubai During Christmas?

How to Spend Christmas in Dubai | What Is There To Do in Dubai During Christmas | The Vacation Builder

Some of the most popular attractions at Christmas are the various markets across Dubai. Along with the souks, you can expect to find hotels taking part in markets as well!

Habtoor Palace is hosting its evening ‘The Winter Garden‘ event from November 1 to December 30. So, there is plenty of time to get yourself there! The Winter Garden has various stalls for food and presents as well as activities and entertainment. In fact, it’s a perfect fun place for the whole family!

The Bab Al Shams Festive Market is one you do not want to miss! The hotel transforms itself into a fascinating Christmas market, complete with various gift stalls, food stands, and a massive Christmas tree to really catch your eye! But get there quickly to see the spectacle, the market runs in the month of December.

If you have got time, be sure to catch The Ripe Market which is packed with great entertainment for children, quirky and homemade gift stalls, an enchanting tree light ceremony, and you can even grab yourself a Christmas tree!

There are plenty of fun Christmas activities to take part in across Dubai, with there being something for everyone.

Do They Celebrate Christmas in the UAE in Grand Way?

Traditionally, Dubai does not celebrate Christmas as a public holiday, as it is a Muslim country. However, the UAE is very open about celebrations from other religions. If truths are to be spoken, then the city celebrates Christmas with much enthusiasm and zeal. Therefore, you will spot plenty of church services and festive decorations to make you feel at home.

Is Dubai Hot at Christmas?

How to Spend Christmas in Dubai | Is Dubai Hot at Christmas | The Vacation Builder

Do not go to Dubai expecting a white Christmas!

However, if you are not a fan of the cold, you will love the warmer weather you can expect across Christmas in Dubai. On average, you can expect highs of 26°C and lows of 15°C, so you can go and spend Christmas on the beach!

For more information on the weather in Dubai check out our full guide here.

Christmas Dinner in Dubai

How to Spend Christmas in Dubai | Christmas Dinner In Dubai | The Vacation Builder

You may be used to staying at home on Christmas Day, but in Dubai it is a completely different story!

A lot of people go out to eat on Christmas Day as most people enjoy indulging in a lavish Christmas brunch/dinner to kick off their festive celebrations. A lot of restaurants, hotels, and bars will cook up an array of Christmas dishes and beverages along with traditional buffets. If this is not your preference, there are even takeaway options serving all sorts of festive dishes, or you could be brave and head to the supermarket to buy and cook up your own!

Not feeling that hungry for a complete Christmas dinner? Plenty of places like La Farine and The Lobby Lounge offer afternoon tea options complete with festive treats such as Christmas cookies and gingerbread.

Whatever you fancy, Dubai will have something to offer.

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More Reasons to Spend Christmas in Dubai

Dubai offers all sorts of Christmas activities, some of you are unlikely to find back home!

As mentioned before, Jumeirah’s Souk Madinat is receiving a festive Winter Wonderland makeover to set you in the Christmas spirit! Along with the shopping experience, there will be festive gardens, a Christmas grotto, and even cozy outdoor movie nights. There are plenty of food stops and even an ice rink for you to enjoy. The Winter Wonderland opens on December 12 to last right up to January 7.

Are you more of a daredevil? Then the indoor ski slopes at the Mall of the Emirates is sure to be one of your stops! There are tonnes of activities to enjoy here from the exhilarating skiing to the adorable penguin encounters to the snow bullet which propels you down a zip line from 16 metres high! It is sure to be a memorable day out!

If you’re not one for cold activities, many people opt to spend Christmas Day relaxing down by the beach! There are also all sorts of activities for children such as at Jumeirah Beach Residence, where you can play games, do gingerbread art, and make Christmas cards. Or you can simply unwind before heading off for a delicious Christmas dinner!

If you fancy mixing up your traditional Christmas, try spending it in Dubai!


Having a blast during the Christmas season is very much possible in and around Dubai. You will be more than happy to spend this beautiful time of the year in this marvelous city in an equally marvelous way.

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