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How to Learn to Drive in Dubai

Driving in Dubai is a little different to most countries. People in Dubai drive on the right hand side and indicators are almost non-existent! Lane changing is common and Sheikh Zayed Road is either fast, or, fast! However, if you’re still up for the challenge, here we take a look at How to Learn to Drive in Dubai.

Driving a car in Dubai gives you a freedom to visit it’s glories, help you to perform better in your professional life and extend your access to the whole UAE.

There’s no doubting Dubai has one of the most advanced public transportation networks in the world, but being able to drive opens your possibilities and increases your options.

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Where to Learn to Drive in Dubai

Some countries licences are exempt from requiring a separate UAE driving licence. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of the countries that the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has exempt from, then a Dubai driving licence will not be required.

Simply translate your home country license in order to drive. However, if your country is not on the list, check out the below Dubai driving schools.

RTA Website Link to the Countries Exempt from a Dubai driving licence.

Emirates Driving Institute

Emirates driving institute is the largest and oldest driving school in Dubai. It has 53 branches and small counters that differentiate it from other driving institutions. It offers car, motorcycle and advanced driving courses to learn to drive in Dubai.

Contact number: 04-2631100

Location: Al Qusais, Dubai

Website: https://edi-uae.com/en/

Belhasa Driving School

Belhasa driving school became popular among the expats by offering VIP courses to learn to drive alongside normal courses. It has 18 branches and you can locate the nearest to you by visiting their website or inquiring at their helpline.

Contact Number: 04-3243535

Location: Behind Al khail mall, Al Quoz, Dubai

Website: https://www.bdc.ae/en/

Galadari Driving School

Galadari driving school is the third largest driving school network with 14 branches in Dubai and it is the most affordable driving school. They offer both regular and VIP courses to learn to drive in Dubai.

Contact Number: 04-2676166

Location: Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai

Website: https://www.gmdc.ae/

Dubai Driving Centre

Dubai driving centre was established with the aim of promoting safe driving with professional training. Dubai driving centre offers a complete range of courses to learn driving alongside some awards from RTA. It has 13 branches with its head office in Jumeirah.

Contact Number: 04-3455855

Location: Jumeirah Road, Dubai

Website: https://www.dubaidrivingcenter.net/

Al Ahli Driving Center

Al Ahli driving center has been working on it’s goal of providing international level driver’s training and diversified its driving services by offering mock driving tests. Currently it has a network of 10 branches with continued expansion.

Contact Number: 04-3411500

Address: Al Quoz industrial Area 4, Dubai

Website: http://www.alahlidubai.ae/?lang=en

How Much Does it Cost to Learn to Drive in Dubai?

The cost of a driving license in Dubai varies for each candidate depending on the driving institute you choose and how many attempts you take to pass the final test.

If you are able to pass the final RTA test in the first attempt then a driving licence in Dubai will cost you between 5,000 to 7,000AED

How Long Does it Take to get a Driving license in Dubai?

The time duration to earn a driving license in Dubai depends on your exposure to driving, know-how about traffic signals and your availability. If you are driving for the very first time then the average pass time is a period of 3 to 6 months.

How Much it Cost to Renew a Driving License in Dubai?

The renewal fee of a Dubai driving license depends upon the age of the license holder.

If the candidate is younger than 21 years old then they have to pay license renewal fee 100AED plus 20 AED knowledge and innovation fee. If the candidate is older than 21 then they have to pay a license renewal fee of 300AED plus an eye test cost plus 20 AED knowledge and innovation fee.

What Documents are Required by Driving Schools in Dubai

The below documents are a minimum requirement from all driving schools in Dubai. It is also important to check with your chosen driving institute before entering into any agreement.

  • Copy of passport
  • Dubai Residence Visa
  • Original Emirates I.D
  • Five passport size photographs
  • Passport with Visa Page
  • Eye test report from a registered optical centre.
  • NOC (No Objection Cert) from sponsor


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