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How Much is the Cheapest Flight to Dubai?

The age old question which comes up a lot for long-haul flights. How cheap can I fly? Being that Dubai is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world right now; it’s no wonder people are asking how much is the cheapest flight to Dubai?

The Vacation Builder has put together a full breakdown below to show you how you can fly to Dubai for just £195 return !!

The obvious down side to flying cheap can be the number of stops and flight duration. Most direct flights to Dubai average around the £350 mark and take approximately 7.5 hours.

The below examples offer cheaper alternatives for those not too fussed about the duration or number of stops. I have kept the number of stops down to 1, as any more just wouldn’t be practical.

#4 The Cheapest Flight from Manchester to Dubai

Flying to Dubai from Manchester can be done for as little as £276. The flight below offers really good value as the durations aren’t long at all compared to the option from Luton.

This flight goes on 22nd January and returns on 28th January. The flight goes to the main airport in Dubai.

#3 The Cheapest Flight from London Luton to Dubai

We found the below flight from Luton to Dubai for just £241 return. The flight leaves on 4th December, returning on 8th December. So if your looking for the cheapest possible way to get some December sun in Dubai, go from London Luton!

The below flies into Dubai’s siter airport.

#2 London Gatwick to Dubai

Gatwick do a really good value flight to Dubai for just £263. The flight has one stop at Istanbul Airport for 2 hours and 45 minutes, which is plenty of time to stretch your legs, grab some food and do a bit of duty free shopping.

The flight duration is attractive at only 10 hours too. This is great value for the price considering it takes 7.5 hours to get to Dubai direct! Many travellers actually prefer a short stop over when flying long haul.

#1 London Stanstead to Dubai

The outright winner by a country mile goes to Stanstead Airport. Out of all the British Airports I have scoured for flights under £300 to Dubai; Stanstead is the winner.

They are offering the below flight for just £195 return. This flys on 7th January and returns on 19th January. The flight stops in Budapest for a short time and runs at less than 11 hours out and 14 hours back home.

And voila! We now know how much the cheapest flight to Dubai is. In fact, now you have the four cheapest flights to Dubai! For those who don’t want to fly in-direct you can check out my alternative post on The Cheapest Direct Flights to Dubai.

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