25 Free Things to do in Dubai

From cultural highlights, luxurious accommodation, ancient and modern sightseeing to the shop until you drop experience at some of the world’s largest malls, Dubai is a favourite travel destination among tourists. However, the previously mentioned can be hard on the pocket. That’s why this article explores the many amazing free things to do in Dubai.

The multitude of free tourist attractions in Dubai keep holiday makers flocking to Dubai all year round. If you have a thing for gorgeous-looking landscapes, clear waters and dessert safaris, then you should be planning your next trip to Dubai.

Most of us love to engage in free activities. However, the only hurdle is you may not find the right sources that can offer you information as to where and which activities are open to visitors free of cost. If you are worried about not being able to get the required information, then a quick read through this write-up is sure to be of great help.

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We understand that most need to stick to a budget. So check out this list of 25 free things to do in Dubai below.

1. A day at the museum

If you are someone who enjoys stepping back into history, then planning a day at the museum would be just the right thing to do. Here, you will be exposed to heaps of information and historical data and that too without having to pay a penny.

2. Coffee Museum Dubai

If you love all things coffee, then the Coffee Museum is the place for you. Located at Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai, this museum introduces visitors to the rich heritage of coffee.

At this place, you will come across numerous coffee-related artefacts, with a coffee pot that is about 300 years old. You will also come across books that talk about coffee.

A pleasant aroma of coffee will welcome you at this museum, all thanks to the many roasting demonstrations. Even though the entry to this museum is free, it would be a good idea to pay and enjoy a satisfying cup of coffee.

3. Antique Museum

Your love for antiques is sure to take you to the Antique Museum. Though not exactly a museum, this place is more of a bazaar (market).

As you stroll around this place, you will come across an exclusive antique collection that finds its roots especially in Asia and the Middle East.

Taking a round around this market will not cost you a single penny. Instead, you will come across a vast assortment of unique and out of the box goods.

4. Coin Museum

Located at Al Fahidi, the coin museum is spread across 8 small rooms. On your visit to this museum, you will be introduced to about 500 rare coins that date back to different periods.

A wide collection of data and records is maintained at this museum. On every new visit, new coins can be spotted at this place. You do not have to spend any money in order to explore this museum.

5. Camel Museum

When we talk about Dubai, how is it that we forget about the ship of the dessert, these lovely creatures called camels. Originally, this museum was a stable where horses and camels were trained.

At this museum, you will be offered all-round information about how to manage and deal with camels. Entry at this museum is included in the Dubai City Pass.

6. Plan a day at the Beach

Your visit to Dubai would remain incomplete if you fail to make it at some of the best beaches that dominate the city. From a quick swim at the beach to simply soaking in the sun, Dubai beaches are a lot more fun. And, guess what? It is a free visit.

Let us quickly take you through some of the beaches that deserve your attention.

7. Sunset Beach

Lose yourself to the spectacular view of Burj Al Arab by beginning your day at the Sunset Beach. If you enjoy surfing, then this beach makes a perfect starting point for beginners.

At this beach, you can have an amazing day out with your family. As the sun sets, you can take some fabulous photos too. This white-sand beach provides washrooms, changing cubicles, showers and free Wi-Fi by Smart Palms.

8. Kite Beach

Start a nice game of beach tennis or volley ball by heading straight to Kite Beach. A hub for Kite surfers, if you intend to avoid spending any money, then you can simply watch others kite surf.

This beach also houses some well-equipped washrooms and changing rooms. You can head to a food truck nearby to grab an inexpensive meal.

9. The Beach, JBR

Begin your workouts at the jogging track or the outdoor gym that welcomes visitors at The Beach, JBR. As the sun goes down, you can put your photography skills to test by clicking camels ahead of some fascinating backdrops or catching a glimpse of the Ain Dubai observation wheel.

An ideal way to spend some quality time at this beach would be to lay out a towel on the smooth sand and rejuvenate yourself. If you are a yoga lover, then avoid missing the free yoga sessions, 4 times every week.

10. Fossil Rock

If you wish to experience a one of its kind and surreal outing that is both enticing and cost-free, then heading to Fossil Rock would be a good idea. This place is perfect for a family picnic.

Once you get to this place, you will get to sit between fossils that are about 80 million years old. Do not miss the clear skies, rocky hills and the dessert sand that surrounds this place. Pack your lunch from home and enjoy your day amidst UAE’s natural wonder.

11. Free Walking Tours

A smart person would surely avoid giving free walking tours in Dubai a miss. Dubai for sure has a lot on offer. You never know what new and exciting things you would bump into on your next walking tour.

The best part about these free walking tours is that you need not pay any upfront fee. If you enjoy your tour, you can simply tip your guide. These walking tours are mostly arranged for 2 to 20 people.

12. Cycle at Al Qudra

Would you be interested to get that extra dash of cardio some day? If you say yes, then the cycling track at Al Qudra is waiting for you.

If long distance cycling appeals to you, then Al Qudra is the place, you should be heading to. This widespread cycling circuit stands at about 86 kilometers. Cycling enthusiasts love this track, as it is not just purpose-driven, but also free of cost.

13. Camel Racing

If you are in Dubai, how is it that you have forgotten to include Camel Racing at Al Marmoom on your itinerary? At this spectacular event, you can witness 60 camels going head to head against one another.

You can enjoy this power packed racing event in absence of any passes or tickets, as it is completely free of cost.

For more information on Camel Racing in Dubai check out the full guide here

14. Big Red

Dubai means dessert and dessert means Big Red. Your free of cost adventure tour would remain incomplete, if you fail to visit Big Red. At this place, you can get some of your best and breathtaking pictures clicked.

On your visit to Big Red you can also catch a quick glimpse of the Empty Quarter, which is nothing, but the world’s largest sand sea.

15. Street Art

Dubai city is painted with some exceptionally delightful looking street art that is presented by some of the greatest artists that have ever been. As a part of your free Dubai touring agenda, you can always squeeze in a street art exploration activity.

If you are a connoisseur of good art, then you will be stunned to witness the amount of time you spend looking at these beautiful art creations.

16. Spice Souk

The good food that is native to Dubai is a result of all the spices that are home to this city. If you wish to know more about the deep-rooted food tradition of Dubai, then a visit to Spice Souk should suffice.

Spice Souk is essentially a market that is high on selling Arabic spices, oils, nuts as also some delectable sweet treats. You need not spend any money on making purchases out here. Instead, you can stroll by, observe and eventually get to know the history of Dubai in further detail.

17. Beach Libraries

If you are too done with the idea of getting wet in the sea or tanning under the sun, then you can simply awaken the avid reader from within. One free of cost activity that can keep book lovers engaged for hours is to find and settle for  a beach library.

Beach libraries are sure to make up for the dull vibe and monotony that most beach-goers experience.

18. Bur Dubai Grant Mosque Tour

Your visit to Dubai will become even more worthwhile, if you take the effort to know the Emirati traditions better.  You can do so by starting with the Bur Dubai Grant Mosque Tour.

On your visit to this glorious mosque, a guide provided by the Islamic Information Centre will take around you. This free mosque tour is open to people of all faiths and races.

19. Aquaventure Waterpark

Located at the hotel Atlantis the Palm, Aquaventure Waterpark is the place you should be heading to if you are bringing in your birthday in Dubai. You can enjoy a golden chance of visiting this waterpark free on your birthday.

All you need to do is register yourself at their website and visit the waterpark without having to pay a hefty price towards the entry ticket. Post registration, you can visit this waterpark either on your birthday or in the next six days.

20. Alserkal Avenue

If there is an artistic side to you, take the opportunity of exploring that version of you by heading to Alserkal Avenue.  Here, you can visit The Al Quoz gallery district, which is absolutely free to enter.

On your visit to this art space, you can move in and out of galleries, pop-up shops and content hubs totally free of cost. This place is designed in the form of individual warehouses that are spread across a quite stretch of road.

As you move around this art district, you will come across some gorgeous art installations that surely deserve your time and attention.

21. Create a Camping Experience

When we talk about free activities to do in Dubai, one of the first things that come to our mind is a well-planned and enticing camping experience. Thinking where exactly to set up a camp?

Simply move out of the city and camp somewhere in the middle of the dessert. Do not forget to carry your camping gear in order to make the most of your camping plan.

22. Watch Flamingos at Ras Al Khor

Get close and personal with flamingos by heading to the Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary. Entry to this sanctuary is free.

You can access the huts at this sanctuary between 9am to 4pm from Saturday to Thursday. All you have to do is pick up a pair of binoculars and find your way through the wooden birding hides.

If children are accompanying you, then they are sure to thoroughly enjoy this free activity.

23. Free Movie at Pyramid Rooftop Complex

Are you planning to spend your Sunday Night cozying up under the stars? What better way than to head to the Pyramid Rooftop Complex located at Wafi mall in Old Dubai?

A unique experience in itself, this weekly event is hosted every Sunday night. With colorful beanbags spread across the calming grass spread, you can carry your blankets and pillows to add element and have a relaxing movie night.

This outdoor cinema experience is worth giving a try, more so ever because it is free of cost.

24. Dubai Dancing Fountain

If you are in Dubai, how is it even possible for you to skip the Dubai Fountain? This beautiful fountain is located at the Burj Complex. For those of you, who are unaware, the Dubai Fountain is the largest performing fountain in the world.

You can get here through the Dubai Mall. These shows air every night between 7pm to 11pm. Each show runs for about 5 minutes.

The Dubai Fountain is known to surge as high as 150 meters. This aesthetically choreographed water fountain performs to peppy numbers that include classical tunes, Arabic songs as also some popular songs from across the world.

25. Outside view of The Dubai Aquarium

People, who are interested to explore marine life in Dubai, can take a stroll around The Dubai Aquarium. Located at the Dubai Mall, you can club your visit to this Aquarium with Dubai downtown.

The world’s largest acrylic panel that sits at the Dubai Mall helps visitors to get a free view of this fascinating aquarium from the outside.

Go to Tip

If you are visiting Dubai to celebrate your birthday, then some great surprises may be waiting for you at the restaurants, bars and theme parks.

All you need to do is keep a check on the latest offers. Out of nowhere, you might get lucky to visit a place of your choice, free of cost, on your special day.


Dubai has a lot many options that tourists can explore even if their pockets are not too full. With meagre funds in hands, you can plan an entire day around Dubai. 

Irrespective of what your area of interest is or what your true calling on this trip is, there is definitely something to do for each one of you and that too completely free of cost.

Thank you for reading about the Free Things to do in Dubai. For more travel information on Dubai you can follow my blog. Also, follow me on Pinterest and Youtube for more on Dubai.

Free is awesome. Have a worthwhile trip.