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Dubai in July – Our Guide

Dubai in July Monthly Guides

Here we continue our month by month guide to Dubai with one of the hottest months, July. Below we take a look at what’s happening in Dubai in July, focussing on indoor events wherever we can!

Dubai Weather in July

Dubai Weather July | The Vacation Builder - What's Happening in Dubai in July

First of all, a quick look at the weather, which is hot hot HOT!

Let us start by saying that the average sea temperature in July is 32C… The average daily high sits at 40C and night-time averages around 30C. Some days it is not uncommon to see temperatures in the late 40’s!

If you’re taking a vacation in Dubai in July there is plenty to do in the sense of waterparks and indoor activities, but you must be careful in the desert heat.

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Reasons to Visit Dubai in July

Guaranteed sunshine – First of all, you aren’t going to see a single drop of rain in Dubai during July. If you’re a sun worshipper then this is the time to visit. The sea is warm, the water in the water parks is warm, and the weather is hot!

Summer Season Discounts – Another reason to visit Dubai during July would be to take advantage of summer discounts. Due to the immense heat, July isn’t as popular for tourists and so hotels and even some excursions lower their prices.

Shopping – One of the best things to do in Dubai to keep cool is to head for one of the many huge air conditioned shopping malls. Many stores offer summer discounts on clothes and goods. The same goes for the Souks.

Enjoy a Quieter Dubai – As the Expat population of Dubai grows, the city is becoming very busy, especially during the winter periods where the weather is cooler. By visiting Dubai during July you will be able to enjoy unpacked beaches and restaurants, as well as less queues for top attractions such as the Burj Khalifa.

Events in Dubai During July

Dubai Sports World

Dubai Sports World brings the world of sport indoors during the hot summer. You are able to book and participate in friendly tournaments for sports such as badminton, football and tennis. What’s more, training sessions and academy’s are put on by some of the leading sports coaches in the world during July.

For more information visit Dubai Sports World Website.

Dubai Summer Surprises

The Dubai Summer Surprises runs every year between June and August and is aimed at providing entertainment for Dubai’s tourists during the summer heat.

The DSS is separated with themes such as Food, Shopping, Arts, Adventure and Nature. Dubai Summer Surprises see’s the city host many different indoor attractions to keep you all entertained during the heat. Hotels slash their prices and there’s plenty going on in the way of beach activities too.

The Rotunda at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is located on Bluewaters Island, near to Jumeirah Beach Residence. A building with it’s design based on the ancient Roman Pantheon, Rotunda hosts some incredible indoor shows in Dubai.

Check the July timetable for Rotunda to see what’s going on. Be a witness to world famous music artists, heart-stopping magical shows and more!

Make The Most of Top Tourist Attractions

Dubai in July - Dubai Frame | The Vacation Builder

If you’re struggling to find one-off events in Dubai in July then you can always make the most of uncrowded main attractions such as Dubai Frame, Burj Khalifa and Souk Madinat.

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Average Cost of Visiting Dubai in July

Dubai is extremley cheap for hotels. This is a great opportunity for tourists on a budget to be able to visit Dubai. 3 Star hotels start at just £15 / 75AED. The average price of a 5 star hotel in Dubai is only £140 / 699AED.

Is July a Good Time to Visit Dubai?

Whether or not visiting Dubai in July is good is mainly down to personal preference. There isn’t a whole lot of special events happening during the month of July; however, Dubai itself has endless things to do anyway!

We wouldn’t recommend visiting Dubai for specific monthly events in particular but on the other hand definitely recommend visiting to make the most of the hot weather and discounted shopping and hotel prices.

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Thanks for reading about Dubai in July. If you’re a sun worshipper looking for a budget visit, then July is a great time to go to Dubai. Other than that, we perhaps recommend visiting during other months to make the most out of the city.

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