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Dubai in December | Weather | Things to do & Prices

Welcome to the final month of our month by month guide to Dubai. Dubai in December is extremely popular due to the mild weather and many things which are going on during the festive period. Here we take a look at the Weather, Things to do, Events and how much you can expect to pay visiting Dubai in December.

What is the Weather Like in Dubai in December?

What is the Weather Like in Dubai in December | The Vacation Builder

Reasons to Visit Dubai During December

There are many great reasons to visit Dubai any time of the year, but the below reasons are particular to visit Dubai during December.

  • Milder Weather from the Usual Summer Heat
  • Christmas Festivities
  • New Years Eve Celebrations
  • A Large Amount of Things Going on in the City
  • Christmas Brunches!
  • Good Atmosphere as Many Tourists Flock to the Dubai

Things to do in Dubai in December?

UAE National Day

Things to do in Dubai in December? - UAE National Day | The Vacation Builder

This year’s celebration of UAE National Day is a particularly special occasion as it will mark 50 years of the holiday. UAE National Day celebrates the day in 1971 when all of the Emirates were unified into one nation.

In Dubai you can expect to see the colours of the UAE flag being decorated across the city including the beaches, parks, and skyscrapers. There will be all sorts of entertainment across the city including cultural activities, concerts, tourist and shopping deals, raffles, and more.

As this will be the golden anniversary, expect it to be bigger and brighter than ever!


2nd December

Emirates Airline Dubai 7s

Things to do in Dubai in December? - Emirates Airline Dubai 7s | The Vacation Builder

This is one for the sports fans! Emirate Airline Dubai 7s is one of the city’s most popular events in the sporting year.

In this tournament, the best men’s and women’s rugby teams from around the world go head to head. The Cricket 7s will also be joining the league as well as netball. Overall, there will be over 350 teams from across the world, nationally, and locally.

This event is well celebrated off the field too! You can expect to find carnival-like celebrations, cuisine, fireworks and other activities across the weekend.

The Sevens Stadium

2nd December – 4th December


Bahrain National Day

Things to do in Dubai in December? - Bahrain National Day | The Vacation Builder

Bahrain National Day celebrates the day the former ruler, Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa came to the throne in 1961. Bahrain is a neighbouring country to the UAE located in the Persian Gulf.

In Dubai, Bahrain National Day is celebrated with special events taking place across the city including children’s activities, cultural displays, and live performances. You can usually expect the Burj Khalifa to be illuminated as a way to celebrate!


16th December

Christmas in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai in December? - Dubai Christmas | The Vacation Builder

It is the most wonderful time of year and you may be thinking of staying in Dubai for the holidays! In which case, you may be wondering whether much is going on as the UAE is an Islamic country. But you can rest assured that there are plenty of Christmas celebrations across the city.

You can find everything from Winter Wonderlands to festive markets and stunning Christmas trees throughout the city!


25th December

Dubai Shopping Festival

Things to do in Dubai in December? - Dubai Shopping Festival | The Vacation Builder

Speaking of Christmas, you can do all of your Christmas shopping right here in Dubai for The Dubai Shopping Festival!

The festival is one of the largest shopping events in the Middle East, where you can expect to find all sorts of deals as well as see some fireworks and concerts. There will also be other events such as live shows happening across the city.


26th December – 31st December

New Year’s Eve in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai in December? - New Year's Eve in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

New Year’s Eve is always a big event wherever you go! But Dubai takes it to a whole new level, literally!

In Dubai, New Year’s Eve sees fireworks displays by the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. You can also expect to see live performances by stars from around the globe and luxurious galas on the beach. Dubai has all age groups covered from family friendly gatherings to romantic rooftop dinner dates, to make the entrance to 2022 one to remember!


31st December

Madinat Jumeirah Festive Market

Things to do in Dubai in December? -Madinat Jumeirah Festive Market | The Vacation Builder

It you’re wanting to be engrossed in the Christmas spirit, you should definitely check out Madinat Jumeirah’s Festive Market. Madinat Jumeirah hosts a German-style Christmas market and an extravagant winter wonderland! And of course it will be complete with a Christmas tree and stunning winter decorations.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic last year, the Madinat Jumeirah Festive Market was unable to go ahead, so we hope it can shine bright again this year!

Souk Madinat Jumeirah, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St


How Much Does it Cost to Visit Dubai in December?

As you may expect, with the vast amount of tourism and events going on in Dubai in December, you are looking at paying the peak prices. Let’s take a look at how much you can expect it to cost!

In November, the accommodation prices fell slightly, but by December, the costs have sharply risen. On average, the price of an overnight stay in a standard double room in Dubai in December is 1,063 AED / £217 / $289.

In terms of flights in December, the closer you get to the end of the month, the more expensive they get. So, if you were to go in the middle of the month, you will be looking at spending at least £413 for a one way direct flight from London or from £525 for a round trip flight.

From New York JFK you will be looking at spending at least $1,075 for a one way direct flight or $1,443 for a direct round trip flight. As for Sydney, you will be looking at spending A$1,617 for a one way direct flight or A$2,440 for a round trip direct flight. If you decide to, opting for flights with one or more stops will generally reduce the costs but increase the travel time.


December is jampacked with events and things to do, so you’ll never be stuck bored. The city also has much cooler temperatures to recent months, but at a higher expense due to the time of year.

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