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Dubai in August | Sun, Cheap Hotels and No Queues!

Dubai in August

August in Dubai is another hot month! Here we are on month 8 of our month by month guide to Dubai. Below we take a look at the weather, events, reasons to visit Dubai during August and the average flight and hotel prices too.

What is the Weather Like in August?

Dubai Weather in August | The Vacation Builder

Reasons to Visit Dubai in August

August may seem like a strange time to want to visit Dubai, simply because of that intense heat! Temperatures are not too dissimilar to July, but August is probably the hottest month of the year.

If you’re prepared for a 41°C average day temperature and 30°C night temperature, it is actually a very good time to visit. Perhaps you are from a hot country also, in which case you will have plenty of reasons to want to visit.

Reasons to Visit Dubai in August | The Vacation Builder

First of all, there will be no beach crowds and generally entertainment across the city is quieter so you can enjoy taking advantage of the lack of queues!

Hotel rates are also very low compared to the peak times to visit Dubai, so you could have a peaceful holiday with jaw dropping attractions for a lower price. Just make sure you pack your SPF!

Events in August in Dubai

As you may expect, there will not be many outdoor events in August, most events are based indoors or in the cooler evening times.

Al Hijri

Al Hijri is the Islamic New Year, which is marked by the first day in the month of Muharram. Muslims celebrate this holiday in Dubai, so there may be some public celebration, but it is mostly done through prayer and time with family.

Hijri comes from Hijra which means migration in Arabic, it refers to when the Prophet Mohammed made his journey from Mecca to Medina. This year, the celebrations will run from August 9 until August 10.

Late Brunches

Late Brunch in Dubai - August | The Vacation Builder

Late brunches are popular during August as it takes you out of the scorching heat so you can enjoy a meal and some drinks! There are places hosting late brunches all across Dubai so you’re not limited to just one exclusive restaurant.

One example is The Late Late Brunch at 1OAK in the Business Bay. They serve 2 packages, one for ladies at 275 AED and one for gentlemen at 375 AED. The packages come with a 3 course meal and unlimited drinks.

It is also called The Late Late Brunch for a reason! The brunch runs from 8pm to 11pm and the after brunch lasts from 11pm to 4am!

Brunches are one huge general reason to visit Dubai in any month of the year. Read our gull guide to Brunch in Dubai here.

Unplugged at Cove Beach

Cove Beach Unplugged takes advantage of the slightly cooler nights to offer live music along with the beach club, restaurant, and lounge. Plus it’s against the vibrant backdrop of Bluewaters Caesar Palace.

The shows are on Monday on a weekly basis, so you can enjoy the sessions throughout the month. The Unplugged sessions feature Jay Abo, Gari Deegan, and Khalil Barazi, plus special guests. Cove Beach also runs a deal for 2 selected bites and unlimited drinks for 199 AED from 8pm – 11pm.

Dubai Summer Surprises

We mentioned Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) for our July events, but we had to talk about it here too!

The purpose of DSS is to encourage tourists to visit the city and its entertainment during the intense summer heat. You can find all sorts to keep you busy as the 10 weeks of the festival are divided into themes such as the arts, adventure, and food. You can find all sorts of indoor attractions so you are in the cool, as well as events, offers, deals, and raffles. It is very appealing for avid shoppers!

DSS runs from the end of June until early August.


Returning to Cove Beach, you can catch the Bijoux dinner show every Thursday.

You can indulge in a luxurious French-Mediterranean 10 course menu alongside some refreshing cocktails for some true holiday bliss. The show itself features music performances, water acrobatics, and dancers.

Prices start at 1,999 AED for four people. The Bijoux dinner show begins at 8pm every Thursday.


You may notice that there are a lot of conferences going on in Dubai across August, largely for the indoor coolness. So if you fancy learning something or venturing on a new endeavour, there are all sorts of conferences you can attend.

Here are a few picks for throughout August:

Average Cost of a Vacation in Dubai During August

August is a great month for hotel prices. On average, hotels will cost 639 AED / £132 / $180. This includes Dubai’s luxurious resorts so you can easily get that luxury holiday but at a reduced cost if you’re on a budget. Likewise, 3 star hotels are even more budget friendly.

During the peak tourist times, Dubai hotels average out at 1,068 AED / £216 / $300.

Average Cost of a Vacation in Dubai in August | The Vacation Builder

In terms of flights, you will be looking at approximately 2,088 AED / £408 for a direct round trip flight per person from London. In peak travel time, this is approximately 3,838 AED or £750 per person for a direct round trip flight.

As you can see, going on holiday to Dubai in August is significantly cheaper than travelling during the peak time in terms of both hotels and flights.


Thank you for reading about Dubai in August. If you really seriously love the sun, then it is an ideal time to visit due to the low costs and quiet attractions. There are obviously less events going on during the daytime, but if you’re happy soaking up some rays and enjoying some night-time entertainment, you could have a brilliant holiday.

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However, if you do not cope so well in the heat, we’d recommend that you avoid visiting Dubai in August.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to come back for more on Dubai Abu Dhabi. Also, follow us on Pinterest and Subscribe to our Youtube channel too.

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