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Cycling in Dubai – A Riders Ultimate Guide

Cycling in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Although the roads of Dubai are jam-packed with all sorts of supercars, this city is probably one of the best cycling holiday destinations in the world. And it’s not just cycling, Dubai encourages people to take part in a hoard of exciting outdoor sports activities.

If you’re someone who is looking for adding some twists to your vacation in Dubai, you’ve found the right article. Even if you are not a hardcore fan of cycling, taking out your bike and embarking on a journey to explore Dubai’s neighbourhoods is a great thing to do.

Before you hit the road, let us take you through our guide to cycling in Dubai. Below we have put together every piece of information that may help you design a fabulous cycling tour of the UAE.

Is Dubai Good for Cycling?

Cycling is brilliant in Dubai. There’s a whole host of indoor and outdoor circuits to be tested. What’s more, cycling around this incredible city will give you a different view of the amazing architecture and buildings. Combine this with year-round sunshine and you have the perfect cycling destination.

Why Dubai Is a Good Place for Cycling?

Before we start with anything else, we are going to share our reasons why we think Dubai is a wonderful place to cycle.

1. Cycle Tracks in Dubai

Cycling in Dubai - A Riders Ultimate Guide |  Al Quda Cycling Track in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Dubai is best known for its skyscrapers, shopping centres and luxury hotels but when it comes to dedicated cycling tracks, the city has many. The best of the lot is surely the 50-mile long Al Qudra Cycling Track. Running through the desert, this track is a traffic-free pathway dedicated only to cycling.

2. Dubai is More Than Just Desert and Sand

Undoubtedly Dubai’s landscape covers the expansive land of sands. However, that doesn’t imply that it is pan-flat. There are several hidden gems lurking behind those sand dunes to surprise you.

Cycling in Dubai - A Riders Ultimate Guide |  Cycling Track in Jebel Jais | The Vacation Builder

Jebel Jais, the highest peak of the country, comes with a 22-mile long perfectly manicured road. This climb is exciting as you have to undergo a rapid descent and tackle the mountain goats.

3. Facilities for Cycling in Dubai

Dubai believes in treating travellers with everything that they can expect. This ideology comes with the very purpose of boosting tourism in Dubai.

Cycling tracks in Dubai also second this ideology. Local authorities haven’t just made beautiful tracks but also taken care of the basic needs of bikers.

Public toilets and shower booths are placed at regular intervals along the tracks. In case you face any breakdown or forgot something back in room, nothing to worry about. Bike shops are there to help you out.

4. Fabulous Climate

Although Dubai sits amidst an expansive barren land of sand, it still enjoys its share of lovely weather. During spring, the city features an average temperature hovering around 28 degrees. Autumn shows a big rise in the daytime temperature (around 33 degrees).

In short, get ready to enjoy enough of the sun while riding a bike in Dubai.

5. Cycling Communities in Dubai

Cycling in Dubai - A Riders Ultimate Guide |  Why Dubai Is a Good Place for Cycling | Cycling Communities in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

It’s hard to imagine that a Middle-East travel destination is so serious about cycling that it features a series of cycling communities. Such communities are dedicated to take care of every sort of cycling requirement. One such sought-after community is Wolfi’s Bike Shop.

Furthermore, you can spot the Dubai Roadsters Cycling Club just beside the shop. Join any of these clubs to catch up with hundreds of bikers and share their experiences.

6. Easy to Hire a Bike in Dubai

If your budget is stopping you from indulging in the elevating experience of cycling in Dubai, “just hire.” Cycle shops in Dubai give you the scope of riding your dream machine without owning it.

You can hire everything you need from Wolfi’s Bike Shop at a reasonable price. So, who says you need dollar bills to make your dream come true in Dubai? You just need the right bike shop.

One-day bike rental usually costs around AED20 – AED30. Rental charges can be paid easily with your card.

7. Dubai Has Cycling Events All Year Round

Dubai hosts a plethora of cycling events all through the year and that’s the reason biking enthusiasts gather here for participation. February is reserved for the Dubai Tour and Abu Dhabi Tour that attracts celebrities like Mark Cavendish riding on local roads.

Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge in December has different categories so that even the kids can take part. The newly launched Jumeirah’s David Miller Ultimate Cycling Experience is undoubtedly an extravagant affair in October.

8. Cycling In the Dubai Is So Rewarding

Cycling in Dubai - A Riders Ultimate Guide |  Why Dubai Is a Good Place for Cycling | View of Burj Al Arab from Jumeirah Beach Cycling Track | The Vacation Builder

Even if you are not a pro cyclist, Dubai doesn’t takes your share of amusement via cycling. There are enough cycling tracks all over the city. Doesn’t matter which track you pick to ride your bicycle, you are bound to witness some of the best panoramic views of the city and its iconic structures.

8 of The Best Cycling Tracks in Dubai

Now let’s check out the cycling tracks in Dubai. These tracks are some of the best paths to enjoy cycling. Check out what to expect from these long stretches.

1. Al Qudra Cycle Track

Cycling in Dubai - Where to Cycle in Dubai |  Al Qudra Cycle Track | The Vacation Builder

Al Qudra is undoubtedly the most celebrated and famous cycling track in Dubai. Nestled amidst the sprawling sand dunes, this 86-kilometre-long track has been crafted with attention to offering an excellent platform for outdoor activities.

If you’re not a pro and learning to cover long distances on your bike, then Al Qudra is best for you. If you something short, then take the 18-kilometre path otherwise, you can ride through the 50-kilometre-long loop at Al Qudra.

You can bring your car and park it at the Al Qudra Cycling Car Park, right beside the villas in Mira Oasis. In case you don’t own a cycle, you can rent one from the Trek Bicycle Store. A few eateries are located next to this store to offer short refreshments.

Bab Al Shams Resort is along the path and this could also be an excellent stop to catch your breath.

Location: Al Qudra Lakes, Al Qudra, Dubai

Timings: Open 24 hours and free to all

2. Nad Al Sheba Cycling Park

Cycling in Dubai - Where to Cycle in Dubai - Nad Al Sheba Park | The Vacation Builder

When you want to relish a wonderful cycle ride in Dubai but aren’t ready to miss its stunning skyline, there’s only one place for you and it’s the Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park.

Located close to Meydan properties, this cycling track was previously a typical camel track. The place has now become one of the town’s favourite cycling spots with spectacular Dubai Downtown and Burj Khalifa in the backdrop.

Cycling on Nad Al Sheba track is pure bliss. The course is well-lit day in and out along with plenty of street signs, speed bumpers and road markings. All these things make your journey safe and comfortable.

At Nad Al Sheba, you can choose from 4 km, 6 km and 8 km tracks. It features a separate 850-metre-long pathway only for children. This cycling park is well-equipped with restrooms, changing rooms, showers, and lockers to meet cyclists’ basic necessities.

Location: Meydan Road, Nad Al Sheba Park, Muskat Street, Dubai

Timings: Open 24 hours, free for all

3. Al Warqa’a Jogging and Cycling Track

Cycling in Dubai - Where to Cycle in Dubai - Al Warqa Cycling and Running Track | The Vacation Builder

Next on our list is the Al Warqa Jogging and Cycling Track. This park is not just perfect for cycling but it is also one of the best locations in Dubai for morning walkers and joggers.

Al Warqa park is well-maintained so you can catch some fresh air as plenty of trees and plants are there to create more and more oxygen for you. For night activities, the whole area has been fitted with lights so that you never miss anything when it comes to having fun and ensuring fitness.

Al Warqa’s Cycling Park comes with a 3.55-kilometre-long track. This track is exclusively for cyclists, which means nothing can distract you while you are on your bike. The park also houses a separate play area for children.

What’s more, there are football grounds surrounded by gleaming landscape gardens. Cyclists at the park are allowed to access all essential amenities and facilities. A cycle ride at Al Warqa’s Jogging Park really is quite rejuvenating and recreational.

Location: Al Warqa’s Third Park, Dubai

Timings:  Everyday 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM. Free for all.

4. Jumeirah Cycling Track

Cycling in Dubai - Where to Cycle in Dubai - Jumeirah Beach Cycle and Jogging Track | The Vacation Builder

Nothing is more satisfying than bicycling at the Jumeirah Cycling Track. This is the best recreational riding that you can experience in Dubai. The track runs right through the open beach of Jumeirah and offers a different backdrop to those of similar tracks.

Jumeirah Cycling track features a wonderful patch of cycling paths measuring approximately 2 kilometres. While cycling along the way, you can treat your eyes to stunning views of Burj Al Arab at the backdrop.

The breeze coming from the ocean freshens up your body and soul immediately, and you’re going to need it in the Dubai heat! The beach has the arrangement to take a bath after a sweltering bicycle ride. Several other amenities including food stalls and barbeque pits can be found along the Jumeirah Cycling Track.

Location: Jumeirah Beach, Opposite Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

Timings: Open all day. Free for all.

5. Dubai Autodrome

Cycling in Dubai - Where to Cycle in Dubai - Dubailand Autodrome | The Vacation Builder

No cycling enthusiast can think of missing a chance to ride at the Dubai Autodrome. Although this autodrome is developed explicitly for motorbikes, every Wednesday it opens up the gate for cyclists and runners.

The free night lures a large blend of experienced and beginners looking to enjoy their rides without facing the risk of busy roads.

The cycling track inside the autodrome is about 2.5 kilometres long. The whole area is flooded with bright lights. The best part of cycling at the Dubai Autodrome is the regulated and well-controlled atmospheric conditions. So your riding experience is going to be rewarding and elevating too.

If you don’t have a bike, you can take one on the rental right at the Dubai Autodrome. The rental rule follows the first-come-first-serve principle.

Location: Dubai Autodrome, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Motor City, Dubai

Timings: Every Wednesday 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Charge: Free for all

6. Al Barsha Pond Park

Cycling in Dubai - Where to Cycle in Dubai - Al Barsha Pond Park | The Vacation Builder

Al Barsha Pond Park is a part of Dubai’s Pond Park project. This 52-acre park features soothing greenery along with a man-made pond. Nestled right at the heart of the Al Barsha community, this park has earned fame as one of the most pristine and peaceful cycling destinations in Dubai.

The park attracts most of its visitors in the morning and evening time. Joggers, runners, fitness freaks and cyclists visit this beautiful park in great numbers.

The cycling track at Al Barsha Pond measures around 1500 metres. Furthermore, the track is incredibly safe for little ones who are trying their hands in cycling. The park comes with a rental shop named Byky Sports Cycle to rent out bicycles at an affordable price.

Location: Opposite Al Barsha Mall, Al Barsha 2, Dubai

Timings: Everyday 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Charge: Free for all

7. Mushrif Park Cycle Track

Cycling in Dubai - Where to Cycle in Dubai - Mushrif Park | The Vacation Builder

Mushrif Park has recently reopened its doors to cycling enthusiasts. Previously, cycling was not allowed in the park, but now cyclists can take several rounds of the park on their bicycle. The park has undergone many changes to offer a fantastic cycling track for the city-dwellers.

Mushrif Park encompasses a cycling track of 5 kilometre in length which means you have enough scope to burn your calories in one go. The park has a separate play area for children. So you don’t have to worry about dodging small toddlers on your way. The park is very safe to take rides but the area is not suitable for night rides due to dim light.

Location: Near Expat Community Hall, Mirdif, Dubai,

Timings: Everyday 6.00 AM to 9.00 PM

Charge: No charge for cyclists during this time slot

8. Mountain Biking at Hatta

Cycling in Dubai - Where to Cycle in Dubai - Hatta Mountain Biking | The Vacation Builder

If you’re up for more excitement and challenges, then mountain biking at Hatta is your thing. The rocky terrain of Hatta is perfect for cyclists who believe in taking up extreme challenges. A 53-kilometre long track has been carved out at Hatta to match four different cycling skill levels.

Hatta mountain cycling track is certainly not for the faint-hearted. But Hatta MTB Centre maintains a team of cycling guides who can suggest cyclists some of the best routes depending on their expertise and stamina. This centre also helps you to procure essential biking equipment for rent.

Location: Hatta Road, Dubai

Timings: Everyday 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Charge: Free for all

10 of the Best Cycling Shops in Dubai

As cycling is gaining more and more popularity in Dubai, the city is noticing a significant bloom in the number of cycling shops too. Since there are now too many bicycle shops in Dubai, it can be quite confusing for you to choose the right one.

We are here with a list of Dubai’s most reliable and reputed cycling shops to assist you in picking the right one.

1. Wolfi’s Bike Shop

Wolfi’s Bike Shop is the undisputed leader when it comes to bicycle shops in Dubai. This venture is the brainchild of famous German cyclist Wolfgang Hohmann.

The shop spreads over an area of 3,500 square feet and one of the largest in the town for sure. All types of bicycles are available here. You can also ask any of their knowledgeable staff members to help you in your quest.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road (between interchange 2 & 3), Al Qouz 4, Dubai

Opening Times: Saturdayto Thursday. 9.00 AM – 7.00 PM

Contact: +971 4 3394453

Website: https://wbs.ae/

2. Trek Bicycle Store

After Wolfi, it has to Trek Bicycle Store that every cycling enthusiast in Dubai looks for. This shop is particularly well known for its massive collection of bike models suitable for fitness training, off-road trip, dual sports activity, mountain ride and kids.

Trek Bicycle Shop also offers an exclusive Precision Fit Program for individuals who are willing to improve their cycling skills through proper techniques. Trek is also a giant market leader in mountain bike technology.

Location Shop 1: Al Qudra Cycle Course, Al Qudra Road, Seih Al Salam, Dubai

Opening Times: Saturday to Friday 6.00 AM – 10.00 PM

Contact: +971 4 832 7377

Location Shop 2. Reemas Building, Al Quoz 1, Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai

Opening Times: Saturday to Thursday 10.00 AM – 8.00 PM, Friday 2.00 PM – 8.00 PM

Contact: +971 4 321 1132

Website: www.trekbikes.ae

3. The Cycle Hub

This shop has recently undergone a facelift but there is no compromise in their service and dedication towards a client’s need. The Cycle Hub sells high-quality, specialized bicycles and deals in brands like Pinarello which is hard to find in the Middle East. This bicycle shop also offers bike repairs.

Location: Shop B6, Dubai Motor City Grandstand, Dubai

Opening Times: Sunday to Thursday 10.00 AM – 8.00 PM, Friday and Saturday 8.00 AM – 4.00 PM

Contact: +971 50 5528872

Website: www.thecyclehub.com

4. Dubai Bicycles

Dubai Bicycles is a reliable name that you can trust blindfolded. If you are planning for a new bicycle, you can visit their shop to explore their wide range of bikes. Promotional prices flash periodically on their official website. You can shop online or visit their store in person to find your ultimate cycling machine.

Location: Al-Budoor Building, 3rd Floor, Room No. 13, Al Baniyas Square, Deira, Dubai

Contact: +971 4 223 7397

Website: https://dubaibicycles.ae

5. Bike Shop Dubai

This is one of the oldest bicycle stores in Dubai. Bike Shop Dubai is the official distributor of some of the top-notch bicycle brands like Raleigh, Merida, Viva, Upland and Alpha Bikes.

It doesn’t matter what kind of bicycle you are looking for; the collection of this single shop is enough to meet your requirements. Dubai Bike Shop also offers repair services and sells bike accessories.

Location 1: R21, Behind Executive Bay, Al A’amal Street, Business Bay, Dubai

Opening Times: Saturday to Thursday 10.30 AM – 10.00 PM, Friday 11.30 AM – 9.00 PM

Contact: +971 55 287 56506

Location 2: Unit 2006, 20th floor, Al Ameri Tower, Al Barsha Heights, Dubai

Opening Times: Saturday to Thursday 10.30 AM – 10.00 PM, Friday 11.00 AM – 8.00 PM

Contact: +971 58 297 9780

Website: www.bikeshopdubai.com

6. Revolution Cycles Dubai

Revolution Cycles shop don’t just sell bicycles; it believes in guiding you to choose the best cycling gear for yourself. Once you are there you are bound to appreciate the profound knowledge of each and every staff working there.

Apart from selling a wide variety of bicycles, this shop is also a one-stop solution to all your cycle repair works.

Location: 5 Apex Atrium Motor City, Dubai Motor City, Dubai

Opening Times: Sunday to Thursday 10.00 AM – 7.00 PM, Friday to Saturday 11.00 AM – 4.00 PM

Contact: +971 4 369 7441

Website: https://rcdxb.com

7. Liv Cycling

Launched by Bonnie Tu, the Godmother of Cycling, Liv bicycle store is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Their bikes are designed very ergonomically to match the female form and posture.

Liv Cycling has recently introduced Tech Tuesdays which aim to teach women all about cycling. Their primary mission is to encourage more women to get involved in cycling.

Location: BoxPark, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, Dubai

Opening Times: Everyday 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM

Contact: +971 4 344 0524

Website: www.liv-cycling.com

8. Besport Bike Shop

This warehouse-style bike shop is perfect to head for when you are not sure about what to buy. Once you take a good look at their impressive variety of bicycles and seek help from their well-trained staffs, shopping the right cycling partner is no more confusing. Their workshop will also help you repair the bike while you take a stroll in their shop or lounge.

Location: 15a Street, Al Quoz 1, Dubai

Opening Times: Everyday 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Contact: +971 2 445 5838

Website: www.besport.ae

9. Ride Bike Shop

Ride Bike Shop is another sought-after cycling destination in Dubai. They are famous for stocking up insanely extensive range of bicycle models and accessories. Their collection includes the Giant Bikes which is the female division of Liv bikes. Ride Bike Shop deals in high-quality products only. Their state-of the-art workshop takes care of all sorts of repair and after-service works.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Opening Times: Saturday to Thursday 10.00 AM – 7.30 PM, Friday 2.00 PM – 7.30 PM

Contact: +971 4 282 5963

Website: www.ridebikeshop.com

10. Shard Bikes

Shard Bikes has always been a favourite shopping hub among cycling enthusiasts in Dubai. At Shard Bikes, you have the liberty to choose from road bikes, kids bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and even folding bikes. Helpful staffs of the store are always ready to answer your queries.

Location: Shop A15, Dragon Mart 6, Dubai

Opening Times: Everyday 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM

Contact: 055 7324185

Website: https://theshardbike.com

Common Cycling Rules in Dubai

Cycling in Dubai - A Riders Ultimate Guide |  Common Cycling Rules in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Before you take the bike and hit the road, don’t forget to keep in mind the cycling rules in Dubai. We are listing here the most common ones so that you don’t land yourself in some unexpected trouble.

1. Use a Helmet

Wearing a helmet while cycling is mandatory in Dubai. Wearing a helmet not just ensures your personal safety but also saves you from attracting a fine of AED 500.

So, it is always better to invest AED 150 – AED 500 on a good quality helmet rather than wasting too much as a legal fine. What’s more, they do protect your head and pocket too!

Sports shops and bike shops can offer you a variety of cycling helmets to suit your requirement.

2. Avoid Footpaths and Main Roads

In general, footpaths and main roads in Dubai are not meant for cyclists. You should look for the marked cycle paths or secondary roads to ride your bike. This rule was implemented to ensure the safety of both the pedestrians and riders. If you are using the footpath or riding in the wrong direction, you have to pay the fine of AED 200 – AED 300.

Anyone who has been to Dubai and experienced the madness of Sheikh Zayed road will understand what I mean here!

3. Speed Limit

The department of Traffic at Dubai Police doesn’t allow anyone to cycle at a speed of 60 kilometre/hour except on the Jumeirah Road. A cyclist caught riding on roads exceeding the maximum speed limit will be slammed with a fine of up to AED 600.

Luckily for most of you reading this; you will struggle to hit this sort of speed unless you’re Lance Armstrong!

4. Wear Reflective Vests

If you are cycling in and around the city, you must remember to wear a reflective vest. Working-class cyclists in Dubai are mostly encouraged to wear such vests to avoid accidents at night.

5. Turn On the Lights at Night

If you’re cycling at night, turn on the front and rear lights. This helps motorists to locate you from a considerable distance and avoid disastrous impacts. Non-working front or rear lights can cause a rider to pay a hefty fine.

6. No Double Seat

Double-seat riding is strictly prohibited in Dubai. A bike is not permitted to carry two persons at a time. Breaking this rule can cause you to pay AED 200 as a fine.

Tips for Cycling in Dubai

Cycling in Dubai - A Riders Ultimate Guide |  Tips for Cycling in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

If it is your first time exploring Dubai’s cycling scene, here are a few tips for you. Keep them in mind and make the most out of your cycling tour in the city.

1. Try to go cycling in groups. This will add more elements of fun to your riding session. Group cycling also helps you to plan several kinds of group activities. This is also helpful in case of emergencies.

2. If your plan is to cycle all alone in a scheduled area, then make it a point to keep someone updated about your whereabouts. Inform them about the expected time you are leaving or coming back to the room.

3. Always carry your identification card while going on a cycling trip. This will help the local authority to identify you and contact someone from your side if you meet any accident.

4. Never leave your water bottle behind when going out for cycling in Dubai even if the temperature seems soothing. Keep yourself hydrated during the ride. Due to extremely arid climate conditions, dehydration is the most common health problem that people face in Dubai.

5. Don’t leave your bicycle in a public place without locking it. Dubai Metro Stations are the most vulnerable spots.

Cycling Clubs in Dubai

Cycling in Dubai - A Riders Ultimate Guide | Cycling Clubs in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Everything comes out best when you find a group of similar-minded people. When you are a cycling enthusiast, Dubai gives you the opportunity to join cycling clubs to flourish your passion and skill. Here are the most popular cycling clubs in the town.

1. Cycle Safe Dubai

As the name suggests, Cycle Safe cycling club encourages people to use the safest cycling routes in Dubai so that nothing can hamper your share of joy when cycling. The club hosts Friday morning cycling sessions at Al Qudra Cycling Track. Their Saturday morning coffee is hosted at Bab Al Shams.

2. Velo Vixens

Velo Vixens club is a cycling group for women. Their motto is to motivate more women to take cycling as their passion and make them realise its health benefits. Women of all ages are welcome to join this club.

3. Dubai Roadster

Dubai Roadsters can certainly claim the title of the “longest running cycling club in the UAE”. They organize several types of cycling events throughout the year to promote health awareness. The club offers training sessions to beginners as well as professional cyclists. The Wolfi Cycling Shop hugely backs Dubai Roadsters.

4. Revolution Cycles

Every Wednesday, Dubai Autodrome cycling scene is dominated by the Revolution Cycles club. The club is very friendly at welcoming beginners. They also offer useful insights on health benefits, biking accessories and cycling gears.

Cycling Events in Dubai

If you’re willing to take your passion for cycling one step ahead and thinking of participating in cycling events, then here is the list of cycling competitions and events from Dubai that might interests you.

Cycling Around Dubai Marina

Over the last few years, Dubai is experiencing more enthusiasm for cycling. More and more daily commuters in the city are opting for this two-wheeled transport. The newest addition to Dubai’s blooming cycling scene is a fabulous bike-hiring service in Downtown and Dubai Marina.

This European-style bicycle hiring service is a joint venture between Germany’s Nextbike and Dubai’s Byky. Hundreds of people have already signed up to avail this service. This service is going to revolutionize the concept of cycling in Dubai Marina. From now, travelling to your destination in Dubai Marina will be loaded with spectacular views of the neighbourhood and lots of health benefits.


Cycling in Dubai is a whole new world. Now you have to just motivate your inner-self and set your cycle ride to load your Dubai travelogue with some unforgettable cycling moments.

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