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Where to go Camping in Dubai – 15 Great Spots

Where to go Camping in Dubai

With Dubai housing so many glamorous and luxurious hotels you wouldn’t think that camping would even be a thing over here. Let us tell you how wrong you are! Here we take a look at camping in Dubai, where to camp, and why it’s such a great idea!

Desert Camping in Dubai

1. Liwa

Where to go Camping in Dubai - Liwa Desert | The Vacation Builder

One of the most popular desert camping sites in Dubai is Liwa. Liwa is admired for its secluded set-up, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Camping at Liwa is like spending your days in complete isolation from the world and that’s the reason they call this place the “Empty Quarter.”

Liwa is a serene desert landscape located in Abu Dhabi. If you are fond of solitude, this is the perfect spot to schedule your camping session. In order to reach the camping site at Liwa, you have no way out but to take the help of an off-road vehicle and drive right through the imposing sand dunes. Keep a compass with you so that you never go off-the-track.

Camping at Liwa gives you a rare opportunity to behold the beauty of desert, sand and impressive desert wildlife. Here you can watch the most captivating sunrises and sunsets!


Liwa Campground, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Best Time to Camp


2. Al Qudra Lake

Where to go Camping in Dubai - AL Qudra Lake | The Vacation Builder

There are not many lake-side camping destinations in the UAE. But when you have Al Qudra Lake, there’s nothing to worry about. Adventure enthusiasts have always loved this stunning site as a wonderful camping spot in Dubai.

The banks of Al Qudra Lake are the safe abodes to many wild species including reptiles and birds. Wildlife surveys reveal that there are more than 26 reptile species and 360 avian species that can be found in and around the lake.

Al Qudra Lake also features a bunch of migratory birds during the winter months. There is no better way than waking up to the calls of chirping birds all around you while camping at this man-made desert oasis.

Surrounded by enriched and flourishing wildlife and sand dunes, Al Qudra Lake is a great fun way for your children to explore nature and its beautiful creatures.


Al Qudra is located along the Al Qudra Road (D63). This road is easily accessible via Dubai Al Ain Road (E66) and Emirates Road (E611). You can find the location by using the plus code R9R2+2M Al Lisaili, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Best Time To Camp

December to March

3. Fossil Rock, Sharjah

Where to go camping in Dubai - Fossil Rock | The Vacation Builder

Another great camping spot near Dubai is the Fossil Rock. Located in Sharjah, this place is lined with immersive sand dunes that not just make the landscape look great but also add the right amount of excitement to your camping experience.

Fossil Rock is way far from the modern settlement. Still, it can take you away from the madness and crowd of the city with its secluded settings.

Apart from camping, you can try dune bashing at Fossil Rock. The Big Red and The Camel Rock are the best dune buggy spots. Camping enthusiasts flock to Fossil Rock in large groups to enjoy a wonderful time at the lap of tranquillity.


Fossil Rock is located near Mleiha, which is an hour’s drive from Sharjah city

Best Time to Camp

Summer months are the best for overnight camping at Fossil Rock.

4. Arabian Dreams Desert Camp

Where to go camping in Dubai - Arabian Dreams Campsite | The Vacation Builder

The Arabian Dreams Desert Camp is located just off the boundary of Dubai city. This camping site is an exotic place for adventure lovers who don’t like to compromise the luxurious facilities during their quest for thrills.

This fascinating camping site is nestled within the periphery of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It features only eight tents to ensure a more intimate camping experience particularly for couples. The Arabian Dreams Desert Camp can accommodate maximum 16 guests at a time.

The Arabian Dreams Desert Camping site feels quite secluded as you can’t spot any other camp or building in sight. From here, you can also go for some simple adventure activities to the beach or city.


Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Best Time to Camp

Summer is the best time of the year to go for overnight camping.

5. Acacia Forest

Where to go camping in Dubai - Acacia Forest | The Vacation Builder

Sitting on the slopes of the mountains of Musandam, Acacia Forest is a wonderful campsite in the wild. This luscious forest offers a completely different but invigorating alternative to beach or desert camping in Dubai. This place allows you to cherish the stunning view of Jabel Al Harim.

Khor Najd is the best location to schedule your getaway trip into the wild at Acacia Forest. You will need an SUV to reach this rugged campsite as windy roads with sharp steeps and loose stones can be a little challenging at times.

A military firing range is located in the vicinity of the Acacia Forest campsite, so look for restriction signboards to be out of their land.


Acacia Forest is about 10 kilometres far from the Khor Najid and positioned in the Musandam Mountain Range. The campsite can be reached through Ras Al Khaimah and Musandam border. Acacia Forest is just 5 kilometres into the wadi

Best Time to Camp

You can enjoy camping at any time of the year.

Beach Camping

6. Umm Al Quwain Beach

Where to go camping in Dubai - Umm Al Quwain Beach | The Vacation Builder

When you are thinking of camping on a beach, Umm Al Quwain should be your favourite from UAE. This white sand beach attracts a large number of camp-loving people from Dubai to chill out their weekend in style. Just check the tides status first before pitching your tent at this gorgeous beach.

The Umm Al Quwain Beach offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to relax and rejuvenate through various adrenaline-pumping activities.

You can move along the thick patches of mangrove on a kayak or can take a stroll at the old fishing village to make your camping more stimulating.


Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates

Best Time to Camp

Night camping at any time of the year is quite popular at this beach.

7. White Sand Beach

There is no official ‘White Sand Beach’ but a small stretch of beautiful coastline between Fins and Wadi Shab is fondly called so. This is indeed a long drive from Dubai compared to any other popular beach camping sites. May be that’s why White Sand Beach gives you a chance to erect your tent over a secluded cliff overlooking the pristine beach.

If you are a water baby, White Sand Beach is more than perfect for you. You can go for snorkelling, diving or paddle-boarding to witness the untouched gems of this place.

Hiking at nearby Wadi Shab allows you cherish some dramatic views.


Between the Fins and Wadi Shab

Best Time to Camp

White Sand Beach is an all-year-round camping destination.

8. Al Dhafra Beach

Al Dhafra Beach is a celebrated beach campsite located at the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. This is undoubtedly one of the most serene and spectacular beachfronts in Abu Dhabi. Al Dhafra brings the best of both the beach and desert for an extraordinary camping experience.

At Al Dhafra, sighting of turtles is very common. You can sign up for diving or snorkelling to discover the fascinating underwater world. Fishing and kayaking also feel amazing at Al Dhafra. In short, this is an ideal campsite for your whole family.


Al Dhafra Beach, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Best Time to Camp

Throughout the year

9. Snoopy Island

Where to go camping in Dubai - Snoopy Island | The Vacation Builder

Snoopy Island is one of the best family beach campsites along the coastline of Fujairah. This island got its name from a massive boulder placed in the middle of the sea. Aerial view of this rock looks familiar with the shape of famous comic character, Snoopy.

At Snoopy Island, you can set up your tent and enjoy a fun-filled camping opportunity with your little ones. You may meet many co-campers during your vacation at Snoopy Island. This place is the best to plan laid-back camping with the whole family.


Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Best Time to Camp

October to March

Wild Camping in Dubai

10. Shwaib

For a wild camping location close to Dubai, Shwaib is an excellent choice. This place is perfect for the starters who don’t dare to go beyond the comfort zone yet not ready to experience the thrill of wild camping.

Shwaib is the land of massive and incredible sand dunes. Stargazing from the top of a dune is seriously a star-struck moment at Shwaib. This scenic spot sits against the majestic backdrop of mountains while Accessing this beautiful campsite from Dubai is hassle-free. That’s what makes Shwaib a no-worry overnight campsite for everyone.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Best Time to Camp

Any time of the year

11. Hajar Mountains

Where to go camping in Dubai - Hajar Mountains | The Vacation Builder

Not technically apart of the UAE or Dubai, but close by and definitely worth the travel, Hajar Mountains.

Living a day in the wilderness is something that every camping enthusiast dreams of. When you are looking for wild camping sites in the Middle East, the Hajar Mountains can be your best bet. Mountain bikers are in love with Hajar as it offers a 50-kilometre track to drive two-wheelers.

The Hajar Mountain Range spreads across the UAE and Oman. Trekking and hiking are the two best things to do there.  For a trekking excursion in Hajar Mountain’s rustic and wild landscape, tent camping is the most feasible way to make it an unforgettable experience. This place is dotted with admirable views.


Hajar Mountains, Oman

Best Time to Camp

Throughout the year

12. Wadi Sana

If you want to live your dream of camping amidst crystal clear sky and rolling mountains, take the Masafi-Dibba Road and head for the little hamlet of Sana. Wadi Sana gives you a typical mountain trail that winds up to a plateau. You can sit there and freshen up your mind by overlooking the incredible scenic beauty of the valley.

At Wadi Sana, the ground is mostly rocky rather than being sandy. Therefore, you are going to face a different level of challenge to walk through this rocky terrain. There are some excellent cycling and hiking tracks to explore at Wadi Sana.

This place is a great campsite and a fantastic destination for adventure lovers seeking an action-packed trip in and around Dubai. Wadi Sana is an easily accessible campsite near Dubai and still, it is very much wild.


You have to take off the Masafi-Dibba Road to reach Sana village in Al Fujairah. Then drive for another 3 kilometres to reach the mountain plateau.

Best Time to Camp

Winter is the best time of the year to camp at Wadi Sana.

Glamping in Dubai

Glamping is a very popular choice to enjoy outdoor camping in and around Dubai. This is basically a luxurious form of camping, including all accommodation and facilities.

Here are the best glamping sites from Dubai.

13. Bedouin Camping

Glamping in Dubai - Bedouin Camping | The Vacation Builder

Bedouin Camping is the most effortless way to enjoy camping while travelling through the desert in groups. However, this is the most expensive and luxurious way of camping in Dubai. Bedouin Camping Group provides guests with every basic amenity. The group keeps a sharp eye on your requirement during desert camping.

When you book a Bedouin Desert Camp trip, you can rest assured of spending the nights at a luxurious tent and having a sumptuous BBQ dinner. Utmost entertainment is the USP of the Bedouin Camping. Apart from a hoard of adventure sports during daytime, nights are packed with fun activities such as exotic belly dancing.

14. Banan Beach

Where to go camping in Dubai - Banan Beach | The Vacation Builder

When you don’t want to venture far from the city and still wish to find a blissful campsite, Banan Beach can be your pick of the day. This small beach is a beautiful destination for camping enthusiasts all around the city.

You can hire your tents, pillows and chairs right at the beach. Pricing may be a little volatile, but you can have a fair deal if you bargain. Banan Beach offers space for 47 camping tents and 5 chalets. As many as 12 water sports await there to fill your day with loads of fun and tons of joy.


Banan Beach Resort, Jabel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Best Time to Camp

Banan Beach is mainly known for its overnight camping facilities in the summers.

15. Hatta Sedr Trailer Camping

Where to go camping in Dubai - Hatta Sedr | The Vacation Builder

When you hear “Trailor Camping” you may not envisage the above photo! This experience is just something else!

Step out of Dubai, and Hatta will welcome you with everything that you need for an enthralling camping site. Located just on the outskirts of the city, Hatta has a lot to offer.

The best part about Hatta campsite is that you don’t have to carry anything to plan a camping session there. The campsite itself is well equipped with stay options. Therefore, Hatta is a sought-after staycation destination in Dubai.

Guarded by mountains, nurtured by a dam and a lake, Hatta comes with plenty of adventure sports and outdoor activities. Paddleboarding and kayaking can be enjoyed at the lake while mountain terrain serves as a perfect platform to show your love for hiking and biking.


Hatta, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Best Time to Camp

Hatta is a round-the-year camping destination

Other Camping Spots Close to Dubai

Apart from our list, there are several other camping sites in and around Dubai.

  • Jabel Al Jais
  • Khasab and Al Sayah Plateau, Musandam
  • Wadi Bih
  • Pearl Coast
  • Jabel Shams
  • Shuweihat Island
  • Sheesa Beach
  • The Longbeach Campground

Things To Keep In Mind When Camping in Dubai

  • Winters are the best time of the year to enjoy various camping activities in Dubai
  • Always check whether a particular place is allowed for camping or not
  • Carry your camping essentials like tent, pillow, torch, food, blanket, clothes, water, medicine etc.
  • Be mindful while camping at a deserted place
  • Respect the privacy of co-campers.
  • Don’t litter the area. Always dispose of the trash properly before you leave the camping site.
  • A few areas in UAE require permits for camping for a longer duration.


Desert camping is one of the most effective means of looking at Dubai and UAE from a different vantage point altogether. Camping in and around Dubai enables you to understand nature and its amazing creations in better ways.

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