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A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai

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The most prolific business hub of Western Asia, Dubai is known as one of the most expat-friendly places in the world. A large number of people all across the globe come to this city to get the best out of life as well as their careers. But where would you live in the ‘City of Gold’ once you are there for real?

Travellers have luxury hotels, but what about the expats who are in Dubai for work? Well, you have come to the right place, as today we are here with a brief overview to every area to live in Dubai.

House Prices in Specific Area’s of Dubai

Before you dive in to each area to live in Dubai, make sure you calculate your budget first!

The best website we recommend for checking historical and average house and apartment prices is below:


Al Barsha

We are starting our quest for a wonderful area to live in Dubai with Al Barsha. This is certainly not the most beautiful area but surely one of the most celebrated residential districts in Dubai. Affordable apartments, spacious private villas, schools, well-maintained parks, supermarkets and a horde of amenities – Al Barsha is here to make living simple for you.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Barsha | The Vacation Builder

Comprising of several sub-communities like Al Barsha 1, 2, 3 and Al Barsha South, this residential area is hugely preferred by locals and expats to find a shelter. One of the biggest pros of living in Al Barsha is that you are free to choose from a wide variety of properties ranging from studio apartments to 6-bedroom villas.

Thanks to the area’s central location, you can commute to any other part of the city with help of the Dubai Metro service. The only cons of living at Al Barsha are the horrible traffic congestion during peak hours and non-freehold properties.


Living in the Jumeirah area in Dubai is a lifetime opportunity to experience a relaxed and ultimate family-friendly lifestyle backed with amazing urban facilities and amenities. If you are having kids in the family, then Jumeirah is that one neighbourhood in the city which is exceptionally safe and equally ideal for your kids’ growth.

A Guide on Every Area to Live in Dubai | Jumeirah | The Vacation Builder

If you love to spend hours at the beach with sand and sea under the sun, Jumeirah’s community takes you closest to the beach. In fact, it sits right on the sandy coastline of Jumeirah Beach. There are tons of outdoor water activities to try – jet skiing, sailing, windsurfing, banana boat riding and more. Weekends can get really busy in Jumeirah area with loads of things to do!

Schools and healthcare facilities are within your reach when you are residing in the Jumeirah area. This is one of the few residential communities in Dubai that allow pets and your furry friend will be really happy with the sprawling front yard and backyard space coming with all the villas.

Property prices and rental costs in Jumeirah are always on the higher side and that’s completely justified. This non-freehold area doesn’t allow expats to buy property. So, they can only rent here.

We have already posted an article that tells you about more budget-specific areas to live in Dubai. You may like that one too.


Located on the southern end of the widespread Bur Dubai district. Za’abeel residential community is a recognised place preferred both by locals and expats to live in the city. This neighbourhood sits in between old and new Dubai and offers best of both worlds. No wonder why Za’abeel woos everyone to settle in this part of the town.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Za'abeel Area | The Vacation Builder

The area is surrounded by eminent neighbourhoods of Dubai including Downtown Dubai, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and World Trade Centre. Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) goes right through Za’abeel, making transportation all across Dubai quick and easy.

Za’abeel community is a mixture of residential as well as commercial properties. It features apartments, villas and townhouses for living whereas office spaces, outlets and workstations are meant to generate business.

Due to the proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road, Za’abeel area offers quick access to a number of metro stations including Financial Centre Station, World Trade Centre Station and Al Jafiliya Station. all of them are hardly a 10-minutes car drive from Za’abeel.

Al Quoz

Al Quoz is a mixed-use district nestled on the western part of Dubai. This neighbourhood is highly appreciated for its fabulous residential communities and commercial sectors. Al Quoz Industrial area was developed by Dubai Municipality to secure mass accommodation for the growing population of the city.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Quoz | The Vacation Builder

The residential district of Al Quoz is mostly centred in the northeast part of the region whereas the commercial district is pushed towards the southwest of the area. The residential areas are subdivided into communities such as Al Quoz 1, Al Quoz 2 and Al Quoz 4.

A large variety of apartments, villas and townhouses makes Al Quoz a favourite hunting ground to people searching for accommodation in Dubai. This area also lined with a significant number of schools within its boundaries. Two main roads, Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road connect Al Quoz to the rest of the city.

When you wish to enjoy a bunch of amenities like quality education, good healthcare, parks, entertainment options parking slots and effective public transport, Al Quoz is the place to settle down with your family in Dubai.

Al Jaddaf

Nature lovers who wish to add a dollop of greenery to their everyday life will love the ambience of Al Jaddaf. This is a lovely mixed-use neighbourhood catering the need of desired accommodation for a large chunk of city dwellers including the expats and locals.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Jaddaf | The Vacation Builder

Al Jaddaf district sits along the Dubai Creek and it is the place where you can spot Dubai’s largest dhow-building workshop. Powered by schools, health clinics, hospitals and modern residential apartments, Al Jaddaf makes for a wonderful place to live peacefully in Dubai.

Al Jaddaf also takes pride in offering some of the most exhilarating outdoor leisure and entertainment options. Al Wasl Sports Club, Zabeel Stadium and Dubai Police Club Stadium are the star attractions from this region.

We just have a word of caution for you. Sheikh Zayed Road serves Al Jaddaf area and that’s why heavy traffic is quite usual during peak hours.

Umm Suqeim

Settling down with your family in Umm Suqeim means nothing less than going on a ‘very’ long beach vacation! Famous for its spectacular beaches and world-famous architecture, this place is a refreshing residential area with year-round sunshine.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Umm Suqeim | The Vacation Builder

Spread on either side of the popular Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqeim has won the hearts of millions with its captivating and happening neighbourhood. Guarded by Al Sufouh to the south, Jumeirah to the north and Al Marana, Al Safa and Umm Al Sheif to the west, this buzzing locality is immensely popular among locals and expats to have a home there.

Umm Suqeim is one of the most favourite neighbourhoods in Dubai to pick a luxury villa and the reason is quite known to all. Yes, the urban facilities in this area are of global standards. The kids get a wonderful environment here to develop outstanding academic, social and personal skills.

Life at Umm Suqeim is always action-packed as it is the home to Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi Water Park and The Mall. Villas here come in a range from colonial to ultra-modern style. Whatever is your definition of living a good life, Umm Suqeim has it all!

Dubai Investments Park

When you want a place in Dubai where you can work and enjoy a peaceful life simultaneously, Dubai Investments Park is all that you need. This unique space has been designed to be an environmentally-friendly development powered by extensive landscaping and eco-friendly policies. A clean and green environment is what DIP vouch for.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Dubai Investments Park | The Vacation Builder

Dubai Investments Park is a collection of commercial, residential, industrial and recreational zones. So, when you choose DIP to have your home in Dubai, you are heading towards a life full of everything that your heart can wish for.

The residential sub-communities in DIP feature an impressive range of apartments, townhouses and villas. So, you can buy or rent a space that suits your requirements without compromising on the infrastructure and amenity part.

Life at Dubai Investments Park depicts the upscale and eco-friendly living. Despite tons of activities and buzzing events in the neighbourhood, DIP is one of the best in town to enjoy a private life. For school-goers, this area has got a number of world-class international schools and institutes.

Jebel Ali Village

Once known as a satellite district in Dubai, Jebel Ali Village is a fast-growing region in the city that offers a range of decent as well as high-end residential options. This mixed-use area comes with different zones meant for industry, residential, commercial, trading and entertainment purposes.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Jebel Ali Area | The Vacation Builder

Being the home to Jebel Ali Port (largest man-made harbour) and the largest marine port in the Middle East, Jebel Ali Free Zone contributes a whopping 23% to Dubai’s GDP and no wonder why this area is evoking more and more interests among the home-hunters.

The residential community at Jebel Ali Village is continuously evolving and it is well equipped with all sorts of urban amenities within reach. This region has the Jebel Ali Metro Station on the Red Line. So, commuting to any other part of the city is really quick and extremely comfortable.

At Jebel Ali Village, you can own or rent an apartment, villa or luxury townhouse depending on what fits your budget.

Jumeirah Village

Dubai’s most celebrated residential area is none other than Jumeirah Village. This family-friendly master community is nestled right at the heart of the city. Boasting sprawling landscaped gardens, amazing amenities and outstanding living conditions, Jumeirah Village is an ideal destination for expat families.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Jumeirah Village | The Vacation Builder

Surrounded by biggies like Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Internet City and Media City, this region is full of possibilities to cherish a good life. Jumeirah Village features a mix of freehold properties ranging from apartments to villas and townhouses.

Plenty of schools, supermarkets, shopping complexes, parks, healthcare centres, entertainment options and fitness clubs are there in Jumeirah Village to help you settle down in the city without missing a bit of exceptional living.

Lack of traffic makes Jumeirah Village a fuss-free community. Areas in and around Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Village Triangle and Jumeirah Village Circle are always preferred by expats to rent in a property.

Dubai Marina

When you aim for the most upscale living in Dubai, you must find a space in Dubai Marina. This impressive and dazzling residential community boasts a luxury lifestyle with mesmerizing shopping, dining and entertainment options.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Dubai Marina | The Vacation Builder

This fabulous waterfront community of Dubai is home to more than 200 luxurious residential towers with some distinctive villas. Great views and state-of-the-art facilities are the added bonus at Dubai Marina. No wonder why it is the most celebrated area for renting luxury living spaces in the city.

The community events go round the year and the festive mood never comes to an end here. At Dubai Marina, you can choose from studio apartments, spacious 1,2,3 or 4-bedroom apartments and those luxurious penthouses. The choice is of course not limited when you are in Dubai Marina.

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Renting an apartment or owning a property at Jumeirah Beach Residence means walking with the giants. Everything that you can spot around here is so exclusive and fascinating. This is basically a sub-area of the Dubai Marina residential community

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | JBR Walk | The Vacation Builder

JBR is clearly the best vertical community made of more than 40 residential and hotel towers combined. A bustling beachfront is highly in demand for renting luxury apartments. From the Mediterranean to Arabic-inspired architecture, JBR neighbourhood radiates a very cosmopolitan vibe.

Close proximity to major business districts like Dubai Internet City and Media City, JBR cuts short the time to reach your workstation. You will always have something exciting to do at JBR. No wonder why this 1.7-kilometre shoreline is the most happening hotspot in town.

What’s more, JBR is home to one of the best beach area’s in the UAE, The Beach.

Al Sufouh

Located along the western coastline of Dubai, Al Sufouh is a sought-after location in Jumeirah where locals and expats prefer to move in. The locality covers about 7 square kilometres of the area to the north-western side of Dubai Marina. In short, Al Sufouh is flanked by a string of high-profile neighbourhoods.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Sufouh | The Vacation Builder

The progressive community of Al Sufouh features many free zone development clusters including Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Knowledge Park. It even encircles an important archaeological site, very crucial to Arabic civilization researchers.

Al Sufouh is highly recommended for families with college-goers. The city’s education hub, Dubai Knowledge Park is situated within the community itself. Therefore, there are plenty of universities to choose from where higher studies can be pursued.

Properties at Al Sufouh community are arranged strategically across the districts on the basis of their design and architecture. From small studio apartments to massive villas, everything is available there for rental.  

Palm Jumeirah

The dynamic city of Dubai is full of iconic neighbourhoods and Palm Jumeirah will always remain the best of the lot. This marvellous neighbourhood is full of stunning landmarks along with a super gorgeous coastline. And the most surprising part is these all are man-made!

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Palm Jumeirah | The Vacation Builder

Owning a living space in Palm Jumeirah is certainly not cheap. You can match the lifestyle of this celebrated community only when you are ready to spend large amounts. The glamour of Palm Jumeirah, therefore, fits the rich and famous.

Living on Palm Jumeirah is a fascinating experience backed by a fine collection of gourmet restaurants, engaging entertainment options, iconic hotels, stylish cafes and more. Although this area offers an excellent collection of apartments, luxury villas and townhouses, people particularly prefer to rent luxury apartments here.

Palm Jumeirah is also a very profitable location in Dubai from a real estate investment point of view. Best-in-class urban amenities support the real estate boom in the area.

Al Safa

Sitting in the central area of Dubai, Al Safa is a very good residential destination in the city. Surrounded by other residential communities like Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah and Al Wasl, this place sits close to hip and happening Kite Beach and Downtown Dubai.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Safa | The Vacation Builder

Life at Al Safa is eventful but it’s never too much to hamper your peace of mind or personal privacy. The magnificent Dubai Water Canal and beautiful Safa Park are the two most prominent landmarks of the area.

Al Safa is made of two sub-communities – Al Safa 1 and Al Safa 2. Both of them are safe, secure and well established with all sorts of urban facilities. The accommodation options are huge with a mixture of compound villas and residential buildings.  

You may find that there are certain facilities not available within the Al Safa community but they all are present in the neighbouring areas. Apart from having a convenient lifestyle, Al Safa is known for its jaw-dropping views. The area is very suitable for families, expats and students.

Al Manara

If you are interested in a sophisticated residential part in Dubai, then Al Manara can be a good option for you. This aesthetically built residential community is located in the western part of the city and enjoys a prime location.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Manara | The Vacation Builder

Neighbourhoods of Al Manara include eminent areas like Umm Suqeim, Umm Al Sheif, Al Safa and Al Quoz. As this community runs along the Sheikh Zayed Road, it is well connected to all the major attractions and commercial hubs of the city.

Al Manara is an exclusive villa community. It is perfect for big families who are looking for a large, independent living space in Dubai. Living right beside the most-talked-about Jumeirah community always comes with loads of advantages and Al Manara enjoys every bit of it.  

The front part of the community (adjacent to Sheikh Zayed Road) is lined with a string of award-winning restaurants and chic cafes while the residential part is located just behind them. The only thing of concern here is public transportation which is not at all good at Al Manara. You must have your own vehicle to commute on daily basis.

Umm Al Sheif

Looking for a peaceful yet well-established residential area in Dubai? Umm Al Sheif is here with everything you need for a wonderful time with your family. This small but fantastic residential community is located in the western part of the city and connected to other parts via Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Thanya Road and Al Wasl Road.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Umm Al Sheif | The Vacation Builder

Umm Al Sheif is particularly preferred by people who feel comfortable in large-sized living units and plenty of open areas. This family-oriented community offers properties in mid to high ranges. You can explore some amazing villa accommodation for rent in Umm Al Sheif area.

Basic amenities in Umm Al Sheif community are all within your reach. This peaceful area offers exceptional privacy, security and quick accessibility around the town. The commercial part of the community also takes care of your entertainment needs.

Dubai Internet City

Developed by the Government of Dubai in collaboration with TECOM Investment, Dubai Internet City (DIC) is technically a technology cum business zone with some fabulous residential areas. High-rise buildings from this area come with a horde of commercial as well as residential units.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Dubai Internet City | The Vacation Builder

We will suggest this area, particularly for the people who work in any of the companies based in Dubai Internet City or in locations in close proximity. Thanks to Sheikh Zayed Road, you can access all major city attractions and destinations within an hour (maximum).

Urban amenities available in Dubai Internet City are excellent. Retail outlets, dining spaces, fitness centres, healthcare – everything sits close to residential complexes. Living in this business-friendly community means you are sitting right at the heart of a bustling commercial hub.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from various apartments of different floor areas. The price for renting a property here is usually in the mid to high range.

Dubai Media City

Officially launched in 2001, Dubai Media City (DMC) is a beautifully crafted community in Dubai. as the name suggests, this space has been designed to accommodate media companies in the region. The integrated infrastructure also offers a moderate range of attractive housing options.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Dubai Media City | The Vacation Builder

The knowledge-based society at Dubai Media City are mostly dotted with office blocks but there are a few villas and apartments available in the area for rent. Living at the posh residential community of DMC is highly appreciated for its breathtaking views, clean environment and top-notch amenities.

Dubai Media City accommodates more than 20,000 employees from different media houses like BBC, Sony, Forbes, MBC, CNN, Thompson Reuters and many. We will suggest this expat-friendly community specifically for people working in any of the offices from Dubai Media City.

Arabian Ranches

When you are looking for a home amidst serenity and lots of greenery, Arabian Ranches is the place you should head for. Commonly known as “The Ranches”, it is the first freehold neighbourhoods in Dubai suburb. So, expats can legally own a villa here to make their dream come true.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Arabian Ranches | The Vacation Builder

Arabian Ranches is often preferred by home hunters for its magnificent luxury villas. The area showcases lakes, parks, leafy walkways and plenty of open spaces where nature blooms on its own. This pet-friendly and family-centric neighbourhood is totally landscaped.

Swimming pools, BBQ areas, tennis courts and a spectacular golf club – all come within the periphery of Arabian Ranches. Villas here are very spacious and allow kids to spend hours in the yards. This is a place which is ideal for big families that love to be together.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is an outstanding location in Dubai where young professionals and families can rent modern homes within a self-sufficient community with affordability. The area is very much suitable to cater all sorts of lifestyle.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Dubai Silicon Oasis | The Vacation Builder

Dubai Silicon Oasis community is the fine amalgamation of technology and innovation. This vibrant neighbourhood from suburb integrates both office and living spaces seamlessly. Holistic community living is the USP of renting a luxury apartment or a villa at Dubai Silicon Oasis. This area features both freehold and leasehold properties.

Located just off the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), Dubai Silicon Oasis is conveniently connected to all major areas within the city and outside. The community is dotted with frequent bus stops at short intervals. So, public transportation is really smooth and effective.

Al Warqa

Al Warqa is a rapidly emerging residential destination on the map of Dubai’s real estate arena. The area hosts a splendid blend of housing options ranging from apartments to big villas. Renting a living space in Al Warqa is quite affordable. This is why people with limited budgets rush to this area more and more.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Warqa | The Vacation Builder

Neighbourhood of Al Warqa is home to a series of restaurants, retail outlets, globally accepted schools and entertainment options. Amenities in all its five sub-communities are of global standards. It is this place where you can spot the famous Dubai Safari Park, the largest in the UAE.

Al Warqa is flanked by eminent neighbourhoods including Dubai Festival City, International City, Al Warsan and Al Khor Industrial Area. Bounded by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Al Awir Road, traveling to and from this community is hassle-free.

Al Rafa

Al Raffa is a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood in Dubai with a decent residential zone. When you wish to stay near all the hips and hypes of the city, you will certainly love to have a place to live in Al Raffa.

Located in the Bur Dubai area, this mixed-used community primarily features mid-rise apartment buildings with a choice of shopping centres, retail outlets and offices. The area shares border with Al Fahidi to the north, Al Hudaiba to the south, Al Mankhool to the east and Al Mina to the west.

The residential area of Al Raffa is largely known for its shopping malls, electronic stores and the New Gold souk. Several Arabic and South Asian cafes and restaurants also make this one of the best ‘food heavens’ in Dubai.

Al Raffa offers affordable accommodation in a family-friendly environment where urban amenities including schools, health care, supermarkets etc. are within the reach. Being nestled close to Sharaf DG Metro Station and several bus stops, Al Raffa guarantees quick and comfortable public transportation.

Al Karama

The locality of Al Karama is originally a part of Bur Dubai and located near the Dubai Creek. This neighbourhood flaunts a unique vibe with its splendid old-world charm. This area is one of the most affordable and accessible parts of the city.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Karama | The Vacation Builder

Al Karama houses an impressive number of low-rise residential buildings unlike the gigantic residential towers scattered across Dubai. The famous Zabeel Park is the one that separates Al Karama from the main Sheikh Zayed Road. The renovated Burjuman Mall, Karama Park and Creek Park are wonderful options for entertainment.

The multi-cultural ambiance of Al Karama is highly appreciated for its versatile housing options for all income groups.

Al Jafiliya

Known as one of the most celebrated central districts in Dubai, Al Jafiliya has tons to offer. This community majorly consists of private residential villas but it also offers affordable apartments for lower-income group people.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Jafiliya | The Vacation Builder

Sitting right beside the Trade Centre, adjacent to magnificent Zabeel Park and bustling Karama area, Al Jafiliya allows its residents to enjoy the best of city life in Dubai. surrounded by plenty of entertainment choices and urban facilities, residents here are always entitled to live amidst a family-friendly neighbourhood.

Apart from hospitals, schools, parks, restaurants and shopping malls, this area keeps you close to icons like Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai Frame. Max Fashion Metro Station serves as the most preferable route to access other parts of the town.

Al Hudaiba

Al Hudaiba is a small but impressive community to find a home in Dubai. Located near Port Rashid, this locality is quite popular among young expats and people with small families. Here one can find an affordable place without compromising the benefits of living in a prime location in the city.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Hudaiba | The Vacation Builder

Al Hudaiba area is guarded by eminent neighbourhoods including Al Jafiliya, Jumeirah 1, Al Mankhool, Al Karama, Pearl Jumeirah, Al Mina and Al Raffa. Residents have all urban facilities ranging from schools to supermarkets and healthcare entertainment options right in proximity.

Renting a space at Al Hudaiba comes with the precious gift of having a good life in Dubai without shelling out too much of your hard-earned money.

Al Wasl

If you hate to live a life without sudden sparks of fun and love to do try exciting things every now and then, Al Wasl can be you perfect home in Dubai. This extremely lively district focuses huge on shopping with designer brand outlets. Box Park and City Walk are two sought-after landmarks from the area.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Wasl Area | Box Park | The Vacation Builder

Al Wasl also features a host of gourmet bakeries, upscale cafes and plush restaurants so that you got something new to try from the neighbourhood. To add more thrill, you have got the Coca-Cola Arena that organizes international sporting at regular intervals. Rock concerts and other outdoor events in the locality are enough to keep you on your toes.

Al Wasl is surely a family-friendly community with plenty of world-class facilities. Lined with low to mid-rise apartments, this community offers easy access to schools, hospitals, markets and the La Mer beachfront.

Al Bada’a

Another lively residential area from Dubai where life seems wonderful is of course the Al Bada’a neighbourhood. Sitting on a prime location in the western region of the city, this locality offers lucrative accommodation options with those high-rise buildings.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Bada'a | The Vacation Builder

Al Bada’a is surrounded by prime locations including the famous Jumeirah along with the beach. Other prominent landmarks from the area comprise Etihad Museum, City Walk and Jumeirah Mosque. Reaching out to eminent schools, leisure places, hospitals, shopping plazas and restaurants are really quick from this family-friendly community.

Accommodation options are versatile as you can choose from a vast range of apartments and villas as per your requirements and budget. Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) connects Al Bada’a to Downtown and other parts of the city.

Al Satwa

Overloaded with a countless number of retail outlets, Al Satwa looks exactly like a ‘shopping paradise’ from Dubai. But this is also a favourite part of the city that comes with several private residential options. The family-friendly community of Al Satwa is nicely achieved through a mix of several cultures.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Al Satwa | The Vacation Builder

Bordered by Jumeirah and Bur Dubai, the small community of Al Satwa sits pretty close to the Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) and enjoys a prime location from the town. Blessed with numerous housing projects and commercial sites, this is a wonderful place to find a rental apartment.

Affordable rentals, plenty of shopping opportunities and loads of leisure options are something that Al Satwa residents can enjoy anytime of the day. A well-managed public transport network keeps the area connected to the rest of the city.

Oud Metha

When you are obsessed with enticing games and exhilarating outdoor activities, how about renting an apartment in an area where you can be close to all of these? Well, Oud Metha is that one residential community where you can swim, bowl or ice skate without travelling anywhere else in the city. This quiet suburb locality is tucked between Al Garhoud and Al Karama.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Oud Metha | The Vacation Builder

Compared to other prominent residential areas in Dubai, Oud Metha features slightly cheaper rents but urban facilities are up to the mark. So, this little suburban neighbourhood is perfect to pick an apartment from any of its low-rise buildings.

Oud Metha boasts a fabulous lifestyle backed by entertainment spots, leisure activities, health care facilities, schools, offices, mosques, eateries and marketplaces. Zabeel Park is just a walking distance from here.

Nad Al Sheba

Although Nad Al Sheba is popular for the Meydan Racecourse, the prestigious venue for Dubai World Cup, it has crafted a special niche of its own for home hunters in the city. This residential district is emerging fast to offer fantastic accommodation options paired with top-notch amenities.

A Brief Look at Every Area to Live in Dubai | Nad Al Sheba | The Vacation Builder

Properties at Nad Al Sheba is majorly of apartment and villa types. The community sprawls over four massive sub-communities and Nad Al Sheba 1 is the largest of them all. This neighbourhood is positioned just beside the Al Quoz 2 community.

If you are looking for a family-friendly community with spacious living units within your budget, Nad Al Sheba can spoil you with choices! Nad Al Sheba 3 sub-community is makred as the most popular one for renting homes. Apart from all basic urban amenities Nad Al Sheba offers a variety of schooling options for your child. There are so many reputed schools that sit near this residential area.


We bring (almost) all the possible areas where you can find a cozy place for yourself along with your family in Dubai. All the residential areas mentioned in this article treat expats and locals with equal respect and opportunities. All you need to do now is to set your budget and criteria to kick start the quest from a beautiful home in Dubai.

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