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Anantara or Fairmont The Palm – Which Wins?

Anantara or Fairmont The Palm | The Vacation Builder

Dubai is a city full of extraordinary and extravagant hotels, and nowhere has more luxury than Palm Jumeirah. When it comes to deciding the right place to meet your vacation requirements, choose The Palm and you won’t go far wrong.

So, talking of luxury hotels on The Palm, today, we are here to find out which is better – Anantara The Palm or Fairmont The Palm?

Below we faced these two luxury hotels off against each other for Location, Prices, Dining Options, Things to Do, Rooms, Pools and Value for Money. Overall we found Fairmont The Palm to be the better of the two; however both hotels offer high quality stays on your visit to Dubai.

Location & Scenery

Anantara or Fairmont - Location & Scenery -Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

Let’s start the face-off with the location of these two luxury hotels. Both the hotels are situated on the sparkling sand beaches of Palm Jumeirah, the largest man-made island in the world. It hardly matters which one from Anantara The Palm and Fairmont The Palm you ended up with, as each one is known for their premium location and panoramic views.

Nestled in the East Crescent of Palm Jumeirah, Anantara Beach Resort is blessed with one of the greatest locations from this iconic man-made island. Staying here means, you can look at the city and at sea from a different vantage point. The resort boasts 400 metres of private beachfront offering a mesmeric view of the Arabian Gulf.

What’s more, Anantara The Palm houses the only over-the-water villas in the UAE with exciting access to the lagoon.

On the other hand, Fairmont The Palm can be spotted on the trunk part of the Palm Jumeirah island. This beach resort is more of an Arabian-style abode. The hotel overlooks a gorgeous private beach, ideal for spending hours playing around the sun and the sea. Fairmont allows guests to witness the awe-inspiring skyline of Dubai Marina along and the beguiling beauty of the Arabian Gulf.

Anantara or Fairmont The Palm - Locations | The Vacation Builder

Getting to both hotels is quick, cheap and easy. The best thing to do would be to travel to DAMAC Station via the Metro and then hop into a taxi or use the Palm Monorail. Access to Fairmont The Palm will obviously be easier than access to Anantara due to its location on the foot of The Palm.

Distance to DBX Airport40km31km
Cost to DBX Airport (Taxi)95AED75AED
Distance to Downtown Dubai30km21km
Cost to Downtown Dubai (Taxi)55AED40AED
Distance to Jumeirah Beach Residence7km16km
Cost to Jumeirah Beach Residence (Taxi)35AED20AED

With both hotels being located on Palm Jumeirah, with private beaches and unrivalled views of the City of Dubai the only aspect setting them apart is the close proximity to the rest of Dubai from Fairmont.

Winner – Fairmont The Palm

Price of a Standard Room

Anantara vs Fairmont - Price of a Standard Room | Anantara Lagoon Access Room | The Vacation Builder
Lagoon Access Room at Anantara The Palm

Now, we are going to compare the price of standard rooms available at Anantara The Palm and Fairmont The Palm. The following table contains rates from different months so that you can plan your budget according to the time of the year you are travelling to Dubai. All these prices are meant for 2 adults per night as per Trivago.com.

 Anantara The Palm DubaiFairmont The Palm
JanuaryAED 1,412AED 1,576
FebruaryAED 1,608AED 1,590
MarchAED 1,314AED 1,576
AprilAED 1,637AED 801
MayAED 1,118AED 1,025
JuneAED 922AED 772
JulyAED 938AED 1,019
AugustAED 927AED 872
SeptemberAED 971AED 1,184
OctoberAED 1,903AED 1,318
NovemberAED 1,157AED 1,601
DecemberAED 1,409AED 1,601

From the table, you can clearly understand that prices for a standard room are more or less same from October to March. That’s because of the heavy rush of tourists during the winter months. If you are travelling in summer months, then booking your room with Fairmont The Palm can help you save a few hundred bucks compared to Anantara The Palm.

Verdict: Tie

Dining Options

Spending your days at a luxury beach resort in Palm Jumeirah can’t be a success until it’s infused with plenty of luxury dining options.

Food at Anantara The Palm

From Asian delicacies to lip-smacking Mediterranean dishes, Anantara The Palm presents a fabulous world of taste and aroma with its 8 World-class restaurants. All of these restaurants are celebrated across Dubai for excellent foods and unmatched customer service:

  • Mekong (TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5) is a delightful Thai restaurant with electrifying contemporary interior décor. You can choose from their private dining rooms or the rickshaw tables on the terrace. Menu at Mekong also includes some exotic dishes form Vietnam and China.
  • The Beach House (TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5) is something very refreshing and vibrant from its core apart from its excellent Mediterranean menu. This beach restaurant gives diners an opportunity to enjoy casual ambience with spectacular views day in and out.
  • Bushman’s Restaurant and Bar (TripAdvisor 4.5/5) is an upscale Australian restaurant and probably the best Aussie restaurant in Dubai. This place is known for serving lots of Australian specialities including the Assuie beverages and steaks amidst a friendly atmosphere.
  • The Lotus Lounge (TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5) is a perfect and cozy place for afternoon tea with a pinch of Thai. Apart from great foods, this lounge is loved by all for its relaxing ambience. Sipping coffee or biting on something light in the evening at Lotus Lounge comes with captivating views of the sunset in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Crescendo, a poolside al fresco terrace restaurant, is meant to offer stimulating breakfasting experience to the guests. Menu card is dominated by tropical and Middle Eastern flavours. It will cost about AED 370 for two people without alcohol.
  • Dining by Design is surely the best place at Anantara The Palm to celebrate the romance against a gorgeous coastal backdrop. The restaurant allows guests to design their own menu with help of a personal chef.
  • All-day Boardwalk restaurant, Revo Café are best known for serving a wide array of dishes with a pleasant twist. This relaxing coffee shop at Anantara The Palm comes with surreal views. A decent meal for two will cost here approximately AED 260.
  • Bask in the sun with the Mai Bar at Anantara’s poolside. You can also venture into its 400-metre private beach for some refreshing sea breeze. This poolside bar serves the best signature tropical cocktails in the town. Dining cost will be around AED 400 for two people.

Food at Fairmont The Palm

When it comes to fine dining, Fairmont The Palm can amaze you with its inspiring world of global cuisine. What their chefs are good at is satisfying any sort of craving irrespective of the season. Here are the restaurants housed at this luxury hotel.

  • Little Miss India (TripAdvisor Rating 5/5) is a full-on entertaining place to relish the dishes from colonial Indian subcontinent. Eccentric menu of this place will take you to a journey of history and heritage of Indian cuisine. Dining here will cost you about AED 400 for two.
  • Al Magheeb is the latest addition to Fairmont The Palm’s food scene. From Arabic cuisines to exotic belly dance performances, this beach-side restaurant offers everything to enhance your dining experience. Platter for two will cost around AED 400.
  • Ba-Boldly Asian (TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5) is the one that serves Chinese and Asian variety to the diners. This restaurant is a wonderful rendition of vibrant lanes and streets of Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. A meal for two will cost approximately AED 380.
  • There is probably no place in Dubai except Frevo (TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5) dedicated to authentic Brazilian delicacies. This place radiates a super-friendly ambience backed by the smells of meat skewers and sights of Brazilian salads and classic cocktails. Meal cost will be around AED 600 for two persons.
  • When you are tempted to try Mediterranean delicacies, Fairmont The Palm has got the Seagrill Bistro (TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5) for you. This restaurant serves market-fresh seafood perfectly paired with tender grilled flavours. Appealing view from this terrace restaurant comes free. Meal for two will cost AED 470 approximately.
  • Flow Kitchen (TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5) offers an electric combination of Italian, Mediterranean and international cuisines. View and atmosphere here are just fantastic. Price of a meal for two will be around AED 110.
  • Have your meals at Blowfish (TripAdvisor Rating 3.5/5), the Instagrammable American-style restaurant anytime you want. This fast-food joint is loaded with lots of American favourites. A meal for two will charge you around AED 180.
  • Set against the ethereal backdrop of Arabian Gulf, Mashrabiya Lounge (TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5) is a contemporary style restaurant serving Italian. Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese and Arabian menus. Approximate cost of a meal for two is AED 500.
  • The Chef’s Palette is a one-of-its-kind studio kitchen designed for cooking enthusiasts. Come with your friends and family to have something unique apart from just dining at a conventional restaurant.
  • Looking for something sweet? Delicacy is the answer that Fairmont The Palm has for you. Hand-crafted pastries and freshly baked goods are wonderful to treat your tastebuds.
  • There are two separate bars – The Cigar Room and VZ’s Pub right at Fairmont The Palm for people who love to taste concoctions across the world.

Both the hotels have got some world-class restaurants and bars to ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

Verdict: Tie

Which Hotel Has The Better Pool?

Anantara vs Fairmont - Which Has The Best Pool? | Fairmont The Palm | The Vacation Builder
Pool @ Fairmont The Palm

Now, we are going to do a comparison between the pools from both the hotels. If you love to spend time at the poolside, then this section will definitely help you.

Anantara The Palm features a 50-metre infinity pool that redefines your way of spending time at the pool. Surrounded with iconic architecture and spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf, Anantara poolside is a heaven for water babies. It also comes with a jacuzzi overlooking the sea!

When you are at Fairmont The Palm, you can access their pool along with the 800-metre stretch of private beach. You can take a dip at their temperature-controlled pool and enjoy the stunning view of Dubai Marina. The hotel issues passes for pool and beach against an entry fee.

Anantara vs Fairmont - Which Has Better Pools? | The Lagoon Access Pool at Anantara The Palm | The Vacation Builder

Poolside and its surroundings are simply breath-taking at both these luxury hotels. Fairmont The Palm wins here because of the view you can enjoy from its pool.

Verdict: Fairmont The Palm

Which Hotel Has The Best Rooms?

Anantara vs Fairmont - Which Has The Best Rooms? | Luxury Room at Anantar The Palm | The Vacation Builder
Luxury Bedroom @ Anantara The Palm

We will start this section with the Anantara The Palm. Let’s take a quick look at the rooms available here.

  • Premier Lagoon View Room comes with a floor area of 47 sqm that can accommodate 2 adults and one child. It features either a King-size bed or Twin beds. As the name reveals, this room is lagoon facing and it is fitted with a private balcony.
  • Delux Lagoon View Room covers an area of 52 sqm with a provision for 3 adults and 1 child. It features private balcony and offers excellent lagoon view right from room.
  • Premier Lagoon Access Room offers direct access to the lagoon. The room measures 47 sqm that can accommodate 2 adults and one child at a time. It is fitted with a private balcony.
  • Delux lagoon Access Room also gives you direct access to the lagoon. This 52- sqm room comes with a private balcony.
  • Delux Family Lagoon Access Room measures 65 sqm and houses a separate floor for children. The room is designed for stay of 3 adults and 2 children.
  • One Bedroom Over Water Villa is a spacious room of 106 sqm. It can accommodate a family with 2 adults and 1 child. The villa has glass viewing panel and bathtub with a view is the USP of this villa.
  • One Bedroom Beach Pool Villa covers an area of 85 sqm and houses a private pool with direct beach access. The villa has a capacity for 2 adults and 1 child.
  • Anantara Two Bedroom Beach Pool Villa are meant for large families. This 206 sqm villa is just perfect for 5 adults and 1 child. It comes with a private pool and allows direct access to the beach.

Now, it’s time to take a tour of different types of rooms available at Fairmont The Palm beach resort hotel. A huge variety in terms of room types can be found here and you will simply be spoilt with choices.

  • Fairmont Heritage Room is about 48 sqm in size and it includes 1 king bed or 2 queen beds. Private balcony overlooks the iconic Palm Residences.
  • Fairmont Heritage Partial Palm Sea View Room measures approximately 48 sqm and very much similar with the Fairmont Heritage Room except the fact it allows you to have partial views of the Palm along with Arabian Gulf.
  • Deluxe Heritage Palm Sea View Room covers same floor area and offers similar amenities like previous two room types. This room just offers a full panoramic view of the Palm, Marina Dubai skyline and Arabian Gulf.
  • On Bedroom Palm Sea View Suite spreads across a floor area of 139 sqm and houses 1 king bed. It comes with a private balcony to open up the panoramic views of Arabian Gulf, Palm Residences and Marina skyline to you.
  • Corner Jacuzzi Palm Sea View Suite is a 201 square metred sophisticated corner room with 1 king-size bed, a dining area and a private balcony. Arabian Gulf, Marina skyline and the iconic Palm looks wonderful from this room type.
  • Deluxe Palm Sea View Suite is an Arabic-theme inspired deluxe room with a floor area of 178 sqm. It features a king bed, a dining area, a seating lounge and a private balcony. The room guarantees stunning views of the Palm, Dubai Marina and Arabian Gulf.
  • Presidential Palm Sea View Suite is a 390 square metre room with a separate living area, dining space, sleeping area, a huge private balcony and a spacious terrace. This room is an excellent choice to cherish royal treatment paired with gorgeous views of the Palm, Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina.
  • Fairmont Gold Palm Sea View Room is of 48 sqm. This heritage room type is fitted with 1 king bed or 2 queen beds. The room overlooks the gorgeous skyline of Marina Dubai, the Palm and Arabian Gulf.
  • Fairmont Gold One Bedroom Palm Sea View Suite is a 201 square metre room with one king-size bed and a private balcony. This classic Arabian style suite comes with breathtaking views of the Palm, Marina Dubai and Arabian Gulf.
  • Fairmont Gold Jacuzzi Corner Palm Sea View Suite, covering a floor area of 201 sqm, is a sophisticated corner room with a seating area, a dining space and a private balcony. Views from this room is stunning.
  • Fairmont Gold Deluxe Palm Sea View Suite is of 178 sqm area. This spacious Arabian-style suite comes with a separate lounge and dining area. The room allows guests to cherish amazing views of the Palm, Marina Dubai and Arabian Gulf.
  • The 130 sqm One Bedroom Apartment of the hotel features a seating area, a dinning area, a fully-functional kitchen and a private balcony to enjoy the panoramic views of the Palm, the sea and the city.
  • Two Bedroom Apartment City View Room is a classic two-bedroom apartment with two king beds, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area, a seating lounge and a private balcony overlooking the Palm Residences.
  • Two Bedroom Palm Sea View Apartment comes with two bedrooms with 2 king beds on each. This 200 sqm room is spacious and accommodates a dining area, a seating area, a fully-functional kitchen and a massive private balcony. Views of the Palm, Arabian Gulf and Marina Dubai are beguiling from this room type.

Although both these beach resort hotels offer various room types to meet one’s accommodation requirements, Fairmont The Palm takes the winning crown because of the huge range of room types it offers to the guests. It literally has a ‘room for everyone’.

Verdict: Fairmont The Palm

Things To Do

Both Anantara The Palm and Fairmont The Palm can make your stay better right at the hotel without stepping out of the premises. In this section, we are going to explore the things you can do within and around the periphery of these iconic hotels.

Things to do at Anantara The Palm

  • A fascinating long-tail boat trip over the turquoise blue water of the Arabian Gulf from Dubai Marina Mall water station.
  • For that ultimate adrenaline rush, you can take that freefall over the Palm Jumeirah with Skydive Dubai team.
  • Beholding the beauty of the Palm Fountain at the Pointe, the largest fountain in the world.
  • Anantara The Palm knows how to calm down your nerves with a relaxing session at their luxurious Turkish Hammam style Anantara Dubai Spa.
  • Try out exhilarating water sports activities in the warm and clear water of the Arabian Gulf.
  • A luxury helicopter ride taking you high above the sweeping sights of Dubai including the Burj Al Arab, Golden Mile, Atlantis The Palm, Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa.
  • An early morning and evening time walk along the iconic 11 kilometre stretch of the Boardwalk Palm Jumeirah.
  • Enjoy a leisurely Friday afternoon Pan-Asian brunch at award-winning Mekong restaurant.

Things to do at Fairmont The Palm

  • Sign up for the ReConnect which is a wellness, fitness as well as leisure club offering access to beach, gym and pool.
  • Let your kids spend hours at Fairmont Falcons Kids’ Club to make some best memories.
  • Enjoy perfect beach vibes at Fairmont’s private beach with loads of daybeds and lounge chairs around.
  • The hotel comes with a whole host of exciting water sports including water-skiing, kayaking, wake boarding, sailing and paddle-boarding.
  • Join the exceptionally entertaining and interactive fitness class, the Aquaspin.
  • A holistic yoga studio is available at Fairmont The Palm for an empowered and energetic health session.
  • For an integrated rejuvenating treatment, Willow Stream Spa is the right choice.

Both hotels offer a plethora of things to do and for that reason, you cannot pull them apart.

Verdict: Tie

Which Hotel Has Better Value For Money?

You will see from our comparison above that both hotels are priced on the higher side, compared to most other places in Dubai. However, both are priced very similarly too.

Usually it’s easy to pull hotels apart based on value for money, by comparing the quality, rooms, pools, things to do and cuisine against the nightly room rate. In this instance, both hotels offer plenty of the above and are priced very close together overall.

Overall we think that both places offer good value for money but there is no way of telling which offers the better value for money as they’re so closely matched.

Verdict: Tie

Anantara The Palm or Fairmont The Palm?

It’s really not fair to declare only one hotel as the mighty winner as the competition was very close between these two eminent beach resorts in Dubai. But we have to do it.

Even though Anantara closely matched Fairmont in a lot of ways, overall Fairmont The Palm came out on top and so is our winner.

Thanks for taking out time to read this article. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. For more articles on Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can browse through our other posts here. Also, make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Subscribe on Youtube too.

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