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Your Full Guide to Al Zorah Beach – Ajman

Al Zorah Beach - Ajman | The Vacation Builder

The UAE has many wonderful beaches but it does not stop with just Dubai. The UAE as a whole hosts some beautiful hidden gems, which are less over crowded and more unspoilt! Al Zorah Beach is certainly one of those unspoilt destinations in Ajman where your heart will be overloaded with so much natural beauty and fascinating views.

So, why not give Al Zorah Beach in Ajman a try when visiting Dubai?

Below we share essential information about this fantastic beach destination including things to do, nearby hotels and how to get there from Dubai.

Where is Al Zorah Beach?

Al Zorah Beach is 46-kilometres away from Dubai city centre via Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). You can also take the E11 and Sharjah Ring Road route which will add just a couple of kilometres more to the distance.

From Ajman Bus Station, it is about 18 kilometres which means travelling to Al Zorah Beach is never going to take too much time and effort.

How to Get to Al Zorah Beach from Dubai

Below you can see how to get to Al Zorah Beach from some of the most popular areas in Dubai:

Downtown1hr 5241min
JBR2hr 955min
Palm Jumeirah2hr 4255min
Jumeirah2hr 2945min


Al Zorah public beach in Ajman is open to all. A part of this beach is owned by the Oberoi Hotel Group. The beach is open from 6.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

8 Reasons Why Al Zorah Beach is So Popular

Al Zorah Beach Ajman | The Vacation Builder

There is more than one reason to visit Al Zorah Beach in Ajman:

  1. Smooth white sand and azure blue waters.
  2. The beach is quite secluded which means it’s just perfect for people who don’t like crowded places.
  3. The warm water of this beach gives you this rare opportunity to swim in an open sea.
  4. Al Zorah is great for children due to the huge open area to play, run and build sandcastles.
  5. Al Zorah is a family-friendly beach destination backed by plenty of water sports and outdoor activities including jet ski and kayaking.
  6. This beach is renowned for mesmerizing sunset views. So, some amazing Insta-ready photos are on the way.
  7. Just 30 minutes from Dubai.
  8. It’s Free!

When is The Best Time to Visit Al Zorah Beach?

Like many beach days in the UAE, the winter months are the best time to schedule your trip to Al Zorah Beach. From October to March, the weather remains pleasant and the temperature doesn’t hit extreme. But if you are looking for the very best season to visit this beach destination, then consider the months of December and January.

For residents of the UAE who are already accustomed to the hot weather, Al Zorah Beach is never too overcrowded when compared to the other popular beaches in Dubai, so visiting anytime is a must.

Hotels Near Al Zorah Beach

Al Zorah Beach - Hotels Nearby - Infinity Pool at The Oberoi | The Vacation Builder
Infinity Pool at The Oberoi Al Zorah

Al Zorah is now one of the best and beautiful beach destinations in and around Dubai. As tourist footfall increases more and more, several hotels have been set up in the neighbourhood with a promise to offer comfortable and luxury accommodation.

Below is a list of the best hotels that you can find near Al Zorah Beach:

  • The Oberoi Beach Resort: This thoughtfully designed hotel is a retreat to enjoy sophisticated and contemporary living with plenty of open spaces and natural settings. This is undeniably the best hotel near Al Zorah Beach.
  • Fairmont Ajman: This is a beachfront 5-star hotel in Ajman just 3 kilometres from Al Zorah Beach. Guest Rooms and Suites of the hotel are laden with modern décor and contemporary interior to ensure a luxury stay.
  • Ajman Saray, a Luxury Collection Resort: This luxury collection resort is located around 3-kilometres away from the beach. With a private beach, spa and pool; Ajman Saray offers excellent accommodation facilities to its guests.

There are also many other budget accommodations available near Al Zorah:

Things to Do / Attractions Nearby

Al Zorah Beach is not just a fabulous beach destination near Dubai but it is a gateway to cherish so much of Ajman’s culture and heritage apart from its white sand beaches, blue lagoons and flourishing mangroves.

You will be simply amazed by the wonderful things to do in and around Al Zorah Beach. We have listed here some of the most popular activities that you must try.

1. Take a Fascinating Tour of Ajman National Museum

Al Zorah Beach - Things to do nearby - Ajman Museum | The Vacation Builder

At a distance of 500 metres from Ajman Bus Station awaits the treasure trove from the past, the Ajman National Museum. Located in Al Bustan area of Ajman, this is one of the best museums in the UAE.

Ajman National Museum is housed in the Ajman Fort which was built during late 18th century. The fort itself is a masterpiece of ancient architecture with those grand gateways guarded by cannons, watchtowers and wind towers. The museum showcases life as it once was with very well-curated exhibits and illustrations.

At Ajman Museum, you can witness the panoramas of typical day-to-day life. Here you can also explore a section dedicated to the pearl trading heritage of the UAE. One of the gems from this museum is an excavated cemetery discovered from Al Muwaihat area.

2. Witness the Grandeur of Ajman Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Al Zorah Beach

Sitting beside Ajman University, Ajman Sheikh Zayed Mosque is truly an architectural masterpiece crafted to captivate your senses. This is one of the most prime and popular mosques in the emirate.

In spite of being a religious site, this mosque fascinates all with its impressive architecture constructed of a singular dome and four minarets. Spreading across an area of 37,000 square metres, this sacred place comes with a capacity of accommodating 2,500 people at a time.

Exploring the beautiful interior of Ajman Sheikh Zayed Mosque is purely a blissful part of your trip.

3. Understand the Ecosystem at Al Zorah Nature Reserve

Ajman is known for its massive mangrove areas. Mangroves play a very crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance. Established in the year 2004, Al Zorah Reserve serves the purpose of preserving biodiversity and endangered flora and fauna of the region. The reserve includes lush mangroves, turquoise lagoon and untouched beaches.

The reserve is home to more than 102 species including several migratory birds. Fish, corals, molluscs and several indigenous species make this place a sought-after destination for researchers as well as tourists.

4. Witness the Making of Dhows at Ajman Dhow Building Yard

Al Zorah Beach - Things to do nearby - Visit The Dhow Building Yard in Ajman | The Vacation Builder

Dhow has always been a part of Emirati heritage and culture. Although Dhow is not much in use now, you can’t lose an opportunity to witness them in making.

Nestled on the northern part of Ajman Creek, Ajman Dhow Building Yard is a perfect place to understand the age-old art of dhow making. You will be engrossed with the minute details and an immense amount of dedication required to manufacture these wooden boats.

Ajman Dhow Yard can produce about 30 boats at a time and no wonder why it is one of the largest dhow-manufacturing centres in the world.

5. Dig into the Past with Al Dur Archaeological Site

Ajman comes with a very long as well as impressive history from the past. This is why it never stops to fascinate people with its archaeological discoveries. Al Dur Archaeological Site from Umm Al Quwain Area is one such place in Ajman where past meets you with all its gems. Al Dur is often described as ‘one of the most significant lost cities of Arabia’.

Excavation works in this site have unearthed the habitation ranging from the Ubeid period, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Pre-Islamic period. This site primarily gained huge attention when a large number of funeral configurations of 500 came to light. It is estimated that some 20,000 tombs are located at Al Dur.

At Al Dur Archaeological Site, you can also take a look at excavated coins, jewelleries, potteries, weaponry and ivory objects.

6. Visit Al Hamriya Beach

Whilst you are visiting Al Zorah Beach, you need to add Al Hamriya Beach to your schedule. Al Hamriya Beach is open to the public and along with your family can enjoy a wonderful time on its pristine sandy beach.

Swimming is allowed here and lifeguards are there on duty to offer help in case you need them. Crystal clear water and soft white sands create a striking backdrop to capture some great photos. There’s also a kid’s play area and separate barbeque so that you never feel intimidated to plan a family picnic right at the beach. A long jogging track of 1,300 metres runs along the beach which offers one of the most fascinating places to kick-start your day.

7. Enjoy Vibes at Ajman Corniche

Al Zorah Beach - Things to do nearby - Ajman Corniche | The Vacation Builder

If you wish to feel the vibe of a typical day in the city, then Ajman Corniche is your place. Running along the north-western shore of the emirate, this 4-kilometre-long esplanade overlooks the Arabian Gulf. Corniche Road, also known as Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street, is lined with numerous restaurants and cafes.

The corniche has been recently revamped to make room for biking path and jogging track. The beguiling beauty of Ajman’s coastline and beaches can be best enjoyed when you decide to take a stroll along the Corniche. This is the place where families often come together to have a picnic.

Ajman Corniche always remains centre of attractions with many social activities and events round the year. On a sunny day, tourists and locals rush to this place and take a plunge into the water in authorized swimming areas on the beach. After sunset, Ajman Corniche attracts people to hang out at eateries and enjoy good times with friends and families.

8. Explore the Natural Mangroves with a Kayak Tour

One of the most prized possessions of Al Zorah area is its mangrove patches. So rare and important are the mangroves in the area that it has been officially declared as a Wetland of International Importance as per the Ramsar Convention guidelines.

Opting for a kayak tour is the best way to get up close with this vast mangrove treasure of Ajman. A kayak tour allows you to explore an area of about 1 million square metres of thick and natural mangroves. During your kayak tour, you can also spot many bird species as it shelters more than 102 avian species including the famous Pink Flamingos. Due to rich biodiversity, Ajman’s mangroves have always been a playground to scientists and researchers. Kayaking through the mangroves is certainly one of the most sought-after activities in Ajman.

9. Plan an Action-Packed Day at Wake Park

For all those extreme water sports enthusiasts, Wake Park by the Quest For Adventure awaits at Ajman. This water park is nothing like the regular water parks you have seen before. Wake Park promises an adrenaline-charged experience with its wide range of activities. Each and every activity has been designed carefully to match all levels of ability.

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a first-timer, Wake Park is all set to take you on a journey of fun and excitement over those rippling waters of Ajman. Professional guides are always available at the park so that people can enjoy their time without compromising on personal safety standards.


The pristine shoreline of Al Zorah is truly a sight to behold. What’s more, Ajman presents another great place to explore which is not too far from Dubai.

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