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The Best Yoga Studios & Retreats in Dubai

The Best Dubai Yoga Retreats & Studios | The Vacation Builder

When the whole world is talking huge about adopting a healthy lifestyle, how can Dubai lag behind! The city has already done its part to keep everyone updated and upgraded when it comes to wellness. In its attempt to ensure fit body and sound mind for everyone, Dubai is concentrating more on yoga studios and retreats these days.

The best part of incorporating yoga in your daily schedule is that it just not going to make your body strong internally but also calms your mind. This holistic healing approach is quite rare in any other form of physical exercise.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Whether you’re a fitness freak or a first-timer, yoga has something for everyone. For yoga lovers, there are many wonderful studios and retreats spanning across Dubai.

Below we run through 14 of the best yoga studios and retreats in Dubai where you can stretch a little and heal yourself more.

Best Yoga Studios in Dubai

1. Zen Yoga

Dubai’s journey with yoga began with the Zen Yoga. This place can certainly claim to be the first and original yoga and Pilates studio in the town. They teach a wide range of yoga classes focusing on different styles – Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Ashtanga and much more.

At Zen Yoga, you can go a step further with their Pilates sessions that range from Pilates Mat to Reformer, Cadillac to Chair and Tower style.  They also offer regular Prenatal as well as Postnatal classes, Mummy/Baby classes and Kid’s Yoga so that no one is left behind in this wonderful journey to wellbeing.

This studio always maintains a pool of internationally certified teachers and trainers. Zen Yoga also feels responsible to deliver more and more yoga teacher to the world with proper knowledge. So, they organise Teacher Training Classes along with a hoard of workshops and events.



There are several Yoga and Pilates class packages available. Single class price starts from AED 115 per person. You can check out their website for all sorts of fees and packages.

Why Choose Zen Yoga Dubai?

  • It’s the best and original Yoga and Pilate studio in the city
  • They have an online calendar where you can check out the timings to match your schedule
  • Different level of classes to fit your body strength and flexibility
  • Internationally certified teachers and trainers
  • Focuses more on what women require

2. Trident Wellness Centre

Nestled right at the buzzing neighbourhood of Dubai Marina, Trident Wellness Centre is the most beloved and celebrated Yoga studio on the face of Dubai. Trident Wellness is also the largest and first chain of integrated yoga studios in the town.

At Trident, you can be a part of their highly rejuvenating yoga classes to take a step towards lighter and better you. To match your physical flexibility and personal goal, they can suggest you from their vast range of classes based on different schools including Hatha, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Yin, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Power Yoga.

Trident Wellness Centre has crafted a beautiful studio that showcases glass-panel windows from floor to ceiling so that you can overlook the gorgeous views of Marina and enjoy lots of natural light coming through them. Ambience at Trident is to die for.

Their teaching staffs are highly trained to understand what’s best for you and accordingly they can customize the classes to meet your health goals.


Trident Wellness Centre, First Floor, Trident Bayside, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE


Trial single class starts from AED 70 per person while regular single class starts from AED 95. It is better to check out their fees and packages from their official website.

Why Choose Trident Wellness Centre?

  • Great ambience with equally great views of the Marina
  • Largest Yoga studio space in the town
  • Different schools of Yoga and different class levels to match everyone’s need
  • Teachers and trainers are highly qualified
  • Affordable packages to fit your budget
  • Offers Yoga and meditation training courses
  • They have a mobile app to keep everything under one tap

3. Dryp

City of Dubai never stops surprising you and Dryp Yoga is just following the same footsteps.

This Yoga studio has introduced us to something beyond our imagination – the Hot Yoga. DRYP Yoga studio is literally the hottest place in town that brings Traditional Hot Yoga and Hot Fitness classes together to show you the magical power of transforming you.

True to their name, Dryp is a self-proclaimed hub of sweat where they believe that their latest infrared heat technology has more power to enhance the benefits of Yoga. They neither preach you nor judge you for your age, fitness or flexibility level as they have curated different classes to accommodate everyone.

At Dryp, you can choose from a wide range of classes from Vinyasa to Sculpt, traditional Yoga to Barre and even HIITasana. The only common factor among these is they all are HOT!


DRYP Yoga, Orra Marina Tower, Nasaq Street, Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Minimum charge is AED 105 per single class. Visit their online site to check out the rates for different packages.  

Why Choose Dryp Dubai for Yoga?

  • Dryp offers innovative HOT yoga classes with a twist
  • Infrared-heated technology comes with the benefits of detoxification, weight loss, healthy heart, more mental power, glowing skin, immunity boost, flexibility and physical & mental healing
  • Sessions are fun here
  • Wide range of customised yoga sessions
  • Different packages to fit your pocket
  • Both male and female friendly set-up
  • Highly trained fitness coaches

4. Ashtanga Yoga Dubai

Looking for the best ashtanga yoga classes in Dubai?

Head straight to Ashtanga Yoga Dubai studio in Al Quoz. No one can do it better than them when it’s about performing and teaching Ashtanga Yogasanas. This studio is the only KPJAYI-authorised yoga school in the UAE.

Here they teach you the best forms of Ashtanga Yoga sequence based on “Vinyasa”. This form of Yoga is designed to create a wonderful synchronization of breathing movements. This helps in detoxification of body, mind and nervous system.

Ashtanga Yoga Dubai hosts a bunch of health retreats all over the world in several luxury locations. You are at the freedom to take their private sessions or group classes. Only expert Yogis who know Ashtanga right are allowed to train the people.


Warehouse 4, 9B Street, Al Quoz, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Single class prices starts from around AED 80 per person. Check the website to know everything about their class pricing.

Why Ashtanga Yoga?

  • They are the best in Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore Style
  • A bunch of yoga classes to suit your age, lifestyle, health goal and flexibility level
  • Classes are priced moderately
  • Teachers are globally renowned and highly acclaimed
  • You can even join their luxury retreat yoga sessions
  • Online classes are available

5. Bay Yoga

Serving Dubai yoga lovers since 2014, Bay Yoga is a wonderful place to step into the healing arena of Yoga.

This studio takes care of everyone’s need and they are already running an array of yoga classes with different yoga styles. But what they do the best is the Bikram.

Bay Yoga arranges about 90-minutes of yoga sessions in a heated room where temperature is maintained around 40°C which is not exactly hot but steamy. With a little bit of humidity around, you can actually derive better results after each sessions.

Bay Yoga furnishes a spacious floor area so that you never have to compromise your postures in the class. With more than 25 yoga postures postured performed in a heated room will surely push you to the limits with each class but all these are for a more supple and better feeling.


Grosvenor Business Tower, Unit 905 – 906, Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Single class price starts from AED 79 per person. Please visit their website to have a better idea about fees and packages.

Why it’s good?

  • Yoga classes combined with steamy environment give better results
  • Different classes for different school of yoga
  • They do the best Bikram
  • Highly trained yoga teachers

6. Inspire Yoga+Pilates+Fitness

When you looking for a yoga studio that includes Pilates and high-intensity fitness sessions along with Yoga classes, then Inspire Yoga+Pilates+Fitness should be your destination. This place has crafted a special niche among the heart of Dubai’s yoga enthusiasts with its innovatively curated sessions.

At Inspire Yoga+Pilates+Fitness, you will discover a whole new world comprehensive workout experience. They offer a mix of heated and non-heated yoga classes. Their Pilates sessions can fit any age bracket and flexibility level.

They also provide customers with personalized fitness regimes so that even the people in dire need of special attention never miss a chance to join the class. The studio showcases walls decorated with eye-catching paintings and photos just to elevate the mood.



Drop In/Single Class price is AED 115 per person. They offer a hoard of Special Classes and Packages to fit your budget. Check them out here.

Why it’s good?

  • A great place that literally “inspires” everyone to every bit of life
  • Walls are catchy and ambience is vibrant
  • Their classes are curated to create a mind-body balance
  • Wide variety of yoga, Pilates and high-intensity fitness classes
  • Yoga retreat events
  • Experienced and well-trained fitness coaches
  • A bunch of packages to match your requirement

7. SEVA Experience

SEVA Experience for the ‘Hippie’ lovers in Dubai. The vibe at this yoga studio is so enchanting that life seems beautiful here.

Located at the heart of aristocratic locality of Jumeirah, SEVA concentrates on the spiritual healing which in result creates a strong mind and healthy body.

Ranging from classis Hatha Yoga to dynamic Vinyasa to Kundalini and Tantra, this studio is all about Yoga, Yoga and Yoga. This studio also brings reiki, chakra-reading sessions and holistic life coaching to complement your Yoga sessions in a more effective way.

SEVA Table is a very unique idea to cleanse your body and mind through all natural and vegan cuisines. This place leads you on a perpetual journey of self-realization and actualization with their mindfully curated classes and inspiring team of teachers.


Street 27B, Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Behind Magrudy’s Bookstore and Jumeirah Centre)


Welcome Pass price is AED 111 while Drop In Class is priced at AED 130 per person. You can explore a set of different packages by visiting their official website.

Why SEVA Experience?

  • All possible schools of Yoga can be found here
  • Additional reiki, chakra reading and holistic life coaching sessions
  • SEVA Table to inspire you for an all-natural and vegan food habit
  • Internationally certified trainers
  • Offers Nir Levi Method Therapist and ThetaHealing Practitioner Training

8. Eco Yoga Sanctuary

When you are concerned both about your wellbeing and the environment, Eco Yoga Sanctuary gives you a way to balance both. This eco-friendly studio features a sustainably designed space specially carved for women.

At Eco Yoga Sanctuary, you will be trained to grow mentally, physically and spiritually while having loads of professional assistance around. The studio has specially crafted Yoga sessions covering various styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram, Kundalini, Hot Yoga, Therapeutic and Prenatal Yoga.

For more strenuous activities, you can choose from their Zumba, Bollywood and Belly dance classes. Sound Healing, Reiki, ThetaHealing, Pilates and core training sessions are also available at Eco Yoga Sanctuary.


1st Floor, The Village Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Single Class price is AED 105 per person. You can choose different types of packages to save more. For fees and packages, click here.

Why Choose Eco Yoga Sanctuary Dubai?

  • Ambience is great and it aims to help you in gaining physical and mental balance
  • Practice rooms are large enough
  • Different yoga styles
  • Yoga retreats, workshops and events
  • Teachers are well trained with globally recognised certifications
  • Suitable for all age groups and levels

9. Yoga La Vie

If you need something chick and cozy Yoga studio in Dubai to match your personality and health goal, then Yoga La Vie can be your best bet in the town.

Located on the plush area of The Palm, this studio comes with a wide array of Yoga-based fitness sessions.

The best part of the Yoga La Vie studio is their highly dedicated group of instructors. They recruit only the best in the best instructors so that understanding of the customers’ requirement can be quick with impeccable suggestions and solutions.

You can choose your favourite from their vast range of Yoga styles including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative and more. Yoga La Vie also arranges Pilates and barre classes for both beginner and advanced levels.


Golden Mine, Galleria 2, Building 10, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Trial class is free. Price for Single Class starts from AED 105 per person. Click on this link to check out the pricing for a host classes and packages.

Why Yoga La Vie?

  • Spacious training areas with relaxed vibe
  • Best in class instructors
  • The Aerial Yoga Class where you can literally brush up your hidden aerobatic skills while hanging from the ceiling
  • Prenatal and Private Sessions are available
  • Hosts workshops on yoga and everything related to it
  • Offers online classes

Best Yoga Retreats (Stay Over) In Dubai

If you are more into the life-changing experience and spiritual healing, then Yoga Retreats are the best options you have got in Dubai. Let’s check out the best ones that you can rely upon for your physical and spiritual wellbeing journey

1. Atlantis The Palm

Located on a scintillating white sand private beach of the Palm Jumeirah Island, Atlantis The Palm is the most iconic luxury hotel in Dubai. This hotel speaks of nothing but grandeur and flawless ambience.

Atlantis The Palm also takes the traditional way of practicing Yoga to a whole new (and exciting) level with their Underwater Yoga. So, you will be literally flow like a water with help your Yoga instructor while hundreds of marine creatures of The Lost Chambers Aquarium will take a round of you.

Underwater Yoga sessions at Atlantis The Palm is truly rejuvenating. It helps to heal your mind, body and spirit by indulging your senses to a fabulous marine life.


Atlantis Dubai, Crescent Road, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Why Choose Atlantis for Yoga?

  • Underwater Yoga is one of kind experience
  • You can watch about 65,000 marine species while taking the Yoga class
  • Guests of all levels are welcome
  • Focuses primarily on breathing exercises and calming postures to release tension
  • Internationally certified instructors and teachers
  • Accommodates only 15 people per class

2. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Sitting at the bustling Downtown district in Dubai, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai is something extraordinary when it comes to modern luxury. With award-winning service level, this 5-star hotel has earned an unbeatable reputation of treating guests the best possible way.

Saray Spa & Health Club has been an essential part of their hospitality where guests can keep their body and mind in tune. You can choose your workout sessions as per your flexibility and health goal. Saray Spa features a traditional Hammam which is a star attraction of its state-of-the-art health club.


Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Why JW Marriott for Yoga in Dubai?

  • Lots of stretching exercises inspired by Yoga postures have been incorporated
  • Classes are not at all crowded
  • Offers a breathtaking view of the city and the sea
  • Meticulously trained instructors

3. Jumeirah Al Qasr

Live your fairy-tale at the palatial splendour of Jumeirah Al Qasr inspired by the 1,001 Arabian Nights. This enticing property showcases an amazing architecture to captivate your senses.

Its palace-like architecture, marble floor, antique furnishings, drawbridge-like driveway and palm trees just creates a fantasy land loved by everyone. Apart from its excessively high hospitality standards, Jumeirah Al Qasr Dubai allows guests to go on a wellbeing voyage with the Fitness Club sessions.

From Yoga to cardio to weight-training, you can opt for anything you feel comfortable with. Great ambience and wonderful instructors will be always there to make your fitness experience unparallel.


Madinat Jumeirah, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, Umm Suqeim, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Why it’s good?

  • Best in class hospitality is assured
  • You will have plenty of opportunity to make your stay outstanding here
  • Fitness classes come with loads of Yoga postures to create a balance between your body and mind
  • Ambience is exceptionally good
  • Well-trained teachers and instructors

4. Shangri-La Dubai

One of the best way to witness the dynamic energy of Dubai and its fascinating skyline is to book your room with Shangri-La Dubai. This Asian-themed hotel an exquisite view of the city blending the modern traits with traditional gems.

Located at the Sheikh Zayed Road, Shangri-La Dubai just a few minutes-drive from City Walk and Dubai Mall. The hotel houses a Chinese-inspired spa, a modern gym and hosts Yoga classes taught by the Lifestyle Yoga. So, you can expect to achieve more spiritually and physically, when you are at Shangri-La.


Sheikh Zayed Road, Near Financial Metro Station, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Why it’s good?

  • Yoga sessions designed by the Lifestyle Yoga, one of the most sought-after facilities in the town
  • Suitable for all age groups and all levels
  • Yoga practice rooms are spacious and offer great views of the city skyline
  • Certified trainer and instructors

5. The Oberoi Dubai

When you are looking for a place to rejuvenate and relax without any intension to cross the city limit, The Oberoi Dubai is here for you. Nestled at the enviable neighbourhood of Business Bay, this hotel allows you to relish the superlative view of the Burj Khalifa.

The hotel understands well how important it is today to provide the guests with world-class fitness amenities. That’s why they host a variety of Yoga sessions focusing on Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Dhyana Flow Yoga and Pilates classes in addition. When you are staying at The Oberoi Dubai, you can expect a wholesome fitness regime to boost your health.


Downtown Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Why Choose The Oberoi for Yoga?

  • Different styles of Yoga to suit your requirement and flexibility
  • A dedicated Yoga Deck with fabulous view of Burj Khalifa
  • Certified trainers and instructors to assist
  • Spa sessions are available for more relaxing experience


We have listed here only the Yoga Classes and Retreats that are hot favourite among locals and tourists.

The city of Dubai has many more and you can always find something that fits your budget and caters your requirements. It’s true that Dubai flaunts an extravagant and splurging lifestyle but that doesn’t stop you from finding your solace in Yoga and fitness.

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