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Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR

Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR, The Vacation Builder

Jumeirah Beach Residence, popular with the nickname of JBR, is the mirror of happiness, a replica of fun and entertainment, and the sea of enthusiasm that you can explore in Dubai.

This sky-touching city has everything to offer to tourists. But what about the kids? No worries when you have got JBR by your side. Today’s blog will guide you towards a better vacation experience for your kids.

Before you pack your bag for the Dubai trip, we are presenting some exciting activities to do with your kids at JBR. In this post, we have included the most popular activities based on the reviews of parents! Because when it comes to kids, there are no better experts other than parents!

1. Flying Cup

“Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.”

These will no longer remain lines from some rhyme, but you along with your kids are going to experience ‘up above the world’ right at JBR. Hold the hand of your child tightly as we are going to take a flight to the world of clouds. Sounds interesting, right?

Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR | Flying Cup JBR | The Vacation Builder

The Flying Cup is a restaurant cum cafe platform that takes you up to a height of 132 feet, or rather 12 storeys. The platform is slowly raised over a period of 20 minutes and then from an astonishing height, your child can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire JBR area. Meanwhile, you can nibble something or take a sip of coffee to keep the energy level high all the way.

Moreover, this slowly rotating platform will give you the opportunity to experience JBR at 360°. Sounds like a must-have experience, right? This activity is not only for kids, but adults alike. After all, who does not want to fly into those smoky clouds?

Advisable Age

Although any child can be a part of the Flying Cup, yet to experience the real beauty, a minimum age of 3 years is recommended.


The flight tickets, without including food, is AED 60 for adults and AED 45 for kids.

Time Slots Available

All 7 days a week, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

Time Required

Less than 1 hour

2. Roxy Cinemas

Children and good movies are quite inseparable. To glue this bond even stronger, many parents prefer to look out for some unique movie-watching experiences during their beach time at JBR. The mighty Roxy Cinemas is there to offer a pampered cinematic experience to your kids.

Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR | Roxy Cinema The Walk | The Vacation Builder

The Roxy Cinemas is quite different from ordinary theatres and that is the reason, parents shower a 5-star rating upon the experience. It is a 10-screen movie theatre with at a time accommodation of 1000 people. The stadium-style viewing experience will be certainly enthralling for your kids.

The Roxy Cinemas offer multiple movie screenings for kids and children apart from adults. These include animated movies, animal dramas and fairy tale stories. You can book your tickets beforehand, through a website or mobile application. There are two types of screening categories, the Silver Screen and the Golden Screen. Choose the one based on availability and convenience.

Advisable Age

Kids and children of every age group can enjoy movies in the Roxy Cinemas. The age criteria often vary based on the movie’s perspective.


The price of one single show for children below 13 years is AED 12, while for adults it is AED 14. 

Time Slots Available

From 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, different movies have different screening times.

Time Required

2-3 hours for watching a single movie.

3. Splash Pad

Welcome to the most engaging activity area for your kids at JBR, the Splash Pad! It is a wonderful water park designed especially for your little heroes. There are a handful of water activities to engage your kids in the most energetic way!

Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR | Splash Pad JBR | The Vacation Builder

There are trained staff at the Splash Pad, who monitor your kids continuously and make sure they are safe. Mamas and Papas can simply sit down and relax by the side of the activity areas, and engage themselves in reading a book or listening to music.

There are hubs for refreshment within the Splash Pad, from where you can get some snacks and drinks for you and your child. There is also the provision of using changing rooms, and locker service to store your kid’s dresses and goods.

Advisable Age

The Splash Pad allows children of age groups 3 years to 12 years.


The price of an entry ticket to the Splash Pad is AED 99.

Time Slots Available

The Splash Pad remains open from 9:00 AMto 5:00 PM.

Time Required

Approximately 3-4 hours.

4. Bricks 4 Fun

Bricks 4 Fun is one of the latest kids’ enjoyment areas at JBR. It is a concept club specifically designed for kids in coordination with Lego ® bricks. The entire area is planned exclusively for the entertainment of kids and children.

Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR | Bricks 4 Fun Dubai | The Vacation Builder

There are a variety of activities like face painting, toy stores, PS4 games, sorting the bricks, video games, group activities and so on. There are different activities for different age groups of children. You can also encourage your child to be a part of gardening, yoga, zumba and other efficient activities in the Bricks 4 Fun.

If your child’s birthday collides with your vacation dates, then Bricks 4 Fun is there to help you celebrate the little champ’s birthday with pomp and pleasure. There are exclusive birthday packages that you need to pre-book for celebrating your child’s birthday at the Bricks 4 Fun.

Advisable Age

The Bricks 4 Fun is built specifically for children aged 3 years to 8 years.


The price varies from activity to activity. The base price starts from AED 55 per hour. For a birthday celebration with 10 kids, you need to pay a minimum of AED 119.

Time Slots Available

The Bricks 4 Fun remains open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm all seven days of a week.

Time Required

2-3 hours.

5. Cuckoo’s

It doesn’t matter which activity the kids wish to participate in, parents never allow anything “not that safe” for their kids. If you are looking for a safe place at JBR where your child can have tons of fun (and learn too!), nothing can really beat the reputation of Cuckoo’s.

This place has been specifically designed to allow children to learn interesting things with equally interesting recreational games and activities. They have also developed a separate play area only for toddlers. A ball pit, a climbing maze, a cross-bridge, a bouncing trampoline, swings, slides and a magnetic wall with tons of sensory toys is a perfect fun area for your little munchkins.

At Cuckoo’s, you can choose age-based activities that suit your kid’s interest the best. STEM toys also help little minds to expand their knowledge through intellectual learning techniques. In case you are in the mood to throw a kids’ party, Cuckoo’s has got the best venue and amenities for that.

Advisable Age

From 2 years to 8 years


A one-hour Soft Play Area session starts from AED 70 per child. Lots of play passes are available to suit longer sessions and frequent visits.


Everyday from 10:00 AM to 22:00 PM.

Time Required

It will be better to have at least 1-2 hour in hand.

6. TEP Factor Dubai

Adventure is knocking on your door, through the stages of TEP Factor Dubai. It is the first of its kind experience facility in Dubai. Explore the caves of JBR, with your family members; but this time you are not a family, you are a team of 6 members!

Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR | TEP Factor JBR Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Involve your children and frame a team to overcome the 21 challenges all around the caves competing against all other teams. You and your children will portray an equal proportion of physical exercise, fitness, logic, and fine motor skills.

To get a high dose of an adrenaline rush, book your tickets beforehand. It is a great time engaging activity for children and adults at the same time. For any children (below 8 years), to take part in this group activity, at least one adult has to be a part of it.

Advisable Age

The TEP Factor Dubai is recommended for children above 8 years.


For kids, aged 8 years to 11 years, the price is AED 79 per person per hour.

For adults, the price is AED 99 per person per hour. 

Time Slots Available

The TEP Factor remains open from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM everyday.

Time Required

4-5 hours

7. Sightseeing Kayaking/Paddle Boat Trip

JBR breach along with its picturesque skyline looks gorgeous from the sea. The most popular way to cherish this lavish neighbourhood from a distance is to sign up for a sightseeing kayaking or paddleboat trip with Water Adventure Dubai. This is a great fun activity for a bit older kids and adults too.

Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR | Kayaking at JBR | The Vacation Builder

Taking your kids on a paddleboat trip allows both of you to move along the gorgeous shoreline of the JBR and have a wonderful time by just keeping paddling. We prefer you choose a double kayak boat so that you can row with your child and enjoy your time in the water to the fullest.

Advisable Age

Age restriction is applicable depending on the safety requirements of the water activity you are picking up.


The kayaking session starts from AED 70 per person while a paddle boat (capacity of 4-5) will cost your AED 150 for a 30-minute ride and AED 250 for a 60-minute ride.

Time Slots Available

You can book your ride between 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Time Required

Minimum an hour

8. 3D Blacklight Mini-Golf Dubai

Immaculately hand painted by a team of world’s best 3D artists, 3D Blacklight Mini-Golf is an outstanding space nestled right at JBR. Everywhere you look, you see beguiling 3D paints and the best part is that they glow! Even if your kid is underage to hold the golf stick, you should bring them here for a captivating visual experience.

Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR | 3D Blacklight Mini-Golf Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Visiting this space is like entering in a world of everything beautiful and bright. There are several rooms and each flaunting a different theme than the other. 3D image quality and details of this Blacklight Mini-Golf venue will definitely blow your mind!

Advisable Age

Age is not a barrier to visiting this place.


Children below 4 years, No Entry Fee | Children aged 5 -12 years, AED 90 | 13 years & above, AED 110

Time Slots Available

Daily from 2:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Time Required

Preferably an hour or two.

9. The whole JBR Beach

Not everything comes with a price tag at JBR beach when we are talking about having a perfect beach day in Dubai with your kiddos. The beach itself is free and doesn’t charge anything to enjoy a refreshing laid-back holiday here.

Our Favourite Things to Do with Kids at JBR | Fun at JBR Beach | The Vacation Builder

Building sandcastles, making a small pool by digging up a shallow hole, taking a dip in the sea and soaking up the sunshine are a few of the favourite things to do at JBR beach on a bright sunny day. Bringing your kids to this beach always comes with a promise to have a wonderful family time without any fuss.

You may also like our previous post to explore more kids-friendly things in Dubai.


Apart from the prominent activities mentioned above, JBR has much more to offer. TFT Aero Dubai, Countdown Challenge, Luigia Kid-friendly Restaurant and other play areas will certainly keep your child engaged and entertained but please consider their age before opting for any. Let’s sprinkle joy in the lives of these kids and gift them a wonderful day at JBR.

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