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Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach – Our Mini Guide

Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach | The Vacation Builder

The United Arab Emirates has always boosted tourism like anything and that’s how the world discovered some of the best tourist destinations right in the Middle East. Although Dubai dominates UAE’s travel scene, there are some fabulous beach destinations if you are interested to look beyond the boundary of the city.

Ras Al Khaimah has a relatively undiscovered public beach that rewards holidaymakers with an opportunity to venture out into the unexplored shores paired with adrenaline-pumping water sports. This sun-kissed beach offers the warm waters of the Persian Gulf to take a dip or swim around in the azure-blue sea.

With this write-up, we are going to share a useful mini-guide on Ras Al Khaimah public beach so that planning a vacation here wouldn’t force you to whirl through the internet. Everything you need to know is here for you.

RAK Public Beach Location

You can clearly see from the name itself that Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach is a strip of Ras Al Khaimah’s sparkling shoreline. This beach is located along the north-western side of the Al Hamra Beach. This stretch of RAK’s shoreline is yet to be explored by most of the beach-lovers and tourists. This is why it remains less visited for most of the year.

How to get to Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach from Dubai?

Ras Al Khaimah is about 90 kilometres from Dubai International Airport (DXB), which is hardly 1 hour away.

The emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is also well connected to Dubai by frequent shuttle bus services introduced by Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority. You can avail any of these shuttle services from Dubai International Airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 3) and Dubai World Centre Airport. This wi-fi enabled shuttle bus rides will cost you around AED 20 for a one-way ticket.

Travelling to Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach from Dubai by driving a personal vehicle is another cheap way to reach this spectacular destination. Taking Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E11) to reach the Beach will turn it into a road journey of 130 kilometres.

If driving a private car to Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach looks tiring to you, then hire a taxi from Dubai. Depending on your location in Dubai, booking a taxi for Ras Al Khaimah beach will charge you anything between AED 230 – AED 280. The easiest way to book your taxi is to do it via online cab services like Uber and Careem.

Some hotels in Ras Al Khaimah offer free transfers to Dubai International Airport. The service is usually included in your hotel package. So, while booking your hotel package, ask them about the pick-up and drop-off service to avoid any confusion during your stay at Ras Al Khaimah.

Things to do at Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach

Things to do at Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach | The Vacation Builder

Ras Al Khaimah is surely a little-known gem in the UAE that many tourists are still not aware of. This beach is less built-up than its famous counterparts in the neighbourhood. For a perfect luxurious and relaxing Arabian holiday far away from big cities, you can always rely on Ras Al Khaimah public beach.

RAK public beach lacks most of the facilities that other popular beaches of Dubai offer effortlessly. But that doesn’t stop you from having a great time here. Let’s explore the things you can do at the beach.

1. Watersports

When you are at Ras Al Khaimah, you are about to take a plunge deep into the exciting world of watersports. The variety you get here is amazing including parasailing, jetskiing, snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking and more. Even you can book your activities with your hotel to save yourself from the hassle of waiting on the beach. We will highly recommend you head out to the flourishing mangroves at Ras Al Khaimah in a kayak tour to catch the beautiful flamingos up close.

2. Picnic

If you wish to turn your beach vacation into a family affair where everyone can take part, then plan a picnic. Being less crowded, this place is ideal to spend quality time with the people you cherish the most. We would suggest to bring food, water and juice to put the picnic mode on as food stalls are not easy to spot near the beach. Bring a barbeque grill to prepare sizzling hot food on your own.

3. Camping

Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect destination to quench your thirst for adventure. Camping at a tranquil beach is something that everyone will love to include in their list. Daytime temperatures are too much to put up the tent but as the night falls, Ras Al Khaimah beach showcases a nice sea breeze. Bring all your camping gear and food supplies to spend the night under the starry sky.

4. Dune Bashing

Honestly speaking, this is not something that you can do right on the Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach but it is something that you can try out without going too far from the beach. You have to contact your hotel or an adventure sports agent in Ras Al Khaimah to plan the activity. Believe us, it’s really fun and enticing to drive across the soft and rolling sand dunes in the Arabian desert.

Nearby Attractions

Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach is itself a blissful escape from the city but if you wish for more, you can make room for the following nearby attractions.

1. Jebel Jais (66km from the beach)

Things to do near RAK - Jebel Jais | The Vacation Builder

The best part of the Ras Al Khaimah region has to its expansive stretches of mountain terrains. Jebel Jais is a small mountain with a summit of about 1,900 metres above sea level. A 20-kilometre long road leads to the top of Jebel Jais summit where you can enjoy far-reaching vistas along with a spectacular sunset.

2. Ras Al Khaimah National Museum (8km from the beach)

Nestled in a fort, the Ras Al Khaimah National Museum is the best place to understand the fascinating history of the region. The museum comes with an awe-inspiring collection of ethnological as well as archaeological artifacts. There is also a fabulous display of traditional weapons belonging to the ruling family. Several exhibits from the past describe the history of the earliest settlement in the area till the late Islamic period.

3. Sheikh Zayed Mosque (10km from the beach)

During your trip to Ras Al Khaimah, you must not miss the opportunity to Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Ras Al Khaimah city (this is not the same as the Abu Dhabi). This mosque is an iconic landmark with beautiful architectural features. While visiting this mosque, don’t forget to take a tour of the city to explore how peaceful and stunning it is.

4. Ghost Town of Al Jazirah Al Hamra (30km from the beach)

‘Ghost Town’ of Al Jazirah is certainly the most intriguing tourist attraction in Ras Al Khaimah. Abandoned by people around the 1960s, this place is the dilapidated remnants of a flourishing pearling village from the past. This groovy place can give you goosebumps while at the same time it gives a rare scope to peep into the coastal community life from a bygone era. You will surely get astonished to explore that houses, streets, market stalls and mosques made to enjoy a delightful living are now just reduced to mud and coral structures.

Hotels Near Ras Al Khaimah Public Beach

The whole stretch of Ras Al Khaimah shoreline is dotted with a series of hotels ranging from luxurious to pocket-friendly. Travelling from the hotel to the beach takes just a few minutes by car. So, you can literally find any good hotel near Ras Al Khaimah shoreline and visit a number of nearby beaches.

Here are the hotels that you can choose during your visit to Ras Al Khaimah:

There are lot more hotels in Ras Al Khaimah to offer excellent accommodation options in and around Ras Al Khaimah public beach.


If your looking for some unspoilt scenary and a beach a little quieter than your usual busy Dubai sands, then look no further than RAK Beach!

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