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News: Dubai Makes Top 10 Best Cities 2020

Global travel authority LonelyPlanet.com have named Dubai in their top 10 best cities for travellers for 2020. Dubai made 9th on the list with the 6-month logo Expo in 2020 one of the top reasons.

The Museum of The Future is expected to open its doors along with the impressive artificial archipelago called The World (Check it out on Google Earth). The World will feature underwater bedrooms and year-round snow to name but a tiny amount of such typical Dubai-Esque features.

La Mer and Kite Beach are also due to open in 2020; as if Dubai didn’t already have enough impressive and clean beaches!

The full list in chronological order is below:

  1. Salzburg
  2. Washington USA
  3. Cairo
  4. Galway
  5. Bonn
  6. La Paz
  7. Kochi
  8. Vancouver
  9. Dubai
  10. Denver USA

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