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Dubai or Fujairah for a Vacation?

Dubai or Fujairah for a Vacation | The Vacation Builder

If you take a look at the tourism scene of UAE, it is obvious that Dubai and Abu Dhabi steal most of the lime light and plenty of international attention. Travellers coming across the globe to explore stunning landscapes of the country are majorly not aware of the Hidden Gems. Although hype is always around Dubai, we are presenting here head-to-head comparison between Dubai and Fujairah to help you in picking the best place for a vacation.

These two tourist destinations are backed by multiple things to do and see around. However, these two places do not at all give the same vibe. Dubai is known for its towering structures, stunning pieces of modern architecture and swanky hotels / restaurants, whereas Fujairah is more with nature with pristine beaches and panoramic mountainous views.

In this article, we analysed Dubai and Fujairah in a typical face-off manner, to see where is best for a vacation. Overall we found Dubai to be the better choice, but it was tight, with Fujairah being cheaper, more picturesque and less crowded.


Dubai or Fujairah for a Vacation - Map of the UAE - Locations  The Vacation Builder

Dubai, the most iconic city in the UAE, is located on the Persian Gulf coast. Dubai is surrounded by Abu Dubai in the south, Oman in the southeast and Sharjah in the northeast. Many people have this notion of Dubai being the capital of the country thanks to its huge popularity among globe-trotters, but Abu Dhabi is the official capital of UAE.

Dubai International Airport connects this glamorous cosmopolitan city with rest of the world. You can fly to Dubai from any major cities in the globe within just a few hours. Accessing Dubai from various locations in Europe, Africa and Asia is really quick and easy.

Fujairah, also known as Al Fujairah, is a spectacular holiday destination not too far away from Dubai (1hr 30mins by car). Fujairah can be spotted at the to the south coast of the UAE, along the Persian Gulf east coast side.

The easiest way to reach Fujairah is to land at Dubai Airport and then take a taxi, covering a distance of about 115 kilometres along Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road. You can also avail the intercity bus service via E700 route from Union Square Metro Station in Dubai.

Accessing Dubai from an international location is certainly easier. In fact, your way to Fujairah even goes through it. So, Dubai is a better choice if you don’t want to add a few extra hours to your journey time. But adding this much extra time can also open up a whole new side of UAE for sure.

Verdict – Dubai

Locations & Scenery

Dubai or Fujairah for a Vacation - Locations & Sceneray - Khor Fakkan Beach | The Vacation Builder
Fujairah City & Khor Fakkan Beach

When it comes to assessing both destinations based on location and scenery, there is no challenger to Fujairah. Much of the landscape and history of this place has been left unspoilt and the reduced number of tourists in comparison to Dubai keeps it that way.

Dubai does still have places of natural history that are well worth a visit, but the city is mainly hustle and bustle of businessmen, high end hotels and an elegant style of living; which in turn can hurt your pocket.

Taking a holiday in Fujairah will have you completely in touch with peace of mind and the natural surrounding beauty, plus less tourists to contend with for booking dinner!

Verdict – Fujairah


If we consider the climatic conditions from both Dubai and Fujairah, there is little to no difference. Travelling to any of these places will be paired with more or less similar weather. These destinations receive loads of sunlight all year round. Summer months are extremely hot and not at all suitable for scheduling a holiday vacation. November to February is the most pleasant time of the year when average temperature hovers around 19°C to 24°C. During winter months, nights can be really chilly.

Verdict – There is absolutely no reason to differentiate Dubai from Fujairah when we are talking about weather conditions.

Here is a full run-down of what to expect from the weather in Dubai each month.

Dubai vs Fujairah – Things to do

It is quite hard to list down the things you can do and see in Dubai. The scope of exploring different things in this city is literally endless. Still we are trying to mention here only the most exquisite places to visit, experiences to try in Dubai below:

  • Extravagant way of shopping at Dubai Mall
  • Reaching the sky at Burj Khalifa
  • Dancing to the tune of Dubai Fountain
  • Behold the largest and only gold-plated photo frame in the world, the Dubai Frame
  • Lost in the colourful world of Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Make a quick round of the world with Global Village
  • Enjoy layers of snow and skiing at Ski Dubai
  • Explore underwater world at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
  • Shop gold pieces at Dubai’s Gold Souk
  • Get astonished with the creative side of Boxpark
  • Soaked in sun and play in sand at beautiful beaches of Dubai
  • Ski Diving to get a bird’s eyeview of Palm Jumeirah Island
  • Beat the heat in style at Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Get back to childhood with Legoland Dubai
  • Enter the enthralling world of IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • Take a deep look into nature at The Green Planet
  • Have a bedazzled show-time at Dubai Garden Glow
  • Exploring history of the land at Etihad Museum
  • Touring Ibn Battuta Mall’s travel-themed zones
  • Getting up-close with dolphins at Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Cherishing the grandeur of Dubai Opera
  • Understanding pre-modern Dubai at Al Fahidi Historical District
  • Appreciating the beguiling beauty of Jumeirah Mosque

The Emirate of Fujairah may be small in size but it is packed with best of pristine beaches and charming towns of the UAE. Fujairah is the land of flourishing culture, impressive heritage, captivating history and bustling business hubs. You can indulge yourself into a variety of activities here along with visiting a series of celebrated iconic spots. Below are the best things to do and see in Fujairah.

  • Visit the majestic edifice of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • Go back in time at Fujairah Fort, the oldest one in the country
  • Dig into glorious past of UAE with Al Bithnah Fort and enjoying scenic view of Hajjar Mountains
  • Spend time at the most beautiful shore of Snoopy Island
  • Set out for a road trip to the Hajjar Mountains
  • Relax your body and rejuvenate your mind at the mineral hot springs of Ain Al-Madhab
  • AlBidya Mosque for its unique architecture
  • Snorkelling at Jazirat al Ghubbah
  • Exploring the fascinating world of mountainous wildlife at Wadi Wurayah
  • Try lots of adventure water sports at any of Fujairah’s stunning coastal beaches
  • Shop in a typical Arabian style at Fujairah Friday Market

Although Fujairah has enough to make your vacation engaging, the varied range of attractions in Dubai is simply unmatched by most cities in the world.

Verdict – Dubai

Dubai Hotels vs Fujairah Hotels

Dubai or Fujairah for a Vacation - Hotels - Aerial Shot of Burj al Arab & Jumeirah Beach Hotel | The Vacation Builder

It doesn’t matter which part of the UAE you choose for a vacation; you are going to have lots of options when it comes to amazing hotels and resorts. Both Dubai and Fujairah are dotted with plenty of world-class accommodation options.

When it’s Dubai, you have the liberty to choose from a wide range of luxury as well as budget-friendly hotels.

Here is the list of the most popular hotels in Dubai:

HotelTrip Advisor Rating
Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort 4.5
Burj Al Arab 4.5
Rixos Premium Dubai JBR 5
Atlantis The Palm 4.5
Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Dubai 4.5
Four Seasons Resort Dubai 4.5
Jumeirah Beach Hotel 4.5
The Ritz Carlton Dubai 4.5
Waldorf Astoria Dubai 5
Palace Downtown 4.5
Address Dubai Marina 5
Jumeirah Al Qasr 5
Conrad Dubai 4.5

Now, let’s check out the hotels you can spot in Fujairah:

HotelTrip Advisor Rating
Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort 4.5
Radisson Blu Resort 4
Le Meridian Al Aqah Beach Resort 4.5
Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort 4.5
Sandy Beach Hotel 4
Mirage Bab Al Bahr 4.5
Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa 4
Royal Beach Hotel & Resort 4

Both Dubai and Fujairah understand the importance of treating guests with fabulous accommodation choices and impeccable facilities. However, Dubai offers countless hotels ranging from luxury to budget.

Verdict – Dubai

Dubai or Fujairah – Where is Cheaper?

Cost of your vacation depends on various factors including transportation, foods, activities and accommodation. Vacationing at Fujairah is surely a bit less expensive than it is in Dubai but that also depends on kind of choices you made to plan your trip.

Fujairah doesn’t have many budget-friendly hotels which means you may have to invest handsome for good accommodation. However, luxury in Fujairah is more affordable than in Dubai. On the other hand, Dubai offers you everything from luxury beach resorts to cheap hotels.

There are loads of activities to try in Dubai compared to Fujairah. So, be ready to spend more on your favourite activities when you are in Dubai because they are not at all cheap here.

It is quite difficult to decide the exact expense of your trip to Dubai or Fujairah as it depends on several factors. A clear winner could not be seen.

Verdict – Tie

Which Has The Best Beaches?

Dubai or Fujairah for a Vacation? Which Has The Best Beaches? Jumeirah Public Beach Dubai | The Vacation Builder
Jumeirah Public Beach – Dubai

Dubai and Fujairah are well capable of offering you a rewarding beach vacation. Thanks to crystal-clear waters and well-maintained beaches, both the places are top favourite among water babies. If you look at the beaches of Dubai, you will find them more crowded than the beaches in Fujairah. Fujairah’s coastline is still virgin as not many people know about it. This unexplored stretch of land is full of tranquillity. Beaches in Fujairah are surely more beautiful and less spoilt.

Being a global holiday destination, Dubai’s beaches attract huge crowd particularly during winter months. Most beach resorts sitting along Dubai’s coastline keeps their part of the beach very clean and visitor-friendly. Dubai beaches are backed by best-in-class facilities whereas Fujairah beaches lack in many such facilities.

Verdict – Fujairah for scenic beaches and Dubai for engaging beach activities.

Which is Better For Couples?

If you are going on a trip with your partner, Dubai and Fujairah are some of best destinations to explore in UAE.

A Dubai vacation is an intoxicating blend of urban tempo and funny beach vibe. Apart from the beguiling skyline of the city, you can explore its duty-free shopping scene which is the most tempting factor for young people to visit Dubai. There are several things to do for couples such as hot air balloon rides, waterparks, camel rides, dune bashing and desert BBQs. Dubai also offers a scintillating nightlife for tourists.

Travel scene in Fujairah is primarily dominated by beach vacation and water sports. Life here is not that pulsating like Dubai. Whereas couples can enjoy their private time in Fujairah as it attracts less crowds than Dubai. This doesn’t mean that there is little to do in Fujairah though!

Dubai is probably one of the best cities in the world for couples to visit. If you’re looking for a more laid back, scenic beach vibe, choose Fujairah but we choose Dubai for couples.

Verdict – Dubai

Which is Better for Families?

Dubai or Fujairah for a Vacation - Where is Better for Families - Laguna Water Park Dubai | The Vacation Builder
Laguna Water Park – Dubai

Apart form beautiful coastal beaches and exciting adventure sports, Fujairah doesn’t have much to do for families. On the other hand, Dubai doesn’t stop to surprise you with its world-class entertainment zones.

Dubai has got something for every age group. When you’re vacationing in the city of Dubai with your family, no one will feel left behind. Family time is more fun in Dubai than it is in Fujairah. Even the hotels in Dubai take a good care of your family’s entertainment requirements. So, without stepping out of your hotel’s property, you can still have a blissful day.

Verdict – Dubai

Reasons to Visit Both Dubai and Fujairah

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous holiday destinations around the world. The amount of jaw-dropping things about this place is unparalleled. However, most of Dubai’s attractions are man-made which means there’s not much natural beauty (except a hoard of sparkling beaches) to explore in and around Dubai.

On the other hand, Fujairah is admired for its mountainous terrains, wadis, fertile lands and beautiful coastal beaches. Fujairah is known as an emirate full of natural beauty. This land allows you to fulfil your desire of a hard-core outdoor adventure sports session with hiking and mountain biking. There are lots to see underwater at Fujairah. Scuba diving is the most popular water activities that you must not skip while enjoying a vacation here.

Dubai and Fujairah are just two hours apart by car. We really encourage visiting both to get the perfect mix of the glitz, glamour and activities of Dubai city; coupled with the natural beauty and tranquil Arabian setting of Fujairah.


Overall we find Dubai to be a better pick for an active family vacation and for couples looking to experience the jaw-dropping amount of experiences the city offers. Fujairah offers a tranquil mountainous beach paradise, with a more unspoilt local area. Couples looking to relax and enjoy the true UAE culture should choose Fujairah. Likewise, families with young children who like long beach days, less crowds and gorgeous hotels should also choose Fujairah.

In our face-off between the two, we find Dubai to offer the better vacation overall but Fujairah offers travellers so much in relation to culture, unspoilt beaches, scenery and less crowds.

Thank you for reading. For everything Dubai & Abu Dhabi make sure to come back. Also, you can follow us on Pinterest and Subscribe on Youtube too.

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