The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai

Are you wondering what to do in Dubai? Do you want to know about Dubai attractions? Luckily, Dubai is a playground for both adults and children alike with endless activities and places to explore. Whats more, as Dubai is a new city and is constantly expanding; there’s something new cropping up all the time! To avoid a bottomless list we have made a post on 10 things to do in Dubai.

1. Visit the Burj Khalifa

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - The Burj Khalifa | The Vacation Builder

Towering over the Dubai Mall; the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, standing at almost 830 metres tall! Tickets can be purchased from around £30. You can also pay extra to go up a further 20 floors but we would say that the price hike is far beyond what it is worth. We would recommend trying breakfast here and to watch the sunrise or have a exquisite dinner with a view of the sunset and water fountain show below.

The Armani Hotel is within the Burj Khalifa for those who wish to stay in the area. Bare in mind; swanky hotel, swanky prices! Upwards of £400 per night, but an experience in itself we’re sure!

2. Dubai Mall

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - The Dubai Mall | The Vacation Builder

The Dubai Mall is THE place to shop in Dubai. You can find everything here including designer clothes stores, a cinema, restaurants, and even an ice rink; there is a whole lot more but we’d be filling this page with items! If you’ve got kids with you, make sure to pay a visit to the Dubai Mall Aquarium, home to one of the world’s largest suspended aquarium tanks in the world! Tickets cost 150AED each. You can get lost for days at the Dubai Mall if you really wanted to, so we recommend spending a full day here if you can. 

For more, check out our post for the 5 Best Aquariums in Dubai!

3. Visit the Souks

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - Souk Madinat | The Vacation Builder

To capture the feel for the traditional Dubai experience there are many Souks to visit. For those wondering; a Souk is an Arabian marketplace, selling in particular, spice and gold. One in particular which is worth a visit is the Souk Madinat. Located a stone’s throw away from the world famous Burj al Arab Hotel, this Souk has a waterway around it. Boat rides here are cheap and an absolute must.

There are several high quality cafes and restaurants on the waterfront here. But do be aware that this area is particularly pricey given the location and backdrop. Make sure you hustle in the market place as you’re able to barter at even the established stalls. 

4. The Walk at Jumeirah Beach

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - The Walk | The Vacation Builder

Lined with Hotels, Restaurants and Shops along the beach, The Walk is one of the best areas in Dubai. We have a separate blog on this which you can read by clicking HERE. If you are only visiting the area for the day, you will soon find you can easily spend a week here. There is plenty to do and see and Dubai Marina is only a stone’s throw away.

Hotels here are suited for any budget, high and low, and the same goes for the restaurants and shops. There is always something going on down The Walk, whether the fayre is in town or a firework show on the water in the evening. For the thrill seekers, there are a variety of water sports available or if you’re really daring; the Dubai Sky Diving centre is ran from here. 

5. Dubai Marina

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - The Dubai Marina | The Vacation Builder

A short walk from Jumeirah Beach (The Walk), you will find Dubai Marina. An incredible place to visit at night as you can see from the photograph above. This area is a bit more chilled compared to Jumeirah Beach. There are lots of good restaurants and cafes which overlook the waterfront here too which will make for a beautiful scenic backdrop. The marina is a good way to get out of the hustle and bustle of the busier areas for a relaxing afternoon.

Boat tours can be booked from here which will take you around The Palm, through the marina and out to the world famous Burj al Arab. You can jump on a speed boat for the same trip for a fraction of the cost at around £30.

Dinner cruises are also available from around £40 and are highly recommended. Even though Dubai Marina is central for business, there are also many hotels to choose from should you wish to extend your stay in this area. The Wyndham Hotel in the marina is a 4 star hotel with great reviews and rooms start at just £48 per night!

6. Explore Al Shindagha

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - A Shindagha | The Vacation Builder

Number 6 in our post of 10 Things to do in Dubai, is perfect for those of you who don’t like your holidays to be all sea, sun and sand. You can enjoy learning some history of Dubai with a journey back in time to explore the old fishing heritage town of Al Shindagha.

Entry is free and you can spend a full day here quite easily. Make sure you don’t miss out on the Saeed Al Maktoum House whilst you’re here, as an example of the Emirati architecture that was once prominent before the city became one of luxury. The metro runs from most areas to Al Shindagha and stops just a short walk away from the first museum here. 

7. Camel Racing

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - Camel Racing | The Vacation Builder

Yes you read right, Camel Racing! If you’ve never been to the UAE before you will soon learn that camels are a big thing around here! The Al Marmoon Heritage Festival is worth a go and features such racing.

It’s a great day out for the whole family. The festival runs for two weeks during the month of April, which is a great time to travel to Dubai as temperatures average around 32°C so before it gets too unbearable. Admission is also free and there are traditional markets to explore too. 

8. Visit The Palm Jumeirah

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - The Palm Jumeirah | The Vacation Builder

Filled with some of the best hotels in Dubai, the Palm Jumierah is still a great place to visit even if you are not able to stay here. Boat tours around the island are available and are worth the expense. Some of the best views of the city can be seen here from any of the beach hotels. There are shopping malls like in most places of Dubai and places to eat, drink and relax.

A trip to the Lost World Aquarium which is within the world famous Atlantis Hotel, is recommended. For kids and adults alike, the Atlantis Hotel also has the incredible Aquaventure Waterpark which you can pay to use; so you don’t have to be staying at the hotel. Tickets for the Aquaventure Waterpark start at 169 AED for adults and 149 AED for children.

Anyone who does stay at this hotel gets free admission. Make sure you visit The Pointe shopping mall where there is a lovely path along the waterfront with lots of cafes and restaurants overlooking the ocean. There is an open play area for children and plenty of beach space with umbrellas too. 

9. Wild Wadi Water Park

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - Wild Wadi Waterpark | The Vacation Builder

Arguably the best water park in the city, over the Aquaventure at the Atlantis Hotel, The Wild Wadi Water Park is free for those staying at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. For those paying, admission is around £55 for the full day. You can pre book tickets by buying online to save money rather than buying at the gate. Ticket prices for 1.1 metres and below is 149 AED and for 1.1 metres and above is 199 AED.

10. Go on a Desert Safari

The Best 10 Things to Do in Dubai - Desert Safari | The Vacation Builder

The last of the 10 Things to do in Dubai and a 5 out of 5 rated trip on Tripadvisor, is a desert safari. You can find all sorts of options for these excursions but one pick we found is only £55 and includes a desert tour in a 4×4, sandboarding and camel riding. Once you’ve finished your action packed day there is a BBQ where you can eat, drink, smoke shisha and watch some traditional Arabian dancing, all with the desert sunset in the background.

This now concludes our 10 things to do in Dubai, but do not be fooled, there are hundreds more activities and places to visit and explore than the above. The mentioned 10 are just some of our favourites. Thank you for reading and we wish you all the best memories with your trip. 

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